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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Boss-chan

Twisted Fate - the "how to" guide on counting card

Boss-chan Last updated on May 8, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Why the wannabe Gambit?

I've found that sometimes I am fairly late to the parties my team holds with those cool cats from down the lane. Occasionally they'll engage while I'm all the way on the other side of the map, farming, while they're getting their behinds handed to them. I found that the solution to this problem was to simply have a way of being everywhere and anywhere all the time. TF, I feel, is one of those few who, through hard work, mind you, has acquired this useful talent. Party Crashing is much more fun anyways. And so, we, as fellow summoners, call forth Twisted Fate to the fields of justice for his unpredictable predictability in his aoe slows and his stun, for his blood curdling assassination capabilities, and his amazing ability to dish out some damage with no more than 30 extra ad


    - great CC
    - clairvoyance everywhere!
    - funtastic assassin
    - awesome dps
    - and he knows how to bd a nexus, if you know what I mean...

    - fairly squishy
    - lacks a bit of ms
    - weak to burst and cc (I too share this weakness, but who doesn't?)
    - if you start killing people, the other team gets mad and seems to want to kill you ALL THE TIME!(i.e. you get focussed a lot.)

Play style: The best way to play TF is to be a bit aggressive. Use your red cards and yellow cards to harass. Use your wild cards to hit those stationary enemies. And, if you find yourself low on mana, pull out those blue cards and start throwing them at stuff. I normally go mid if my team has a jungler. Exhaust that unlucky ducky and yellow card him when the effects dissipate to ensure that you and your jungle friend strike fear into your enemies hearts. If you find you don't have a jungler, but instead you have an amazing lane partner, easily found in anyone with good burst or dps, then head on over to your lane with pride--stun some fools and let your partner make them see that the house always wins.

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Over all, the runes I've chosen are there to give you that extra POW early on in the game. These runes help you get through your laning phase with ease. If you're lucky enough and your opponent overextends just a little, you might even get fb and find yourself rollin' the big dice early on.

I had a great deal of trouble figuring out which marks to use. At first I was all about the armor pen, then I realized I didn't get much ad. Then, I tried some magic pen, but it's not really worth it if you only have about 20 ap. So, I decided that the greater seal of alacrity was the way to go. It provides some as early on that you gravely need.

As for seals, I feel that armor provides a bit of survivability that this squishy champ ever so needs. If you feel he's still too squishy, one can switch these for some health runes, preferably flat health for early survivability.

Glyphs. These were a tough decision as well. It was either flat cdr or ap. The extra ap really gives you that extra oomph early on. These runes are the reason I choose to level my wild cards before the stacked deck. They are great for harassing and earning those far away kills when that poor, poor 10 hp champ is trying to get away. But, if you're not much of a wild card guy, then by all means, cdr your way to win.

I wasn't sure which "quints" were most "essential." (I fear you'll want to kill me when this guide is through. Oh lawd, forgive me for I have punned.) I thought as runes would really make TF scary to lane against, he already has all that harassment down, but I've concluded that a combination of 2 ap quints and 1 as quint is the best combination there ever was and Lady Luck gets chills just thinking about it. Once again, if you don't like the wild cards for harassment, you can reshuffle and switch them up for flat cdr, flat health, mr, or armor.

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Many moons have passed these masteries still look strange to some. But, I do suggest you consider my reasoning.

No one likes to die, and TF is one of the squishiest champions there are. He has enough harassment power early game and enough damage output late game that 9/21/0 are the best way to go. The 21 points in that defensive tree give him armor, mr, health, health regen, and even some as an ap. What more could one ask for? Maybe there is a better set and a better build, but for the funzies and the giggles, these masteries will ensure that you get the most out of your laning experience.

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The Build

This build is a bit odd, a bit strange, but it's damage output is that of a luck god. Start with a regrowth pendant and a health pot and head to your lane. You have your own mana regen so you are set. Early on, you want to go back as soon as you can to buy your philosopher's stone and your boots. Do this is as soon as possible because it is a key item, not for your build, but for laning and a bit more gold output. Add this to your passive and you'll have your items in no time.

Okay, I normally get a recurve bow before finishing my boots. By this time, you should start assassinating anyone you feel you can. You can start popping up in lanes, uninvited for maximum surprise factor, and over all start ganking people. Yellow card plus wild cards may not seem effective, but with your extra ap and your auto attacks, you should manage to kill a few poor folks.

If you've been successful and you nabbed a few kills early on, you can upgrade your boots into berserker's greaves and switch your recurve bow for a sword of the divine. Sword of the divine is your classic TF item and gives you as along with a little extra damage every 4th atk. It's true uses come in handy, however, when you're facing those card-stacking heroes like Jax and Teemo. If Jax seems to be dodging more than you like, or Cap'n Teemo's blinding darts are starting to get on your nerves, pop your sword of the divine to make sure none of your attacks miss.

Here's where the build gets tricky and it revolves around the team you're facing. At this point in time, most champs will be getting a bit beefy. Normally, I'll want to go for wit's end first, but if the other team has a lot of those tanky dps champs like that there Garen and Renekton, one might want to consider getting madred's bloodrazor right about now. If not, proceed to buying your wit's end and waste people's mana in a blink. The only problem is that this item doesn't do much anyways if you're fighting those tanky dps who don't use mana, or you feel you found a group of ninjas escorting a blind monk. The damage output is there, but the secondary mana reduction becomes useless. If this is the case, switch to malady. And, on this venture back to your fountain, do not forget to pick up your vampiric scepter for that oh so needed survivability.

Now, if you have madred's you'll probably be shredding people to bit's. Your wit's end will probably be stripping people naked of their mana. Whichever you bought, it's time to upgrade once again. On your next trips back to base, you'll want to focus on your stark's fervor. Stark's is a great item all around and gives your entire team extra as and life steal, albeit, they must be close by.

This is the strangest part of the game, in my opinion. Late, late game. You have all the items I've said to buy, probably sold your philosopher's stone. You have 2.5/sec attack speed and you don't know what to buy. But you don't really need attack damage to kill anyone, so what should you buy? Your favorite form of survivability. You can go for some life steal, buy a banshee's veil. Anything that'll prevent you from dying too quickly while in the midst of a team fight.