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League of Legends Build Guide Author ItsOnno

[Twisted Fate] - I wasn't bluffing...

ItsOnno Last updated on May 27, 2011
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Hi guys! Welcome to my Twisted Fate built.
First I want to say that this built is a GUIDELINE feel free to make some changes to create your own style.

This is my first built so I hope you can't notice =D
Have Fun Playing!

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In a speed built it is usefull to pierce armor so that's why I chose these quintessence. The glymph for crit chance isn't necessary so replace it if you like, though I chose it to boost the early crit chance. Seal and mark is for improved damage so the critical hits will be strong

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the smite masterie is in my opinion just awsome. it gives you in combination with Twisted Fate's passive great extra money. the 1 in Alacrity is rather useless so place it somewhere else if you like. Utility is all about the extra exp. masterie and the extended buff duration masterie. the points in Good Hand's and Preservence can be switched ofcourse...

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Start of with a Dagger and a health potion. Try to recall for the first time if you can upgrade your Dagger to boots. up next is Sword of Divine, wich will give you a good dps and great passive in combination with Stacked Deck. Guinsoo's Rageblade is nice for mid game granting you much AD in combination with your Sword of Divine.
You buy a zeal for the crit wich you need in combination with your Infinity's Edge wich comes right after the zeal. If you have Infinity's upgrade zeal to make your crit chance even better with Phantom Dancers. I usually get to the point where I upgrade zeal as the game ends in 3vs3 and often halfway Madred's Bloodrazor in 5vs5.
Now you have a choice either you buy Stark's Fevor for the AS and Lifesteal wich I prefer, but if you have a good tank against you I would strongly recommend buying Madred's Bloodrazor.

NOTE: try to buy Recurve Bow in Sword of Divine first, Pickaxe in Guinsoo's Rageblade first and BF Sword in Infinity's first.

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Gameplay and skills

At first I want to say I dislike wildcards. that's why I choose them late.
If you feel like spamming use your Red Card but don't forget to use your Blue Card for every 2 Red Cards you use, otherwise you might be out of mana as it becomes important to stun.

Farming: making money isn't a problem for TF with this built. Obviously try to last hit minions and your passive will boost your reward. It's very important that you won't forget using smite. The combination of smite + passive + last hitting minions = awsome farming.

1vs1: your tactic in 1vs1 is simple. make sure you have more health then him by spamming before you engage. as you engage you use your yellow card to stun and start auto attacking. if your not sure you will win or he has Heal use ignite to reduce health regeneration.
In case you already have boots and he hasn't try walking back hit him twice, walk back again, hit him again etc. if your using this tactic don't use your yellow card to damage 'cause the chance he will run away is very big.

Early Game
If you share a lane try to support as much as possible. Don't attack enemy champion unless your partner does. Just try to do the last hit to a minion for the money. If you want to attack enemy champion 'cause he's just standing there or rather low hp do it with a stun so you have time to kill him or (if he gets support) run back.

Mid Game
Still try to deal final hit to minions but now if you come back from base to your lane don't hasitate to stop at a wolf nest or alike. This gives good extra money and might lvl you up. As your item built gets better and you gain confidence you can start taking risks by fighting 1 on 1 or gank someone in other lanes. Mid game is the moment to enjoy 2vs1 and make easy kills with your teammate in your lane.

Late Game
Here you have your main items (Sword of Divine, Guinsoo's Rageblade and infinity's) and you can start enjoying 1vs1 fights but also teamfights. Try to lure them with wild cards and then suprise him in the bushes with a friend. Just keep in mind that your own tactic is most likely better then mine so play as you like!