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League of Legends Build Guide Author vanity

Twisted Treeline Swain way

vanity Last updated on October 8, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first guide, actually need to add pics and what not but its 4am if it gets reviewed alot ima come back and edit it.
This guide is for 3's as i dont really like playing 5's because they take to long and comming from dota and WOW 2's and 3's arena i feel like in 3's with vent, total shut down through cc and timing is possible, instead of the clashfests in 5's. enjoy
Things we KNOW about swain...or at least we do now
1. we do not have a good ap scaling ratio
2. farming is a *****...
3. we are pretty good at harrassing, but it all depends on our last hitting ability to keep our mana up.
4. no matter what lvl we are, Swains auto is just plain weak lol

Early Game:
Early game start off with boots and 1-3 health pots, it really depends on enemy team composition. Generally the more stunners they have the more likely you'll need pots. I choose boots over dorans due to the fact that having the boots give swain a little more survivablity vs having extra health. Aside from going laser bird first, skilling priority goes Ult->Torment -> Laser Bird-> Nevermore
Generally 1 point in laser bird first, and one in nevermore around level 4 when you need to do stuns for ganking etc...
Key note early game if your facing someone that is unharrassable for whatever reason your own sucky skills or they can heal use your laser bird to last hit, since the bird stays there and you can run away. it allows you to last hit a bit earlier, and you get mana regen after. you still lose a little, but thats one of the reasons why we picked clarity for our summoner ability. once you get 2 points in torment and 1 in laser bird you should be able to harrass anyone effectively and by the time you hit lvl 4 1 point in nevermore if the enemy hasn't B yet then hes ready to be killed. generally get close laserbird nevermore torment autoattack if your alone. if laning with a partner try to get nevermore get closer laserbird torment autoattack, it allows for your ally to get closer also as nevermore will stun and you get a lil more distance on your laserbird slow. hopefully your partner has a slow/stun move to seal the deal.
the first time you bluepill you should be picking up fendish codex or kages lucky pick try to rush deathfire grasp as it is a vital part of your output, in 3's you tend to have less money per game so we need to make more by scoring kills allowing us to finish our sorcerers boots.
mid game
At this point the game should have already changed to gank fest instead of laning. If the team has heavy duty casters or dps that arn't building magic resist i follow up with abyssal scepter, otherwise i go with void staff. hopefully you have landed some kills to help you make your 2nd key item, if not.
1.If your team is not trying to gank, i think the best way to farm is to burn your ultimate on jungles or creep waves, it only has a 12 sec cooldown. you might have to blue pill every now and then, but the money you get from farming is totally worth it. that is the 2nd reason why we are bringing clarity, if your farming and need to rush somewhere to save a friend, you can clairty to refresh your mana and be ready to battle, or if you get jumped you can use clairty(while still in raven form)when your mana is about to deplete, so you can maintain your ultimate form longer.

Late game
in 3's there is rarely a late game unless the team on the lower end of the spectrum is turtling. generally by late game you already know the outcome, but on rare occasions you or your oppenents are turtling, remember do not let the turtler's farm. because the only thing you and your allies can farm are jungles, which have cd's. swain is squishy and depending on your team comp letting people like sion morde etc... beefy dps people farm could turn the game around.

thanks guys this is my first guide 4am in the morning someone is d/ling porn or something in my house haha i can't play lol so decided to write a guide