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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TwistedPower

Twisted Kayle

TwistedPower Last updated on March 25, 2011
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Welcome to the very Twisted Version of Kayle.

First of all before you can understand any character build I think it is important to understand the play style of an individual when using the character before you can really see why things are done and how it all works together.

So let me just say this. I for a really long time used to refer to Kayle as "Fail Kayle". Until one day while mid'ing the other teams mid was a Kayle. I laughed as I used to whenever I saw a Kayle and one in the mid? YEA RIGHT! Or so I thought. However this Kayle started off with Righteous Fury and proceeded thus to farm minions and poke me every single time it was up. He seemed to last hit on average 5/6 of every minion wave while still managing to hit me every time I came into range of his aoe when it was active.

Mid game though I gave him no kills in mid he got the blue and red buffs and while defending mid also was able to swiftly go about the map ganking and causing havoc.

End Game, could 1vs1 any champ on our team, but if not focused was easily able to hang back in team fights and just eat us alive.

We managed to win but by luck. SO of course I had to try it out.

Now this was a while ago and only had seen his items, (which I switched a bit) and Guessed at his masteries but after a while I have found a similar viable build.

The Goal in building Kayle like this build does, is to be able to most importantly farm minions then to catch, kill, and/or gank every type of champion. Tank, DPS, Hybrid, if you play it, then this Kayle can kill it. SOLO. (Not at the start of course but at certain points in the item build anyways.)

It is my firm belief that if every play on your team can solo any other person on the other team, and then you all work together AS A TEAM (NOT trying to solo) then your team is the strongest.

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Pros / Cons

First of let us list the Pros and Cons not just for Kayle but more specifically of this build.


Minion farming early game - To be most effective you need items. For items, money. For Money early game you need minion kills. Righteous Fury is a ranged aoe on swing with extra damage. Once properly mastered last hitting at least 4 minions per wave is possible every wave even when really low lvl.

Speed + (self) Speed - (target) Kayle's heal speeds up movement speed and Kayle's Reckoning Slows the target. Red Buff Plus ranged atk = cannot escape (unless they flash through a wall or what have you). These things allow Kayle is chase/kite in lanes without turrets and allows for better ganking.

Massive HP steal - The amount of HP gained back during atking with all your moves and buffs in full swing is ridiculous. Often you can out heal your targets damage with your own self auto atking heals.

Life saving moves - Kayle has the ability to support in many situations. Kayle is not a healer healer. But properly used Kayle's heal+speed or Slow can save an ally from chasing opponents and Ult can prevent so many bad situations. To many to really list here but Kayle's moves especially his ult can be game changing.


If you cannot master last hitting with Righteous Fury you will not be able to function due to lack of good items as game progresses.

Mana can be a problem if moves are not used wisely.

Squishy vs. burst/focus

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Masteries + Summoner Spells

The Masteries are distributed to achieve a few things. This is list in Priority Order.

Mana Regen
Cool down Reduction

Kayle's Passive Holy Fervor is really nice. 30% ad added to AP and 15% AP added to ad. Now this actually balances out because there is generally double the amount of AP on an AP item then there is AD. Also this build swings a lot, does not crit a lot, and uses many ability based moves plus a razor.

Going too far into the Offence tree would mean a lot less moves being used for a time bit of constant damage vs. the ability to use more moves more often for larger amount of damage.

The thing I really hate when playing a character is when you're at your turret at full hp but 0 mana and none of it comes back fast enough. Who cares how much damage you do if you can't use your moves and your character needs to use moves to function. The 5% at the end of the tree is lame anyways. 5% of 100 are 5 so if you atks do less than 200 damage you're only missing out on about 10 damage per swing anyways. If you get one more move in during that time (that hits for 200 damage) due to cool down reduction it is the same as the extra 5%. At least that is how I rationalize it. I have also tested it out and these masteries perform better.

As for the Difference in lane vs. mid Specs "Why does the lane spec and have Exhaust and why mid has Ignite?"

When you in the mid, you have the ability to gank. You can already slow not to mention you will have 2 teammates on the gank lane. Ignite will help you kill targets in lanes with heals while exhaust sometimes is just not worth it.

When you lane you do not actively seek a gank until the lane phase is over (or you have a really good chance). The exhaust can ensure that you live vs. a double stun combo vs. you in your lane or vs. a gank from the other team. It is more defensive and Kayle needs that for lanes as you lvl slower and farm slower. But of course it can still be used for kills.

I feel that Ghost is a Staple Summoner spell for Kayle Even over Flash.
This is an aggressive style of playing. You need to get to the guy so you can kill him. Ghost has a shorter cool down, stacks with your heals movement speed, lasts longer so you can escape from situations where they are chasing you. It also allows you to stay in range when auto-atking without the red buff. Since you are of greater speed it is the same as slowing the other person down. You swing, move forward, swing, move forward, while flash will only get you in range once.

Other Options.
You could take this if you feel that you are getting focused too much. If you play right they WILL focus you. You will be killing them, they won't like that. However your hp is so low that even if you got out of a stun or cc affect with this the other team might just nuke you with some ability anyways. Also when you become good you know when to sort of pre ULT which stops the application of CC and makes them waste skills during the focus anyways.

Clarity - This can be taken if you are not one who is good using mana at the right time. When you are starting to learn how to mid as Kayle you may want this as well. You should not need to heal as mid but if you mess up every now and then you use your heal and that drains your mana. You need the mana to aoe and last hit and this can offset the balance. Ignite is not that important that you cannot sacrifice for this. However once you get good with your mana the more expert player will want to get that ignite just to ensure that kill or stop that Tarric from healing or even to counter another atk speed life steal dps so you heal more than him and win in a slug match.

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Skill Sequence

Let's start with the mid Kayle as it is normally what I prefer to play.

The goal of the mid is to out level the team, Get Items, and use level advantage to gank other lanes allowing for more control of the field, the leveling during the lane phase.

At the LEAST it is your job to stop THEIR mid from doing this.

If you do it right you will do both these things at the same time.

Now... Most Kayle's I have seen get the slow first. They use it to poke at the opponent. That is all nice and well but many other characters have poke moves that are far more effective. Some of these characters don't even need mana to use it (IE Katarina, Kennen, ect.) At level one you have already limited you use of abilities. Not to mention Kayle is Melee when not using his ability so to last hit anything you would have to walk into the wave which is not something you can do vs. many mids.

In this guide we get Righteous Fury First. Which can also be used to poke (though does less damage at a single point in time) BUT can also be used to last hit minions from a ranged position. Also Since we get a Scepter first in the mid the aoe splash heals HP. So you can effectively last hit/poke/heal opponents poke damage Right off the bat.

Using you aoe to last hit and, every time they walk within range to cast something or shoot, poke your opponent will make them understand that they cannot just stand where they want last hitting the minions they want. You need to control them. Give them a range they cannot go into for fear of taking damage. This controls their play style and allows you to play accordingly.

We get Reckoning (the slow + inc damage) Second. This then allows you to slow them when they are within range and use your ranged auto atk to hit them even more before they can walk away. Controlling the lane even more, reducing their effectiveness.

3rd is RF again, this is your main move. Also more damage means easier last hitting.

Now we get heal because this allows you to move faster (and heal) to get into range to slow, to then ranged auto atk them. Thus allowing you to use your combo which is W,Q,E in that order MOST of the time. Obviously if you don't need to heal for movement DONT. Save it!

Now the rest of the skill order is designed to max out RF first. HOWEVER. Even though early levels your scepter more than heals what damage you should be taking, the heal portion or your Devine Blessing just doesn't cut it if you really need to use it for a heal. So lvl 2 is Much better and after that it really isn't worth leveling till last.

After lvl 7 (2nd skill point into heal at 7) Your Priority is ULT, RF, Reck, Devine Bless.


When you lane farming and healing a bit more important at lvl 1-7 then it is in MID. ALSO NO CEPTER, thus your auto atks DONT HEAL, and you must cast your heal to heal. LVL 2 functions better and most efficient for that purpose. You also have more mana regen and more HP and more Ability power because of the Doran's Ring so this makes up for the greater usage of skills and gives more survivability.

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The Majority of your damage comes from magic. The aoe part of auto atk's, Reckoning, and your Razor will all benefit from spell pen. The Mana per5 lvl will allows you to actually cast a lot.

I DO NOT recommend HP, AP, CDR.

The Mana gives you early game advantage. Without that Kayle cannot get the items needed to be effective. CDR when having no mana is pointless. AP is only a small inc in damage/healing and if you have no mana once again, pointless. HP while is nice is not needed if you play right and once again being at full HP with no mana does nothing for you in terms of farming, so once again pointless.

Armor Pen. You could get this. You do melee, and you get AD from AP Items. However when you reach the point late mid game or end game where you have enough AS that your Melee hits often you already are getting armor pen items for that reason. So I find it better especially for the razor vs. higher MR targets to get spell pen. But if you have no spell pen I would take armor pen over any other rune any day.

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At first I used the lane Kayle item build for mid. It works. However Scepter is just better.

You get poked a lot in mid. That is the nature of mid. So you must heal that damage through Items or skills. Using both Kayle's heal and AOE in the mid was a strain on mana. the extra mana regen did not offset the heals high cost, and when you heal for the heal, it is not there for the combo to poke or get the kill.

The scepter however almost negates the need to heal entirely in mid until later levels. You get about = mana regen to the use of mana for just the aoe and can still heal/poke/go for kill. Scepter is worse for lanes because 2vs1 can sometimes mean things like double stun, (IE panth + Tarric + exhaust = you die) So the extra HP and Mana regen is more effective vs. certain combos you might face in the lanes.

When it comes to items we are looking for a few things. We need Spell pen. We need ATK speed. We need Ability Power. We need Armor Pen. Most of the time in that order for priority.

However since items are not that simple and we rely on the razor to kill anything with HP. Some stats must be in conjunction with other items.

Life steal facilitates the lane/jungle/ganking and comes in conjunction with the stats we need. At some point if you do not have a scepter you will just not function, you will rely on heal to keep hp up. (or going B) and will not be able to stay out as long during mid and end game.

Now when buying the items you can see that it is done in a SPECIFIC ORDER by part. There is reason for that. The faster you get the better parts. The better you will do. If you buy the item and their parts in another order you will not function as well. You buy the bow of Starks BEFORE you upgrade your scepter into the sash EVEN if you have the money for the sash and not the bow. This is so for ALL other items.

When you play this guide you will see that the items are bought at certain times during your play (assuming you are at least doing OK in terms of last hitting and such) and they will facilitate the skills that you have at the time and allow you to level and farm faster.

By the time you build a rage blade you can easily solo the blue and red buff. Once you get the blue buff you can cast all your skill every time there up and never run out of mana. You can use your heal to zoom around the board ganking anybody. The bow part of the blood razor will make you swing more during your aoe duration, make your rage blade proc faster and you will kill better than any other part of the blood razor. The Pick ax is better than the razor part of the blood razor. Once you have the Blood Razor the bow is better than upgrading to the sash. If you don't have the money WATE. You are just fine as you are now, and the sooner you get that bow the sooner you will be much better rather then very slightly better.

And so on and so forth.

On the lane Kayle make sure you get that scepter after the rage blade but before the bow for the blood razor. If will make you life much easier.

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Last - things that are important to note.

Kayle is an ASSISTING ganker. You can solo gank but that is not where it is best to function. Do NOT play the turret team fight game, or the wait in a bush for 10 min for a gank game. That will not work for long on this build. If you team is going to turret hug 4 people in the middle you need to go farm.

You need money. You need levels. That is not going to happen if you also stay at that turret. Go jungle, kill minions in a lane. ALWAYS BE CAREFULL WITH MAP AWARENESS when doing this. Don't push to far just to get ganked by the entire other team. However you can kill a minion wave at mid game in 4 seconds easy and get every last hit. and clear out the jungle. Once there is no money to be made then you can go sit at a turret.

Another part about Kayle is be patient during mid and end game team fights. You cannot tank the entire other team and you should not initiate them (one of the reason it just said about to go farm if you tank won't walk forward at your own turret). Let the tank go in. You go in and kill some people and then GO OUT. Your job is to pop you stuff blow up a person or 2 and then NOT DIE. You don't have to run away necessarily but after 2 people on the other team die ask yourself if you position is good or are you sitting in the middle of the other 3.

Also you ult... YEA don't use it on the focused tank just to let him live for 3 more seconds more. Now I'm not saying not to use it on a tank, or one that is being focused, but if all 5 people on the other team are focusing your tank and he is just about to die, what can he do in the next 3 seconds. Make sure you KNOW this before you use it. If he can get away sure go ahead but in all likely hood no. That 3 seconds should be on a DPS who is about to die but is OWNING FACE in the middle of their team so that he can do 3 seconds more of damage. Or on the healer who is being focused so they can blow their cool downs and stuff. Or to pre-shield somebody who is about to get face rolled by 4 CC's. When to use that ULT can make or break the game and if you use it on ANYBODY and they just die right after and you didn't get any kills or anything you should not have used it.

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Things to do:

I will add pictures of moves/Items like in most other guides once I figure out how to do it. I have not written a guide since the changes and did not have the time to look up all the cool new features.

I will add video of game play to better show points addressed.