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League of Legends Build Guide Author Neon123

Twisted Treeline guide (Including champion opinions)

Neon123 Last updated on July 29, 2013
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Hello guys (and girls :P) :)

This is my very first guide so I should start with my favorite map The Twisted Treeline. In this guide I will describe the basics of The Twisted Treeline and I will also include some of champions that are really designed for 3v3 ( in my opinion ofc.). Anyway proceed to read if you like it and to check out my point of view on The Twisted Treeline.

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The Map

Since the "beta twisted treeline" has been released many new features were added. ( no **** sherlock :P). I really like Vilemaw. He is like Baron Nashor, but I miss the buffs in the jungle. And also the heal point, which is a very good ganking tool ( will explain later). And last but not least...THE ALTARS. A really good thing to gain money. You get 3 extra gold for each kill. So yea...FARMING IS AN OPTION in The Twisted Treeline. If u have farm in TT you are most likely to win. Anyway the map is better now and alot more fun :). ( we do miss the wards battle).

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Ok now the fun part :D. Twisted Treeline has the potential of giving some advantages to "rarely-played" champions. For example : Singed, Cassiopeia, Jarvan, Renekton,etc.

Ok why ?

    Its hard to escape these champs...Singed is fast and his Q is strong. If u let him farm you're going to have a bad time. :)Singed is the most banned champion in Ranked 3v3. His mobility is amazing. His E also deals alot of dmg. Anyway Singed IS the strongest champion currently in 3v3. Be sure to ban him or play him if you really know how to play him :).
My favorite Singed skin. ( BANE!, from the Batman comics)
Cassiopeia....3 words... I HATE HER !. Her skills are really good for 3v3. She is all around strong. Her W is so op with her Q, E combo. If u get poisoned, make sure you can escape or kill her. She can 1v1 easilly. Anyway, Cassiopeia is also banned alot of times ;) Her ult is the decision maker :). If she doesnt stun you..she slows you for soooo muuuuchh :(. ( who doesnt love Greek mythology? :P)
Renekton...he is a really good champion. His skill composition is worth the trouble. He is all around strong and I recommend playing with him. He is the decision maker!. If you beat him 1v1 say to him : " See ya later, Alligator" :)). phrase: WTF ?!. He is so strong in combination with renekton you can just surrender. 1 game I was like: Hahahah darius and renekton... We win this. I ganked 4 times we were winning like 10 : 4. Then they got to the late game...we lost to approximately 32: 16. Yep...Darius and his skills. :( Brave Heart..
Jarvan <3. My favorite champion...he is the real COMMANDO ! He is the strongest jungler. If u can play well with him its a guaranteed win :). Anyway yes JJ ( I call him that) is with armor pen and you should have fun ;).

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A quick look into other champions

Aatrox = Strong but still BOTRK and you win.( most of times :P).
Ahri = Not a bad pick...still good :)
Akali = She is a good assassin...teamfights are a bit weird...but she still deals alot of dmg.
Alistar = Strong champion but hard to play :/
Amumu = Amumu like amumu..annoying as fck.
Anivia = Meh..I dont recommend her..
Annie = She is op everywhere...that bear of hers -.-
Ashe( and all the adc) = adc like adc...weak but strong. Still..vayne is the most suitable for 3v3 :)
Blitzcrank= He isn't that bad. If you pull it off...:)
Cho Gath = adorable :$
Diana = one of the best AP carries...
Mundo = he goes where he pleases...
Elise = Still..Good burst. Worth to play her ;)
Evelynn = Her damage is good..but dies easilly..worth playing her if someone chases you. Harras, harras, harras...
Fiddlesticks = sometimes good...sometimes bad, etc...
Fiora = I love her in my team..ravenous hydra and you are off the hook!
Fizz = same as diana..good dmg with W.
Galio = hm...must be good :P
Gangplank = never take rum away from a pirate..they go crazy.
Garen = just WTF ! good damage and his execution ulti...
Gragas = you have to pay and he is in !
Hecarim = Strong champion...worth jungling with him
Heimerdinger = TF winner !
Irelia = Good, but there are better champs.
Janna = Op support, Op ap carry...
Jax = annoying if fed..otherwise easy to kill.
Jayce = Worth playing with him...High dmg...He counters Singed very hard.
Karma = Strong since the remake..not much to say though.
Karthus = fun jungler :D. If you get fed( including farm) teamfights are yours :)
Kassadin = there are better champs to choose.
Katarina = if u jump in the tf when its nearly win.
Kayle = She needs a nerf...seriouslly!
Kennen = sure why not :)
Kha Zix = Mantis...they bite alot :(
Kog Maw = Alien...someone better buff him.
LeBlanc = Strong burst..weak as .
LeeSin = JACKIE CHAN mo'****er...
Leona = GOD Support !
Lissandra = also isn't bad :)
Lulu = PIXI! KILL THEM ALL ! yep...LoL's terminator if you go AD.
Lux = strong and squishy..
Malphite = Rock Solid !.
Malzahar = now thats and op champ..must have !
Maokai = good Jungler :) One of the most fun..
Master Yi = I think he will be better after patch..
Mordekaiser = STRONG ! VERY STRONG !
Morgana = meh..
Nami = only support...
Nasus = Imo he isn't that good in 3v3...
Nautilus = weak...very weak..
Nidalee = Ouch! That seriouslly hurts..
Nocturne = OOOOOOOHHH YEEEEAAAAH BABY ! The best nightmare ever..go jungle with him. Worth the trouble ! :)
Nunu = I ain't talking to Nunu...
Olaf = Let's have some fun ;)
Orianna = she isn't bad but squishy start...
Pantheon = WOOOHOOO! Party time..
Poppy = Hm...poppy. Who is that again ?
Rammus = OK !
Rengar = There is The Predator and The Hunted..guess which one you are :)
Riven = she is also nice :)
Rumble = You know that expression : Rumble in the jungle ?. Exactly..dont engage if you are in a jungle.
Ryze = Not good for me...
Sejuani = Oh yea! Must have jungler !
Shaco = Some people play him SEHR GUT !. I ain't one of them :/
Shen = He isn't bad :)
Shyvana = also a good jungler :)
Skarner = One of the best junglers in the game..sadly I don't see him anymore.
Sona = NO WAY, Jose !
Soraka = naaaah ;(
Swain = All around strong, played him as a jungler. Strong man that Swain.
Syndra = strong!
Talon = he isnt bad ya know :)
Taric = gay people gone crazy...
Teemo = Mushroom...
Thresh = Good Bruiser :) If you play him as a bruiser
Trundle = Beast jungler...
Twisted Fate = Better champs out there...
Udyr = strong character that one..
Veigar = He isn't evil...
Vi = master disaster...she is quite strong.
Viktor = don't know really...
Vladimir, Volibear and WW = good 3v3 champs. Worth playing :)
Wukong = OP! NERF ! ULTI OP ! OMG ! DAT DMG !
Xerath = NOPE !
Xin Zhao = OOOOHHHH YEEEA :) Also one of my favourites :)
Yorick = strong and ressurects.. :'(
Zac = JELLLLLYYY. Oh wait ! This jelly is strong...
Zed = Dark Ninja...someone call shen's father..oh wait ! whoops...
Ziggs = Fun champ :D
Zilean = nope !
Zyra = Hell yeah !!

Hopefully, lucian will be good in 3v3 :)

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Ok...we usually play like : AP carry, Bruiser, Jungler. But there are also : Support, ADC, bruiser/ap carry; Hybrid, jungler, bruiser; etc. I still think you should adapt according to picks...

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Jungling in TT

Ok..i've played about 20 games with jungling. Not alot but...some people were like : " report him for "jungling" in 3v3". we won the game...he said : Sorry... Anyway yea...douche !.
Ok : I always start wraiths and spare my smite( yes always take smite!!!) to go to soon as you can smite the big golem you gain level up. Upgrade your skills as you think it's best. Ok...gank often. And use the heal point as a ganking tool. You gain speed. REMEBER THAT!. If u have characters like Shaco, Teemo...etc. You will easilly steal Vilemaw. You can do it anyway...

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I decided to write this because I love TT. It's fun and it should stay the way it is. I was inspired by Sam. A streamer on TwitchTV. Anyways im Cartmenez (EUW)....I am always looking for people to join my ranked team, so if you are interested add me :). Thanks for watching and stay cool :)


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