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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rock Hard Manly

Twisted Fate The *****

Rock Hard Manly Last updated on April 13, 2011
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Twisted Rape

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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YO wsup my homies. This here is my Twisted Fate Mobafire guido. I only wanna quickly explain the builds and why they are the most awesome TF builds...****ing..ever.

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AD Twisted Fate

Aight so for the longest time there's this totally **** debate on whether aptf or adtf is viable. Well I'm not here to argue with a bunch of schoolgirls so here is why ADTF is viable with this build. When I played a lot of APTF and I thought I was good I would always say, "If ur gonna ****en dps then play ashe, unless you want the attack range of a dog's *****." But this build has changed my ways. Lemme explain.

As AD tf you are not broken in the laning phase and cant in EZ farm mode from 1k miles away like APTF since you can't spam wildcards. So get a Dorans Blade, Boots, and another Dorans Blade for some good survivability from health and lifesteal in the solo lane. Afterwards, Sword of the Divine should be your first early game item because it works really well with your E passive. The majority of your damage will really be coming from your E and the sword.

Now you may be wondering "Nigga why u gettin merc treads as a DPS character? Get sum greaves muh****a" and in my humble response I must say "SHUT UR DAMN **** MOUTH HO." A good description of how TF attacks at this phase in the game is:

TF: h..hey man.. (taps shoulder with his pathetic range) can i peck at you?
Tanky DPS: WHUT U SAY ******? *KABOOM*
*You Have Been Slain*

So get merc treads...

After this you get Youmuu's Ghostblade which is just awesome. This item combined with your sword of the divine will make you strong mid game. If you just add the active of sword of the divine, your runes, and youmuu's you will have 30+25+20= 75 armor pen along with the magic dmg coming out of your divine sword and your e passive as well. Try it out bro, you're gonna like the way you look. Itee it.

The next item is durrrr Infinity Edge and once you get it you will have a **** ton of armor pen and attack speed and crit chance. It all works so beautifully ;_;.

After this. Go survivability. NO.****ING.PHANTOM.DANCER. It's a redundant item that you won't need and will keep you squishy while you waste gold on it. You will be the late game ad carry for your team. And with all those pretty items you're still gonna throw your cards shorter than your whimpy *** can throw a baseball. Hence why this build is called TF: The ***** and you have to play like a total *****. Always ready gold cards and stun the enemy carries and dps champs and chop them down. Use your common sense when in a teamfight. You'll find soon enough that your team usually blames the TF for the win or the loss, and it's mostly accurate because he is so versatile.

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AP Twisted FUN

Ahhh AP Twisted Fate. Prepare to be called a complete noob and a feeder for the next many games until you get good with him. Reginald's video tutorial on APTF is really intelligent and this build is pretty similar.

Since you start off with lvl 1 boots and 3 pots instead of a dorans item you will have like 460 health. Which sucks. That is why I advocate health quints instead of AP quints since the base damage on your wildcards is very high anyway. Not only will you be faster than your solo opponent (meaning you can gold card and harass him the **** out) you will have just as much survivability early game.

Sheen is a great second item because it doubles the damage on your Pick a Card gives you mana and ap. Also when you push towers you will hit them quite a bit more with your blue cards. I fumbled around with sorc boots vs cooldown boots and realized the cooldown on the ulti is not as important as the extra damage you get from magic pen.

If you wanna play like a huge *****, then Mejai's is your item my friend. However be aware when you buy this item you gain a larger responsibility from your team to carry and play safe.

Whether or not I buy Mejai's, I always try to rush deathcap in whatever recipe order. If you are afk farming like a total puss then this item should be farmed very fast. I don't need to explain why u shud get a Deathcap nigga.

You should always get lichbane AFTER deathcap. Some of these aptf builds i see here say to rush lichbane. Its like they don't even know what lichbane does. NO BUENO.

Welp after you have all of that you should be doing a ton of damage and you will be getting focused down. The benefit of aptf is that the majority of your damage occurs in the gold card and really long wild card, meaning its real easy to play it safe, lock a gold card go in and burst, run out, let your team do the work and go back in.

...So start getting some survivability. I find that banshee's veil followed by abysscal scepter are an amazing combo because you get a combined 100 mag res, including banshee's necessary passive (which will save your LIFE when solo pushing a lane and ulting out once the team goes after you), you also get a good chunk of ap and some awesome mag res reduction for your entire team.

So play TF and don't be sobro.