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Twisted Fate Build Guide by ravager

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ravager

Twisted Fate One, Two, Kill

ravager Last updated on July 25, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This build focuses on burst damage, with a bit of consistant damage so you'll always be a threat. This damage mainly comes form your Wildcards (Q) and your Pick a Card (W) ability's. Your malady and Stacked Deck (E) make sure you still have some consistante damage so you wont be able to be ignored after you use your Q and W. Every thing else is explained in the corresponding chapters.

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Pros / Cons

- high damage output
- able to kill almost any enemie withing 3 seconds
- able to gank any time any where (as long as you have ult)
- can disable enemies over and over again

- very very squishy
- needs summoner spells to escape thight situations
- did I mention twisted is squishy?

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For runes I focus solely on damage. With magic penetration marks and quintessences you'll do loads of damage even if they get magic resist. And with seals and glyphs for ap per level you'll grow in a huge source of damage later on. you can swap out the ap per level for flat ap or maybe some mana regen but this is what I find that works best. Of course you can also combine these and then you'll have a bit of everything but know this if you are balanced you won't exell that much.

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With masteries I use 9-0-21 for the extra magic pen in offense and mana regen and cooldown reduction in utility. This makes sure I have good burst damage and with the cooldown reduction I can use this burst more often. Since twisted fate is very squishy you can use 9-21-0 or 0-21-9 for masteries but this does reduce damage quite a bit for my experience.

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The item build displayed gives you a grand total of 610 ap end game. This is however my core build, you can change this if you find yourself dieing over and over or if you can't do damage cause of massive amounts of magic resist. In these cases you can get items like void staff or guardian angel. Whatever suits you best.

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Skill Sequence

On an ap twisted fate build you want to max wild cards as soon as possible. This is also your best source of damage. On level one you want to have pick a card so you can use blue card for herrasment and mana regen. On level 3 you take on point in stacked deck so you'll be able to put out some consistant damage as well.

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells I have gohst and flash. These give me the power to escape from fights or get to them quickly. Also flash syncs well with your ult. If you are comming in with ult but the enemie uses flash to get away or (for instance) jax jumps away you can flash after them en still pull of your stun. The same goes for gohst.

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Ult usage and skill combo

You always want to use your ult to gank a lane where the enemie is low of health to ensure the kills. Be sure to cut off the escaping route instead of just porting to your team cause this will most likely just scare them and they will run and that will just be a waste.

As for skill combo you want to lock your gold card (W) then use ult (R) to get to the enemie, after you stunned them you throw wild cards (Q) for great damage. After this you keep using blue card (W) and wild cards (Q) until they die. With your basic attacks you'll also be able to dish out some damage cause of stacked deck and malady.

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You always want to be on the edge of a fight since you are an easy target. Just keep using abilities (see Ult usage and skill combo chapter) to destroy your enemies. The other reason why you want to be on the edge of the fight is so you can easely use ult without getting focused to much in case an enemie wants to escape the fight you just teleport after them (again see ult... chapter).

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Team Work

In order to make the most of your ult you'll need to let your allies know you are comming to gank or leaving a teamfight to kill and escaping enemie. So dont forget to call your ult. Also ask if they will call when enemies are low and they can't finish them so you can go after them.
Also ensure your team knows your squishyness so they wont expect you taking some hits cause you can't!

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With Twisted Fate farming is easy as pie. You hit the minions with your Wild Cards (Q) and finish them with red card (W). And ofcourse you can time your basic attacks to do this as well.
If you are farming with basic attacks make sure the minions have about 75-125 hp before you attack them otherwise you properly won't get them.

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Pick a Card tricks

Pick a Card (W) has many uses:
- red card: farming minions / slowing escaping enemies
- blue card: mana regen and the best damage output of Wild Cards.
- Gold card: stun escaping enemies (better then slow) but worst damage output.

Also you can use blue card to push towers. this realy speeds up the process. That means you will win more easely.

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Wild Cards tricks

Wild cards can be used with the middle card going after your enemie, but try to use the side ones as well. So if you are going to hunt one enimie damage the ones around with the other two cards. And if you see the chance trow them trough a wall. This way not only won't your enemie not see them coming also you will be able to run around with gohst and stun them so you will (likely) have a few more kills up your belt.

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Surviving with Twisted Fate is most likely not the easiest thing to do since he is very squishy. Even so it isn't impossible. With my items I take an Zonya's Hourglass so I can turn invincible for a few seconds. This is one way to survive. But you can also take defense masteries and / or runes. And if you realy want you can but a guardian angel so you get a second life. But in order to avoid losing damage output by doing the above you can also do this. Make sure you know where your enemies are, this way it's much harder for them to gank you. Stay a bit at the back of the lane and plan your escape ahead of time. This way you can not only escape quickly but (if planned right) also safely. This means don't take the obvious routes but after you head in the jungle head to the back and recall there NOT IN THE FIRST BUSH YOU SEE! Also if you recall in the jungle watch out for a possible jungler of the enemie team.
If they see you and you have low health you are done for.

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Stay on the edge of the fights while using your Q and W. Use ult to catch escaping/low enemies of guard. You are very very squishy so keep in mind you won't want to tower-dive an half hp enemie with crowd control since this will result in death. Use wards to know where your enemie is so you know if they are coming for you. And don't recall in the bush right next to the entrance you just used to get in the jungle but go a bit farther in (if they have a jungler wacht out for him!).

Now have fun playing Twisted Fate the card master and "Pick a card".