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Twisted Fate Build Guide by Avenge16

This build has been archived and is for historical display only.

PLEASE NOTE: This build has been archived by the author. They are no longer supporting nor updating this build and it may have become outdated. As such, voting and commenting have been disabled and it no longer appears in regular search results.

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Avenge16

Twisted Fate The Paper Cutter

Avenge16 Last updated on July 28, 2011
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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 21

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 0

Expanded Mind
Blink of an Eye
Mystical Vision
Presence of the Master

Utility: 9

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I have always loved to play twisted fate. I have used many builds on here, but I decided I come up with my own build. Please don't bash me on how bad this build is. After all this is my first time. Simply downvote this build and comment on what I can change.

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For masteries I get anything that says attack speed or anything that deals damage.

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Same thing that goes for Masteries Attack Speed/Damage

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I grab boots of speed because Twisted fate is really slow in early game (levels 1-6) and boots plus the runes alow him to move alot faster and 3 health potions.

The first time you recall back to base you should have tried to get first blood but if not that is ok just farm farm farm! When you do get first blood have about 520 gold and get beserker greaves.

After you have 2250 gold buy 2 zeals( you can get your first phantom dancer b4 the 2 zeals but whatever feels right to you guys) and then save up for the 2 Phantom dancers.

Then start saving for your 3rd phantom. By the time you have your greaves and 2 phantoms you should be in mid to late game (7-14) Start saving for you blood thristers(2x) and with your Massive attack speed and Vamp steal you should be safe and not really depend on mana but don't slip on you abilties you should at least use them if you don't get the champion with the massive damage your dealing.

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Summoner Spells

I get Exhaust and Ignite.

Exhaust lets me slow down the champs to kill them with my massive super attack speed but if im not able to do that Ignite gets me that last hit on them.

Alot of times I used Heal and Clairty if I went AP Twisted Fate

Flash is good for escaping or Ghost


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Overall I love twisted fate he is really good at being a DPS, AP, AS and really fun!
Also his passive grants an extra 2 gold for every kill you get, so if you see a TF play as ASHE!!!!!! for her gold on her E abiltiy. Please don't hate on me just Downvote this and leave a comment why you did and tell me what I can do better thanks!

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Note: During the recent patch Twisted fates ultimate doesn't take you anywhere on the map only 5500 units worth of range.

For the new players:

Adjudicator = Either an older beta tester, or a beta tester whose skill in game or feedback out of game have been noted. They are part of the volonteers and help test the upcoming patches.

Afk = Away From Keyboard.

Afaik = As far as i know.

Aoe = area of effect.

Ap = Ability Power. The stat which boosts the effectiveness of abilities.

Ad = Atack Damage. The stat which boosts your auto atacks damage.

As = Atack Speed. The stat which boosts your auto atacks speed.

ArP = Armor Penetration.

MrP = Magic Penetration.

Atm = At the moment.

Asap = As Soon As Possible.

B = back, fall back, enemy(s) coming for you!

Back = back, fall back, enemy(s) coming for you!

Backdoor= To attack the enemies towers and base without the assistance of your creep wave.

Bp, pill, pilling = blue pilling, going back to base.

Base, basing = blue pilling, going back to base.

Buff = A temporary increase to some stat(s) or condition.

Brush = The large grass present in LoL which allows your hero to be hidden to people outside of it.

Baron, nashor, worm, roshan, red creep = The big worm boss represented by a red skull on the minimap that gives a noticeable buff to the whole team when killed.

Bait = To deliberately appear in a position to be easily ganked so as to lure 1 or more players to be counter ganked by your team or to buy some time for other activities( Backdooring, Creeping Baron, Bp'ing back to base... ).

BG= Bad Game.

Build = How a champion and its summoner is built: Skills, Runes, Masteries...

Bearon = The Ultimate League of Legend Champion.

Brb = Be right back.

Care = Be careful, enemy(s) may be coming for you!

Carry = The hero who will carry your team to victory, typically they are weak early game and require a lot of farming.

Camp, camping, camper = To wait paciently for a enemy at a certain spot.

Cba = Can't be arsed.

Cd = Ability on cooldown(not ready for use).

Creeps = The AI controlled enemies who can be found in the jungle or on the lanes.

CC = Crowd control.

Champion = The particular character that you as the summoner control in-game.

Dd = Direct damage ability.

D, def, defend = To protect against a enemy attack/push on your base.

Debuff = A temporary decrease to some stat(s) or condition.

Disable = A Disable is a debuff that prevents some kind of action on the players character.

DIAF = Die in a fire.

Dps = Damage per second. Also refers to characters whose job it is to deal the greater majority of damage in fights.

Dota = Defense of the the Ancients. A mod for War3 that launched the moba genre.

Dc, disc = disconnection from a game.

Elo = The score a person has in the Ranking system.

Emissaries = Member who goes above and beyond to help new players ease their way into the community.

Faceroll/facepalm = (easymode) rolling your face on keyboard or to be in disbelief.

Focus = To target a player. A team all focus on a specific hero to kill first.

Feed = A player who dies constantly giving xp and gold to the enemy team.

Farm, farming = To amass gold.

FFS= For F*ck Sake.

Grass = see brush.

GG = Good game.

Gd = Good.

Gj = Good job.

Gl hf = Good luck, have fun.

Gtg, g2g = Got to go.

Gank = To carry out a sudden attack on a disadvantaged enemy.

Harass = To impede and exhaust by repeated attacks or raids.

Heal = To restore health and/or to go back to base.

Hero = Non-canon name for a champion.

Inc = Incoming.

Idd = Indeed.

IP = Influence Points.

Imba = Imbalanced.

Idk = I don't Know.

Idc = I don't Care.

Jungle, jungling = The mass of trees and paths that exist between the lanes. To farm in the jungle instead of a lane.

Juke, juking, dupe = To avoid, to dodge, to fool, to escape.

Ks, Ninja = Kill steal, to deal the killing blow on a enemy hero that a ally deserved to get the gold for dealing the greater majority of damage on.

Lane = One of three roads that leads to the enemy base.

Lom = Low on mana.

Last hit = Getting the killing blow.

LoL, lol = League of Legends, laughing out loud.

Lag = To experience slower internet giving you diminishing performances.

Leave, leaver = To quit a game before it is over.

L2P = Learn to play.

Lucker = To have good luck on a random event.

Masteries = The talent-tree system of LoL.

Mb = Maybe/myBad.

Moba = Multiplayer online battle arena.

Ms = Movement speed.

Missing, miss, -1 = Used to describe when a hero is missing from a lane.

Mia = Missing in action.

Neutrals, neuts = The AI controlled enemies who can be found in the jungle.

Noob = Bad player.

Newb = New player.

N1 = Nice one.

Overfed = A player who is op thanks to to many player kills giving him xp/gold.

Oom = Out of mana.

Omg = Oh My God!

Omw = On my way.

Op= Over powered.

Pro, pgm = Professional player/gamer.

Premade = People playing a pre-selected group.

Passive = An ability which is not activatable but buffs a character.

Pb-aoe = Point blank area of affect.

Pve = Player vs Environement.

Push = To gather up your forces and destroy the enemy base.

Ping = Your internet latency.

PUG = Pick-up game.

QQ = People crying/rage quitting.

Raqequit = To quit a game in anger.

Re = Hero that was missing is now back on his lane.

Rofl = Rolling on floor laughing.

Roflmao= Rolling on the floor laughing my *** off.

Runes = Refers to LoL's rune system.

Root = A debuff which prevents any movement by a champion.

River = The river that cuts across the map diagonally.

Shop, buy = To go back to base to go shopping for items.

Sigils = Temporary buffs granted to a player by defeating the Golem and the Elder Lizard creeps.

Skillshot = An ability that fires a projectile that can be juked.

Sry = Sorry.

Stun = A debuff which prevents any action by a champion.

Silence = A debuff which prevents any abilities being used by a champion.

Support = Characters whos job is to support other characters.

SS = Miss.

Skin = Items that give Champions a new look.

Summoner = The players representation in the game.

Top, mid, bottom = The lanes in LoL.

Tele, tp = To teleport.

Tank = Hero whose job is to take damage in team fights.

Talents = A non-canon term for masteries.

Theorycraft = Making calculations of efficiency of skills/items/builds.

Tbh = To be Honest.

Ty = Thank you.

Turtling = Is to play defensive, gaining xp and gold slowly while avoiding confrontation to slowly gain a advantage over the initially stronger enemy.

Ult, ultimate, ulti = The R button ability.

Unique = A non-stackable aura/passive.

Up = Underpowered.

Vent, ventrilo, ts, teamspeak, skype, mumble = Voice communication software used to coordinate as a team.

W8 = Wait.

Wp = Well played.

WrenchMan = Part of the volonteer's to help you solve pc related problemes.

Wth = what the hell.

Yw = You're welcome.

Y = Yes.

Use these abbreviation to Communicate with your team.