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League of Legends Build Guide Author Clinton

Twisted Fate - Why Walk?

Clinton Last updated on November 16, 2010
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This my guide for Twisted Fate named Twisted Fate - Why Walk?
So this guide is for Twisted Fate is ad not ap or tank, making him a ranged dps. I even provided some music if you wanna listen while reading, if you don't like it, don't play it.

Pros of this build

    -Good damage output
    -Great durability for DPS
    -Fantastic Mobility

Cons of this build
    -Mana hungry early game
    -Requires lots of farming

Summoner Spells
I pick the summoner spells exhaust and teleport. People say that teleport is useless since we already have Destiny/Gate, but teleport just further boosts the mobility of Twisted Fate, so I highly recommend it. Secondly, we have exhaust, mainly to stop the damage of enemy champions like Master Yi. I think ghost would be fine too, if you want to be able to run around very fast and get away or get to team fights.

Skill Build
The skill build is just getting Stacked Deck, first, Pick a card, second, and Destiny, whenever its available. We don't really need the Wild Cards, because it just kills our damage output. Getting Destiny leveled up is a good idea, because it lowers the cooldown count.

We move onto the mastery tree, where we obviously put 3 points into Deadliness and 1 point into Cripple to boost our exhaust and increase our critical chance. We then can put 4 points into Alacrity for attack speed and 1 point into Sorcery so we can move onto Havoc later. We put 3 more points into Sunder and 2 points into Offensive Mastery to increase our damage output. We put 3 points into Lethality for critical strike damage, and since we have 20 points into the Offense Tree we can put 1 in Havoc, which adds 5% base damage and magic damage. We move onto the Utility Tree for our last 9 points and put 1 point in Spatial Accuracy to boost our summoner spell. We put 3 points into Perseverence for some health and mana regeneration, that will be very helpful early on. We put 4 points into Expanded Mind, to enlarge TF's small mana pool and our last point into Utility Mastery for extended duration of neutral monster buffs.

Early Game:
We start out the game purchasing a Doran's Blade and a Health Potion. Perferably, get the middle lane (I only play 5v5 on Summoner's Rift). We farm a little while trying to harass with our Stacked Deck Skill because it does some good damage early on when you can hit them. You should be able to farm well with a Pick a Card if you throw some red cards. A nice trick I like to use to harass is with the red card. When the enemy is barely out of your range, throw a red card at the minions so that the area of effect damage hurts them.

This also works when they hug their tower, you can throw it at the tower, and run back. When your level 6 you could go back and if you farmed enough you will be able to get your Berserker's Greaves here, while looking over at the side lanes for potential ganks.

Mid Game:
When your level 7 you should be able to grab the Lizard Buff easily, assuming there is no opposition or that the camp is still there. You can then get easier kills because of the buff that gives you slow, or you can just farm some more gold considering you will need a lot. Once you have the Lizard buff, you can also grab the Golem Buff more easily, for some nice mana regeneration and cooldown reduction, which means more ganks. When you go back to buy items, be sure to buy the Brawler's Gloves first, and then the Dagger for the Zeal, because you already have a decent attack speed and could use some more damage. Likewise you should buy the Cloak of Agility before the Dagger for your Phantom Dancers. Now that you have some more movement speed from your new item, you will have a much easier time chasing/escaping. When you start to build your Infinity Edge I recommend buying the Pickaxe first or if you've farmed enough, a B.F. Sword, before the Cloak of Agility, because you already have about 30% Critical Chance. We then advance onto the Phage that later becomes your Frozen Mallet, for durability and some extra damage.

Late Game:
I guess late game is when you're level 18, with all your skills maxed out. By now you should be able to dish out tons of damage. I use my Wild Cards skill only on minions, or when I want to do some damage without getting to close. Twisted Fate makes a great pusher with his ability to teleport in and out, and running away from the opposing champions (or advancing in the opposite direction?). You should keep your distance in team fights, so you can stay alive while dishing out a lot of damage. You might want your Bloodthirster for some lifesteal and more damage. I tend to buy the Vampiric Scepter if I can't buy it all at once. Your going to have to finally sell that Doran's Blade you've had all game for your last item which is either a Madred's Blood Razor or Last Whisper, depending on the enemy team. Last Whisper is more for those armor champions like, Malphite or Rammus, and the Blood Razor for more of the beefy champs like Cho'Gath or just people with loads of Health Points. If you acually manage to finish your build remember to buy the Elixir of Agility, Elixir of Brilliance, and Elixir of Fortitude to kick up those stats some more!

Well, that concludes this guide, and hopefully I'll be able to write more in the future.
I hope this guide really helps some of you out there. Just a side-note to those people who think I'm crazy for even mentioning a Tanking Twisted Fate, its acually quite effective backdoor build.