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League of Legends Build Guide Author CouldntDeal

Twisted Rape (3v3)

CouldntDeal Last updated on January 21, 2011
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I'm only making this build because I find it to be extremely effective. Easy to follow, and only a couple key things you need to remember.

First of, you want to get your W, this will enable you to stun for the bottom gank, in the bush. (Ranked play does not usually do this. Normal play, will.)
If you have your att speed rune page, this will come in very handy. You can stun and deal out some great dmg. (If you want, you can have a couple runes for crit chance, it helps.)
Once the battle is over, take top.

Once you are top, killing minions is very important. Last hit all you can, and rank your Stacked Deck as much as possible, this allows you to take out minions all the time. If there are a lot of minions almost dead, throw a red card and it should take out a majority of them.

You will want to keep an eye out of low life players, and squishy players, like Shaco, Twitch, or my favorite Evelyn.


This is important, how to use your ulti effectively to take down wicked champs really quick would to do this sequence.

Push your W (Pick a Card) and stop it on gold, BEFORE you pop your ulti. Then find the person who got away, or is almost dead. Teleport to your enemy, and KEEP CLICKING ON THEM. For some reason, your card likes to favor minions over champion, so make sure you keep clicking on your enemy, this will stun them, your attack speed will make your 4th card do amazing dmg, and when the stun is over, your W is almost off CD again, so you can stun once more. They should be dead by this time, depending on how well you did early game.

Once you get all the items, you seriously can take on any champion. Tanks, Squishies, Carries, no problem.

Team battles, you're a god. Triple kills come naturally. :P

Have fun with this :) gl!!!

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Skill Sequence

Wild Cards - The Reason why I DO NOT get this skill, is because its worthless, unless you are going Ability Power. It does very low dmg, and is not worth the point that is put into it. It costs a ton of Mana to use, and the dmg output is ****. Lol, don't get it.

Pick a Card - I get this for it's 3 amazing skills in 1 combo.
Skill 1: BLUE, this allows me to throw a blue card, doing dmg, and giving me a ton of MP back. You can use this on anything, and it will give you mana back.
Skill 2: RED, this allows you to do massive dmg (Combined with Stacked Deck does amazing dmg, btw.) while slowing, and dmging anything around the target. This can come in handle in a team battle. (Slows, and Dmg, to everyone.)
Skill3: GOLD, Gold for its obvious proness. Stuns. You stun someone, they hate their life. With your massive attack speed, and dmg, ontop of critting, and lifesteal, you destroy someones HP while replenishing yours, and if they decide to run, you just got yourself a kill.

Stacked Deck - I absolutely LOVE this ability. Even though it is passive, it comes in handy one hundred times over. You do bonus dmg every fourth attack. This is like automatically having Sword of the Divine. In a skill. Free. Haha, combined with your massive attack speed, you can deal some wicked dmg, from ranged. It's seriously the best skill ever. :P

Destiny - Destiny. Comes in handy for its world visibility reason. You can see EVERYONE stealthed or not, just by the press of a button. Better then wards, better then oracles. Once you see your victom, teleport in with your stun ready... They only saw a pile of green cards, before everything went black and white.

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Dorans Blade + Health Potion: The reason I get this item, is for its basic bonuses. It gives you HP which you need, and it gives you att dmg, which TF really needs. The HP pot comes in handle, during the bottom gank.

Beserker Greaves: The Reason I get this, is simple. The attack speed, and movement speed. :P

Madreds Bloodrazors: This gives you attack speed, and attack damage. But the real reason I get this item, is for it's Unique Passive. It takes 4% of your targets max HP, and converts it into magic damage. This allows you to take on anyone, and you are still able to do awesome damage.

Starks Ferver: I get this item for the Lifesteal, now since TF needs attack speed also, this comes in handy.

Phantom Dancer: I get this for the same reason I got the summomer spells. You get movement speed, and dodge. Now, for the movement speed, you can always catch up to someone, to stun them with your W. The Dodge comes in handy, because when you dodge, you take no dmg. You have lifesteal, remember? ;D But the attack speed is also a bonus. At this time you should have about max Att Speed, so you don't need anymore attack speed items.

Bloodthirster: Thats where this comes in. Not only does it give you Attack dmg and Lifesteal, it's unique passive greratly increases the items output. So jungle like crazy, and kill minions all the time. You'll be unstoppable.

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Creeping / Jungling

This will be possible once you obtained your first Lifesteal Item, when building your starks. I don't recommend Jungling, unless you dont have laned minions to fight. If you are being harrassed too much, then take advantage of the minions in the jungle. They give great exp/gold.
If you are short gold, ALWAYS hit the jungle. Clear it out. Reason behind this, you can get that last 800 gold you need or something like that, just by clearing the jungle. So, if your pockets are empty in the coin department, head for the forest.

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust: I don't really get this for the blind, but more for the slow effect. This allows you to catch up to your enemy, and stun them again. The blind is just a nice bonus =P

Ghost: I get this because it increases my speed, obviously. This helps me catch up to a enemy, to stun them, once more. Or catch someone who has slipped through the cracks.

Using each skill right after one another, will ensure a flawless victory. Or a heroic escape.

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Pros / Cons

+ Late game, you can take on anyone.
+ Great Health
+ Great Crit Chance
+ Great Life Steal
+ Great Attack Speed
+ Super Carry Status
+ Easy Escapes, from Ulti, to Exhausting+Stunning enemy, to Ghost+Stunning enemy

+ If you don't play smart early game, you wont get your madreds, which in turn, makes you bad.
+ Kinda squishy early game, very prone to disables.