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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author FrostShock

Twisted Fate: "Why the hell are you everywhere?" (AP)

FrostShock Last updated on November 3, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to my personal Guide for Twisted Fate: The Card Master

Before you read this, please know, that this is my first guide and i'm NOT a native speaker, so feel free to correct me, if i make any mistakes ;)

Quick overview on the Card Master:


- insane Burst Damage
- very well map controle
- able to stand very long in a lane, because you can refresh mana
- longranged charakter (wildcards)
- awesome carry, can help everywhere


- super squishy
- needs some kind of skill
- affords a good teamplay, to get the ganks work
- often focused when they see your potential


- Magic Penetration
- Attackspeed (yes attackspeed, this is important, to get your goldcards out
- Mana Regeneration
- HP. No need to say anything. You're simply to squishy in early game.


simple: 9/0/21

to get the extra Magic Pen and full utility Tree. I think it's very self-explenational (I hope I've written it right >_<)

Summoner Spells


Yes, i know, this may sound a bit weird, because you can Port yourself with your Ulti, but think about it: Gank - Shopping - Back in lane in such a short time? Sounds nice, doesn't it? Also you can Bluepill before you get your ulti, if your enemy got you very hard, and you can't stay longer in lane.
Another point is the total Mapcontrole you gain by combining Ulti and Teleport. Want Golem Buff but can't leave lane for long? No problem! Want to quickly get a hardly damaged turret down, but afraid of a quick gank? No problem! Ulti in front of the turret, lock Goldcard and bang the turret, and Teleport the hell out of there.


By far the Summoner I love most. Why? easy said:
Flash -> Goldcard -> Wildcards -> Escape while enemy is stunned: Huge Damage with no Damage taken.
Flash through walls to engage or escape, or Flash after you used your ulti and your target saw that and started running away from you. Same combo as i announced earlier: Flash -> Goldcard (lock before you use Ulti!!) -> Wildcards -> Chase or fall back.



This is your main skill. Awesome Range, very good Damage output, compared with the very low cooldown. That's why i max it first. You can spam your wilds, whenever you need them. The range is simply insane, that's why I announce that again. I killed so many enemies by throwing one last card in their back, or randomly throwing them in bushes and hitting enemies, who wanted to bluepill.
That will bring you some flames, but simply ignore them or counter them with sentences like "only i can play my char and you can't?" or whatever you like to say to those people ;)

Pick a Card

This is your 3-in-1 Tool:

Blue Card for Mana Regen,
Red Card for AoE Damage and AoE Slow and
Gold Card for Stun and high damage.

Nothing more to say. Simply Wonderful.

Stacked Deck

Nice bonus Damage, but nothing special, that's why i max is last.


This is your ulti. If you want to marry it, say "yes" (everyone please now scream "YEEEES!" as loud as you can :P).
I simply love this skill. All enemies on the map are shown, even stealthed ones, like Twitch, Evelynn, Teemo or Shaco AND the shrooms from teemo are visible for minions, what's cool, because your minions take out many shrooms while your ulti is active.
Second Effect: Port to anywhere on the map! Yap you heard right: ANYWHERE. If you want in the Enemy fountain, but that's not that healthy.
Use it to gank someone's *** up, or to escape from a critical situation, the casttime isn't that long, so feel free to use it! Also the Cooldown is pretty low for such a nice ulti.

Early Game

Call for mid lane! Don't be shy to fight for your mid lane, because Twisted is the best char for mid lane, because your Ulti is one of the best in Game.
When you reach mid, don't try to get a look at who you face. That could drain your life very hard, if you opponent is able to think and don't simply stand next to their turret but hide in the grass left or right from main-mid zone. If he or she does, and you run near their turret to take a look, the enemy champ jumps out the bush and will take much of your HP off, or even kill you, because Fate is very, very, very squishy. Always Keep that in mind.
When minions show up, start some little Red Card spam and try to hit minions near the enemy champ to instantly harass him with slow and AoE damage.
You have to get AS MANY lasthits as possible, when there are 6 minions in the enemy wave, you need to get at least 5 lasthits, that makes it easy to get your Meija's very early. Keep this up till you reach level 6 and get your Ulti. Till now you should have one till three kills. Depends on how well your team is at ganking and how well the enemy mid-laner is.
Since you reach level 6 and get your ulti the fun begins.

Mid Game

Now you should have your Sorcerer's and your Meija's. Wait until you have forced the enemy mid-laner to bluepill. When he is gone take a look at the minimap, is there a sidelane that is hardly pushed, or best, with 2 enemy champs really near to your turret, lock your Gold Card (this is VERY important) activate your ultimate. Now you see every enemy Champ on the Map. Hit the R-Button again and select the Point you want to jump to. This should be not exactly behind an enemy, like half distance of your auto attack range. Care: The enemies are warned, because they see the marks above their heads and will start runnin back.
Hit the enemy with lower HP with your Gold Card and instantly throw him your wild cards right into the face, after that hit him with your auto attacks and hope to get the chance to lock Gold card again and finish him off.
Normally such a gank should give you one till two kills, if you are lucky, or your enemy is extremely low HP OR extremely stupid. But at least you should get one or two assists, which is no problem, because you need every single stack you can get. For sure kills are nice, but assists do the job too.
The Important fact ist, that you don't die.
I want to be honiste: If you have died till now, it's pretty hard to keep it up, because you need to waste your teleport, which you need for your way back from the gank.
After a more or less successful gank you bluepill and should be able to afford your Sheen or, if you went well one lasthitting or ganked a bit late, you can afford the Blasting Wand, that leads to your Lichbane.
Keep this up, until you or you're enemy starts ganking.

Late Game

Teamfights are breaking out anywhere and anytime, so regroup with your Team and try to take out a single or two enemy champions. Should be easy with 4 or 5 people.

By now you should have finished your Lichbane and begin or at least started Zhonya's. If you already finished it, you got fed and your Wildcards in combination with a Goldcard should do sagnificant damage now.
You need to get as many kills as possible now. When you reached the 20-Stack-Mark before reaching the end-phase of the game, you should do very well in teamfights. Your Wildcards do enough damage and you should got enough Mana by now, to spam them before teamfights and use their insane range and simply throw them in to the enemy team and try to hit the squishy ones. When you or the enemy team start to engage, lock Gold Card and hit the enemy Champion with the lowest HP, when you stunned him, ping him with G-button on your keybord and spam your Wildcards. If your Team got good reactions, he should be dead by now. Very funny if you kill the enemy Master Yi this way, or their healer, or something else important.

If you keep on like this, you should win very soon now, if there is no teamfight, you can use your teleport to backdoor the turret, that is far away from the enemy champions (you see them because Destiny shows them to you), and don't mind you're not an autoattacker, the damage from Gold card + Lichbane should be enough the take a damaged turret down quickly if you got some minions to take the damage.

Very Late Game

When the game is still running and you got enough gold for your Archangel Staff, simply sell your Doran's Ring, to get the Space.

Now you should be able to kill anyone, BUT DON'T GO ALONE.

Now you got a look in my Playstyle for Twisted Fate.
If you think, that AD is the key, give this build a try, it's totally worth it. I swear.

Feel free to rate, add comments and constructive critisism. :)