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Twisted Fate Build Guide by D34thDr4g00n

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author D34thDr4g00n

Twisted Fate: Jack of All Trades (AP + AS Builds) [4/21/12]

D34thDr4g00n Last updated on April 21, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Introduction (Guide not updated; will be later today [4/21/12])

The two builds above are the Hybrid and the Anti-tank builds in order. The only difference between the two are the item purchases. Gameplay and choices for each build will be discussed below. (Note, TF is a glass cannon when built these ways. Find a Support TF with more survivability here: Twisted Fate Support Guide)

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Runes (Taken from Support Build)

For Marks, I take 9 Greater Marks of Destruction (It says Desolation because Mobafire has not added in Marks of Destruction yet) for Armor/Magic penetration. It's an overall good rune to carry.

Seals, I take 9 Greater Seals of Regeneration for increasing Health Regen. Once again, you need a lot of survivability to stay in fights for a long time.

Glyphs, I take flat CDR with 9 Greater Glyphs of Focus; this will contribute to 40% CDR (well, actually more than that, but it caps at 40%) as well as provide early-game PaC abuse.

Quintessences, I normally take 3 Greater Quintessences of Transmutation for 6% Spell Vamp, or 3 Greater Quintessences of Vampirism for 6% Life Steal + 3% from masteries. If you're playing blind pick, it may be better to go with Quintessences of Vampirism.

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Hybrid build masteries made for early-laning to be easier as well as giving both AD and AP benefits. AP masteries are not actually needed as you will have more than enough from items.

6 points in Defense simply for more survivability, and the extra 216 mana from Utilities will be very useful for tossing out a couple more Wild Cards or PaC's.

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Summoner Spells

Ignite and Exhaust; You're going extremely offensive here. From Summoner's Wrath, Ignite increases your AD and AP when it's on cooldown, and Exhaust lowers the target's Armor/Magic Resist. This is perfect for hybrid builds.

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Aim Wild Cards. Take the enemy by surprise with a side card instead of directly throwing it at them.

By throwing Wild Cards at an angle toward the front minions in a wave, you can all of the mages in the back with a side card.

Use Wild Cards to reset your auto-attack for high burst.

PaC (Gold) -> AA -> Wild Cards -> AA

If you're chasing someone down, never stop to attack them unless they're close to dead; wait for PaC to stun before resuming your attack.

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Hybrid Gameplay (Burst)

When entering a game with hybrid masteries and runes, you almost always want to use this build (unless the other team has tanks that need to be taken down). This build is the most consistent and easy to play.

You should be able to lane anywhere, however, a side lane is preferred. Once you get a Guinsoo Rageblade, try to keep the stacks up as long as possible. Using Wild Cards and simply hitting PaC will proc the passive. If you're going to Destiny/Gate, you can also use them to proc the passive to make sure you hit with extra burst on your target. Guinsoo stacks are what let you get ahead at this level.

Following, a Hextech Revolver will give more survivability, and then a Lich Bane will give some real burst as well as some welcomed movement speed. (TFs know how much it sucks to have 375 movement speed) If you're going to try for some fast, early ganks, then get a Sheen first; you won't need the 15% Spell Vamp.

Rabadon's Deathcap adds in a lot of AP, and Morello's Evil Tome will max your CDR. It's interesting because the high CDR allows one to only use PaC to proc Guinsoo before charging into a team fight. Make use of it to contribute to your abilities as a glass cannon. If you can, pick up blue buff, and get Zhonya's Hourglass or Rylai's Crystal Scepter instead for AP and more survivability.

Finally, end with a Gunblade (if you ever make it that far); this will give attack damage to your sad auto-attack as well as more life steal and spell vamp. We always welcome more AP, too.

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Anti-tank Gameplay (Attack Speed)

AS Twisted Fate is viable. It's simply seen as more of a glass cannon because stunning and running (Hah, that rhymes) with Wild Cards seems preferred to a 1v1 trade-off.

First, we'll be laning anywhere, preferably a side lane, and we'll be starting off with Boots of Speed to Berserker's Greaves as in the hybrid build. The change comes here, build a Wit's End, it gives Attack Speed, Magic Damage, and Magic Resist. If you're up against a Jax, you might want to build a Sword of the Divine for Armor Penetration and canceling Dodge chance. If you see Ninja Tabis, build an SotD, too.

Now, we pick up Madred's Razors for AD and Armor, and then a Recurve Bow for more Attack Speed. If you're not really taking any damage, take the Recurve Bow first for easier farm. At this point, you can only farm and attempt ganks. However, if you've ever played an AS Twisted Fate before, you'll notice that farming is extremely easy; you can stand there for auto-attacks, and you'll almost always get the last hit.

After we get those Bloodrazors, we can go in to take down tanks and just to take down anyone to be honest. After this, I like to build a Malady or a Sword of the Divine for more damage and AS depending on the situation.

Afterward, we'll start working on a Trinity Force. Start with the Phage for health and damage as well as a nice passive. Here, we'll build a cheap Malady for Magic Resist shredding and extra damage or the SotD or the Wit's End. The Attack Speed bonuses are always great to have. Finally, we'll build that Sword of the Divine (or Wit's End) for 2.5 AS. At this point, you actually can substitute your Berserker's Greaves for Ionian Boots of Lucidity and maintain a 2.5 AS. (If the enemy team has a lot of CC, go for Mercury's Treads, and get blue buff. If you can get blue buff and have no need for Merc Treads, get Boots of Swiftness so you don't feel like the slowest person in the game.) For more survivability, I tend to substitute the last item with a Stark's Fervor instead of more damage. It's very consistent and gives you 600+ health from a wave of minions.

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Hybrid Builds for TF are very consistent ever since the AP Twisted Fate nerf. They're also much more consistent than my Support/Tank TF build, but I recommend it anyways. Tank Pantheon/TF/Shen on one team = win.

Anyways, back to Hybrid Builds, use them if you want to win because even the Support build is better than a DPS TF. Arguments will go to DPS TF vs. Support TF w/ a Thornmail.

Support Twisted Fate Build: Twisted Fate Support Guide