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Twisted Fate Build Guide by Timtheman

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Timtheman

Twisted Fate - Making Luck

Timtheman Last updated on March 18, 2012
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Hey guys! This guide is going to be an easy to understand guide that will tell you
why I get these skills and talents. Feel free to comment to up vote or even down vote!
I want to improve as much as I can myself and it would be wonderful if you guys could help
me out with my guide. So some main topics I will be going over are topics like what do you
want to focus on and why do I get two Phantom Dancers. Another main point I will be expressing is how to enter team fights.

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Pros / Cons


    Amazing DPS
    Great Ganking
    Nice Life Steal
    Fast Pushing

    Very Squishy
    Well Targeted if entering to fast!
    Mana Hungry (Depends)

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Now I don't actually have full runes on my account but I'm pretty sure that these are pretty good runes. PLEASE help me and send me what you think at my gaming e-mail:

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These masteries are what I have been using most of the time however, I do have alternative masteries for different maps. I will be posting these later. These masteries though, are the ones I use about 70% of the time. The reason I pick these masteries for TF and actually a whole bunch of Attack Damage champs is because we want to maximize our Attack Damage output as much as possible. The utility masteries are really just there so he can fit his role a little better. The movement speed gives him the speed he needs to catch up and get that extra card to nuke his enemy dead. Twisted Fate is a bit mana hungry if you can't hit that blue card. I would suggest an extra point in the mana regen for you summoners with insane lag at times. It is so hard to get that blue card with bad internet.

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Now as you start the game get that Dorans Blade so you can get some Life Steal and that bit of damage. This will serve you until you can buy your Berserker's Greaves. After you want to work towards your Phantom Dancer but get a Vampric Scepter on the way. Once you got your Phantom Dancer get the all time favourite Blood Thirster! You will be gettin your health back like crazy! (Until the Lulu patch :( ) You just want to stay up in battle as much as possible and get your gold. In the end you want to have two Phantom Dancers. Now when I was playing with my friend he asked why I did this. Then he realized my amount of kills was way higher than his which in this case was weird. (Him being much better than me.) The reason I got all the kills is because I was attacking just over 2 times in a second. The Phantom Dancers gave me enough Critical Chance to get a critical almost all the time every second. When I finished the build I was doing 695-800 damage with NO RUNES! So in an entire second I will be doing about 1390-1600 damage.

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Skill Sequence

As you can see I do not get my "Q" spell till the end but instead I get my other spells. The objective in your spell order is to increase your Damage Per Second. One way of doing this is by getting your "E" and your "W". Your "E" which does Magic Damage on your fourth basic attack. Your "W"'s stun will help you get in those extra attacks for more damage. I do not max this AS SOON AS POSSIBLE because it will kill your mana unless you spam that blue card as much as possible.

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Summoner Spells

I get this Summoner Spells because I love assasinating an enemy that is running to base. If you just ultimate spell to go where they go ignite them and then RUN! Exahaust will help you chase and even run. It is helpful in fights and acts as a wonderful Crowd Control.

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Your Focus

You want to focus on farming minions and looking for an enemy champion that has strayed away. Twisted Fate is an amazing ganker due to his ultimate. So just keep on farming and level up as much as possible. I use my ultimate to enter team fights through brush but I enter it last because you don't want to be focused down. You want to be one of the last targeted. Once you get those criticals going they will be dead pretty quick. If your ultimate is on cool down and there is a team fight happening then your going to have to run. XD! Please do understand that your movement speed is not low. You should be there in time to help clean up push or even save some champions. Theres also a chance you can get there in time to pull off tons of kills. Well not tons. 1-5 kills.

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Good Byes!

Now I hope you enjoyed the build and if you have not read the full guide you really should. It explains how to do such things and how to get into your team fight that might be happening. It tells you why I get two Phantom Dancers and much more. Please comment good or bad I will apreciate it just don't be to negative. Also tell me how I can improve!