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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TwistedPower

Twisted Kaiser

TwistedPower Last updated on August 19, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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So, you wanna play MordKaiser.

First of all to all those who think they already know better - Please skip this guide and just ignore everything here. You already think you know better and I'm not really posting this to "debate".

This is how I play Mord. At the end of the game when I have 20+ kill 3 deaths I'm happy and that is all that matters.

This is a HP regen Mord. So you ask "Why hp regen?" Well now that is a good question. Mords passive is that skills that damage creates an absorption effect giving a buffer for HP regen to be most effective.

This build also hits just under the cool down reduction cap (the cap is 40%. Why cool down reduction cap? As this build does NOT focus on damage increase items, being able to cast 40% more of the time will accomplish 2 things.
1. Allow you to do more damage in the same amount of time
2. Allow you to get more absorption effects in the same amount of time.
So this is a win/win situation since mords AP scales horribly.

Ok!!! So now that the idea has been explained let’s put the concept into practical use!

First of all before we start I'm going to briefly explain why there is no reason to EVER use any other summoner spells. Ignite: Maybe about half of my kills are Ignite + Children of the grave (mords Ult). While laning you will find it REALY easy to get your opponent to low hp but as Mord you just can’t reach them to kill them fast enough because of ****ty damage. Well that’s not a problem. Ignite then followed by a children of the grave (ignite has a smaller range use it first so if they get out of range you can still chill of the grave which is almost twice the range of ignite) and then they just die. This char is more than a tank, He kills you. I'm not there to play a boring char that just gets hit. I want to kill, and get money because without money you suck. Plus you can beat anybody in the middle lane with ignite (that’s right you mid with this build! You don't have to but why wouldn't you?)

Ghost: this is key. More often than not, you need it to get into range to use ignite, the rest of the time it’s awesome to tower dive or chase. The second reason is you are an HP regen mord. You will be able to run away from anything with ghost, and they just won get that kill because you will regen more HP then any puny dots.

Why not cleanse?: Well since the nerf, you don't need it as an HPgen char, you will find you can easily tank 2-3 people end game(if not 5 MUHAHAHAHA). If you need to run away then its prob 4-5 vs. you and cleanse is NOT gunna do anything compared to ghost.

As for the rest if you don't know why not then that’s too bad.

Items! Yay Items!
Ok so get yourself a regrowth pendant and DO NOT BUY A HP POT NOOB! Why no HP pot? Because once you get another 450 gold your gunna get a second one and then you never have to worry about HP again. The faster you get the second one the faster you will lane because you will be spamming siphon of destruction and that takes your HP.

Go for the force of nature first. You will be poking and killing mobs with your siphon spam and they will get low hp. They will get hits on you (which if done right you should have your shield up enough to take the hit and not get damaged)but you will heal up and be full HP while they have to tele back. Plus most mid chars will kill you with AP skills not melee so magic resists is awesome.

Next get yourself the basic boots. That plus your force of nature makes you = to any second version of the boots.

Now you should rush spirit visage. It is dirt cheap, will make you awesome, allow you to spam more moves especially your ult. IF and ONLY IF you get a good amount of kills (Talking about ganks kills not minions)and you have gold to spare I would get the mercury treds before the warmogs. If you get yourself the red buff and gank bottom and top and mid and all over, you can easily have 3-4 kills before you even finish the spirit visage.

At this point you get warmogs. NOW LISTEN - at this point in the game towers have gone down, everybody is lvled well, it is mid game. Your MOST IMPORTANT thing to do right now is FARM!!!! Ganking is fine, assuming you are ahead and played right. If not FARM MINION KILLS. You need this warmogs. If you don’t have this for mid game or end game you will SUCK. Now there will be people who are gunna whine and b*ch "but my team is all over there and were gunna group gank!!!" NOOO - you need warmogs, shut up and kill things. Jungle, kill mass mobs, gank soloers every now and then. Once you have that warmogs, its GG for them.

OK!!!! So you’re now totally awesome and you have 2 item slots left!!! At this point it is a TOSS UP! You can either get Thorn mail OR Omen's first.

If you wanna be safe just get thorn mail, before Omen. With that you should be able to 1vs1 anything, and prob even 2-3 vs. 1 anything. (Depending on how far they are compared to you.)

It is an average build early and mid game, but late game, you will dominate.

Words of Advice - Get the red and the blue buff while farming and or before ganking.

They both give you more damage either through actual damage (red buff) or cool down reduction (blue buff). Do not think "O there is a blue buff right there I’m not going to get it because it gives mana" WRONG you should always get it unless you have both CR items in my item list for Mord. The Red buff is also the one thing that you need to kill. Really Really Debated putting in a Frozen Mallet. It is not worth it. Just get the red buff w/e you res or come back from healing or w/e. Once you have that in team fights nobody will run away from you. You can 2 vs. 1 people and not get kited.

If you get the 2 buffs whenever you have access to them, your kills will go up by at least 1/3 per game then if you had ignored the buffs.


Alternate Item for Special Circumstances - Maldreds Blood Razors: Sometimes I use this item instead of Omen. If the other team has a good tank then sometimes I find that this item can make the difference in team fights.

Elixir Pumping! - The boots only cost 1200. They sell for something like 6-800 I don't Remember but you will often find that you have excess gold and ALL your items. What you should do is sell you boots and buy/drink all the elixirs then buy your boots back. AP/Crit/HP/AD for 4 min... YES!!!!