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Twisted Fate Build Guide by jrad729

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League of Legends Build Guide Author jrad729

Twisted Fate: The Attack Speed Killing Dealer

jrad729 Last updated on August 10, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to my guide to Twisted Fate: The Attack Speed Killing Dealer. This guide will show you how to effectivley build and use Twisted Fate as an ad carry. My guide for Twisted Fate mainly focuses around his passive, Stacked Deck. As you will see in my build. If you have any comments or ways to improve this build, just post in the comments.

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Pros / Cons

Great Harrasing Ability
Fast Pusher because of his increased attack speed and damage from his passive
Able to restore mana giving him increased laning presence and endurance in lane

Very prone to CC
Squishy, as with any carry, and will likely be the target of team fights
His Pick A Card can be unreliable if your not calm

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Summoner Spells

I take Exhaust and Ignite on Twisted Fate. Exhaust, so you can keep up with your target and get in as many basic attacks as possible, or render a chaser and their damage output. Ignite, for securing kills if your target flees to their tower with very low health and increasing your own damage output. Some other great spelss on Twisted Fater are Flash, Teleport, and Cleanse. Flash is a very usefull spell good for quick escapes if your ult is on cooldown, or can be used offensively to get in range to place your yellow card on a target. Teleport gives Twisted Fate the Best Mobility in the game. He is now able to pop over to another lane, gank and pick up a kill, and return to his own lane before its pushed too hard. Cleanse is also ver good for Twisted Fate becuase 1 of his Con's is very prone to Crowd Control, and cleanse removes all CC instantly and gives you 65% tenacity for a short time, making you highly dangerous in team fights and giving you more versatility. CC Monsters like Blitzcrank, Leona, and Nautilus hate this spell.

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Runes and Masteries

For Twisted Fate, I took a mix of runes that is good for most ad carries. Taking Attack Damage Marks, Attack Speed Seals, and Cricital Chance Glyphs. For Quintessences I take one of each for the 3 catagories in the other runes: Attack Damage, Speed, and Crit Chance. For Masteries I Go 21/6/3 grabbing all the ad based masteries in offense, magic resistance and armor masteries in defense, and mana per level masterey in utility.

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Early Game for TF I grab a long sword and health pot. I upgrade the long sword into madred's razors and grab berserkers greaves, as most ad carries do. I then finish my Madred's Bloodrazors and the move to a Wit's End and Ionic Spark. Once I Have these three items I build a Black Cleaver. This is your core build for Twisted Fate. If your running out of gold in mid game trying to build this, buy GP10 items, all of them work well with TF: Avarice Blade, Kage's Lucky Pick, Philosiphers Stone, and Heart of Gold. Once my core build is down, I go for 3 thing depending on the situation, survivabilty, life steal, and damage. If your opponents are building heavy armor, i go for a last whisper. If you need more crit chance and damage, go for an infinity edge, if you need life steal, go for a blood thirster. If your the number 1 target for the enenmy team, go for some survivablity such as a Guardian Angel or Banshee's Veil.

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Twisted Fate is a great harraser and bully in lane, he also has awesome pushing power. Early Game if your winning a lane, with kills, buy items push towers, and roam to other lanes, his ult is a powerful ganking tool. However, if you are losing a lane, just farm. FARM FARM FARM. If you dont want to die much in a game and you think you might, then dont go for kills. If you constantly farm minions, creeps, and major creeps like dragon and baron, you will reach your build much faster than if you just went for kills. Stacked Deck Passive allows him to get succesful last hits. And his normal passive gives him 2 gold per kill, so if you end up with a 200 cs, thats an extra 400 gold at your disposal. IMPORTANT: This is probably the most important pro tip anyone can give you, LEAGUE OF LEGENDS FAVORS THOSE WHO ARE ALWASY BUSY!!!!!!!! If your not pushing a lane, farm the creep camps. if your lane is pushed, gank other lanes or counter jungle. Kill Dragon when up. If none of your teammates are in danger, your lane is not in danger, or a team fight is not breaking out, your number 1 priority if farming. Go the jungle and the opponents jungle. Normalling things happen while your farming, so always always always be farming. The only things above farming are: Team Fights, HIGHLY Needed Ganks, and Teammates in Danger.

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Why Attack Speed?

If you think my build is garbage because of too many recurve bows in the build, then I ask you to reconsider. My build favors high attack speed for good reasons. With this much attack speed, plus the bloodrazors Proc (Deals 4% Bonus Magic Damage Based on Maximum Health), plus Wit's End Proc (42 Bonus Magic Damage on each AA plus 5 MR each basic attack, capping at 4 stacks) plus the Ionic Spark Proc (125 Magic Damage Dealed out to each enemy within range, max 4 enemies.) Plus your Stacked Deck Proc(155 Magic Damage and Increased Attack Speed/CDR) Plus the Black Cleaver Proc (Reduces Targets Armor by 15 for 5 seconds, capping at 3 stacks). For an example of one basic attack. Your target has 2000 health, your stacked deck is charged and so is your ionic spark, and your Madreds in the case would deal 80 magic damage, plus the 42 from wits end. So thats 402 magic damge bonus to one basic attack, plus the 231 attack damage with crit chance max of 400. Your bloodthrister is also fully stacked, giving you an extra 40 ad, which would increase your crits to 500. Not to mention max Black Cleaver Stacks, taking away 45 armor from your target. In this hypothetical situation, two basic attacks would kill your target. This situation is highly unlikely, because your target would have some sort of magic resistance or enough armor to survive Black Cleaver Proc, and your bloodthirster is hard to get fully charged later game, but either way that its still very powerful due to your overbearing attack speed. This build also provides you with an armor, magic resistance, and health boost, giving you some survivablity.

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Pick a Card

This is an interesting ability, because it gives you three options, stun, slow, or restore mana. The restore mana allows you to stay in lane longer, and the stun and slow are very beneficial for an ad becuase it renders your target. However, as I said in the Pros and Cons, It can be unreliable due to not being calm. If your being chased, and some people like to just button mash by tapping w twice and throwing it at the target, by not waiting for your right card to come up, you may have just ended the chase allowing your target to catch up to you becuase you took the time to use the blue card you randomly pulled out. If your patient and calm, you can manage to pull out your yellow card or red card during a chase and flee. Do not mash the w to pull out some random card.