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League of Legends Build Guide Author MekLeN

Twisted Treeline AP Teemo

MekLeN Last updated on May 29, 2016
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So, Basically...

I've discovered an amazing jewel for use within Twisted Treeline: Captain Teemo, Captain Teemo!

Go AP to the max, maxing out CDR as the items come together, with enough Magic Pen to get through their items.

In each section I'll place notes as to my discoveries and thoughts; it will be brief but it will be what I believe is worth reading (as most already know Teemo).


Tactic #1: Poke
Basic + Q + Basic.
Do this as quick as you can, just squeeze out the three darts, and watch them choke on the poison and lose 30-50% of their health early game each time you do it.

Tactic #2: Shroom
Place them where you know:
- People auto-path, using the minimap to walk from place to place.
- at the edges of bushes, so that people step immediately into them.
- in the way, so to speak, of any fall back moves your team may make.
- in between columns/pillars/towers/walls to provide sight, and a way to negotiate effective combat for your team to take use of.
- having one always on hand gives superb power over lanes, as all minions will fall at a mouseclick.
- also, having one always on hand allows you to cast a bit ahead of you as you run away from surprise fights - do it right, and it works almost every single time.

In all honesty, keeping active about your vision on the map through use of your shrooms, and in being a step away from a team fight at any time, lets you walk up and use Tactic #1 while you setup Tactic #2 to make that teamfight a total victory.

Be sure to motivate your team mates to use the shrooms too, as an extra hit from one of these will turn the tides by the time you or the other ally finally get in range.

It's just that simple.
I'm having 90% win rates so far (sometimes there are trolls, and at least up to this point that's what's caused my losses).


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