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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gazna

Twisted Fate: smart gank

Gazna Last updated on July 20, 2010
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First of all:
I'm italian and i may write in a strange way so please forgive me. Also i'm not a god and as i make mistakes in games i may have made mistakes n this guide, just let me know peacefully.

About this guide:
I've saw many build for TF(Ap, Ad, Crit, Hybrid, DPS) and i tried most of them. I have to say that the one i preferred was the DPS, but i feel something was lacking because there were matches where i scored a lot of kills and matches where i couldn't do nothing much. I want to end this introduction with a clarification: the third core item which is the Frozen Mallet is something i rarely used before i started playing Sivir following the suggestion from this guide A Sivir Seduced Victory, so i have to thank Jay who made the guide...


Loaded Dice
Someone says it's the worst passive in game...i don't know that because i don't know all the champions passives, the only thing that interest us is that the last hit will grant 2 more gold to all the allies...if you have a Karthus or a Sivir in the team they will enjoy this...
Wild Cards
I'm not going to use this much, it's the last ability i level because this is not a build based on AP...there is to say that it's easy to dodge in laning, but late game this will be useful with its 300 damage: for finish an escaping Yi wich you can't slow, to deal more damage in 1v1 i'm saying this will not be our priority, but will help you a lot.
Pick A Card
Your 2nd ganking tool. It's not too difficult to learn, a trick i got from a guide on you tube(maded by Faro) it's the "1-2-click" loop; obviously you should click when you see the card you need...
Explanation of the card's color: Blue, deals damage and restore mana; Red, deals damage and slows the target; Gold, deals less damage, but stuns the target.
Stacked Deck
Now...this build is based on the AS so this and the Sword Of The Divine should be the most income of our damage. This will be our priority.
1st ganking tool...this make you the b*****d who kills the weak and that's your role: finish the fleeing enemies with low life.

Masteries + Runes

Masteries, I'll go with a 21/0/9 like this:

Deadliness 2- Archmage's savvy 3- Sorcery 4- Alacrity 4- Burning Embers 1- Sunder 3- Brute Force 3- Havoc 1.

You may ask why i take Archmage's savvy and burning embers, and why don't i take lethality. Well, we don't need crits and the Ap bonus from the ignite cooldown summed to Archmage savvy it's a better benefit to our stacked deck than a crit damage, but this my thoughts...

Perseverance 3- Haste 1- Awareness 4- Greed 1

I think this is the best way to use the remained mastery points, i use ghost so i take haste, i need that mana/healt regen that perseverance provides and awareness and greed are just too useful.

i don't have all of them but i choose Greater Mark of Desolation Greater Seal of Defense Greater Glyph of Shielding Greater Quintessence of Wisdom

Why? Because TF is a ganker, but he is easy to we want to protect him from all sort of attack, and also we want to level faster to be ready to gank as soon as possible.

Summoner's Spells

I go with ghost and ignite. I would suggest cleanse, flash, fortify. good choices are heal, exhaust, clairevoyance and teleport(not that you need the last two, but you never know..). Never take rally, smite, revive, clarity: you don't need them.

Skilling Order

About this there are various options, i think most of all it depends on the situation you are facing:

1- I think that if you play TF in a good way you should always go with Pick a Card for the first and then rush Stacked Deck leveling Destiny when you can.

2- If you are mid and you can't farm, up a level of Wild Cards and take a mana potion, then continue like the 1 point, because as i said Wild Cards it's not our priority...i also disagree with the mid TF and that's way i added the awareness and the wisdom quintessence.

3- If you are laning with a good harasser(Sivir) that have not much life maybe you want to help the harassing so you level you skills to keep them on the same level and using Wild Cards and Pick a Card to make enemies flee faster...i don't like this very much.

These are just 3 way i used playing TF...i've never gone with Wild Cards first priority because it eats mana and also is effective only with an AP or Hybrid build. Of course i would suggest the 1 point.


We said we need AS.

This is our core:
Sword of the Divine
Boots of Swiftness
Frozen Mallet

I Would Start with a Dagger because it helps you to farm in the beginning, then i would go for the Boots of Speed. Now we start our 3 item core, the Frozen Mallet buying a Phage.

Why adding a Frozen Mallet to an AS build? Because of its passive: slowing the enemies make easiest for your allies to catch up and help you to keep dealing damage to them because with the Boots of Swiftness you became really fast(remember that when you begin you are slow).

After the Phage we finish our Sword of the Divine that we can activate with the button "1" of our keyboard (if you have started as i said with the dagger), this will be useful when facing a Jax, i hate i hate Shaco, Evelyn and Twich...but lets focus.
Next we finish our Boots of Swiftness and our Frozen Mallet and we are ready to start the real AS shopping, if the game it's not ended yet...

Final Items:
Last Whisper
Nashor's Tooth

Why these? Malady it's great for ganking with its passive, Last Whisper its very usefull (and you should remember the runes for the ArP) and Nashor's Tooth it's only too useful having all of what TF needs...

Build Example

I will not suggest you other items because for me it would mean to change the idea of the build. I understand if you don't like this...


The AS helps you farming but the secret to farm is the last hit. I'm not the first to say this, i also have read about it before, but if some newbie read this guide, for him this should be useful. You gain extra money when you last hit a creep, and last hitting it's a matter of training so just try to do it.
With TF the farming abilities are Wild Cards and Pick a Card(blue card), but the increased AS added with Stacked Deck and SotD makes him a very good famer wich takes advantage of his passive.

Playing Theory

Early Game(1-6l):

You can't do much, you just lane with your team mate (guys don't go mid if it's not necessary, you are a support) waiting for the enemies mistakes, use ignite for harass and wait until level 6

Mid Game(6-13l):

Start playing a little more aggressive, be careful to not die, when you a low in HP, just make your enemies to come near you turret, with still the HP low and taking the EXP, when they are near the turret just recall to let them think they can easily attack the turret...then use your Destiny to go back and attack them from behind:
if they fires back, your turret will start to attack them(one), then if they keep returning the fire ghost back the turret...just in this time you should get a kill made by the turret, but be careful and if you can coordinate with you lane mate to kill both of them...from this point start you game, now go to tear down their turret.

With one turret down the game goes mad: players are everywhere and no one knows who ganks who but this is where the player ability starts.

Not to say that you should have at least decent players in your team, if not i assure you all your work will be useless because you need a team, you are not a Cho'Gath(last game five of us try to kill one of these monsters in a team fight and 3 dies just to end his stacks...bad for him that his team mates weren't good)

Late Game:

Don't enjoy ganking too much: in this game wins the team that destroy the enemy base. Use you Destiny when you need to come back and defend a turret, or when you see a creep wave under an enemy turret to destroy it and remember this to your team mates...too much time i've seen a game we could have win easily with one push becoming an endurance game just because K/D/A is considered a winning statistic...ok, it's right to think that, if you kill your opponents you can push easily...but when you kill three of them it's almost the same, 5vs2 can take down an inhibitor go.


I hope i could give you some ideas for your build, of course this is not "THE" build for TF but just a way that works for me i think...maybe someone made a build that suits me better and i don't know, who knows...i hope it was useful for you.