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Twitch Build Guide by MuDShoT

Twitch, Snatching yo people up!

Twitch, Snatching yo people up!

Updated on July 6, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author MuDShoT Build Guide By MuDShoT 2,140 Views 2 Comments
2,140 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author MuDShoT Twitch Build Guide By MuDShoT Updated on July 6, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash



Hi! I would like to say to start off that this is going to be my first guide, if the reputation is great on this guide I will plan on making more guides in the future! I also would like to state that I just recently created this build. This build is somewhat similar to xao's build but with some tweaks.

I also would like to state that I have multiple accounts. 1 of my accounts is level 30, one is lvl 8, and my last account is lvl 19.
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Pros / Cons Of twitch

Pros: Great ganker
Powerful lanner
Easy to escape(If the other team does not have oracle)
Good for scouting because of Q
Great in team fights, mainly because of R

Cons: If you get CC'ed your screwed
Gets focused in team fights very often.
A little difficult to play extremely well when opponent gets oracle.
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For red I chose full arm pen. Great for taking down tank. Trust me, arm pen will make your life as a twitch easier.

For yellow I chose full dodge because as twitch, your going to die fast. When you add dodge into play it will make it harder to kill you, and ultimately can save your life because you'll be able to get a few extra hits.

For blue I chose full magic res. Once again I chose this to stay alive long. Magic res. makes enemy spells do less damage to you.

For two of my quints I went with health. Yet again for a longer life XD

And for my last quint I went with arm pen for more damage to tanks.
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Why I get these items in this sequence.

I go with doran's blade first because I like having that extra health, and the life steal is a + Even though 3% doesn't do much lol.

I like going with boots of mobility second for better escape, chase, and for getting around the map for ganks.

I go for a vampiric scepter next so I can get life back. You wont have to go back as often so it really helps. Plus it's used in my 5th item, bloodthirster.

I like going for zeal next because I like the fact that I get an even balance of crit, attack speed, and you get more movement speed!

I go for B.F sword next for the AD and obviously because it's going to be for my next item infinity's edge!

Infinity's edge is my next item. Amazing damage.. need I say more?

I get recurve bow next because it has great AS. Plus it's used in the next item I get madred's bloodrazor

I get madred's razor next because it does great dmg, has good AS, and it gives a little armor. Overall a must have item in this build.

I get bloodthirster next because I absolutely love having life steal. Bloodthirster will make your 1v1's better, and will keep you alive longer.

I go for banshee's vial next because it keeps you alive longer with +375 health, and 50 magic res. Plus it's passive passive blocks a negative spell once every 45 seconds which is super nice.
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Twitch's ability's

DEADLY VENOM is Twitch's passive ability. Does damage over a period of 6 seconds. The DoT does more damage per stack and stacks up to 6.

AMBUSH is Twitch's "Q" spell. This will allow Twitch to stealth for X amount of seconds. The twitch engages in combat while he's still stealth'd his stealth will go away but he is given an attack speed buff for 10 seconds.

DEBILITATING POISON is Twitch's W spell. This spell will slow nearby enemies by 30% and an additional 6% per deadly venom stack they have. Great spell for people trying to flee.

EXPUNGE is Twitch's E spell. Does 30/60/90/120/150 (+100% of ability power) magic damage and an extra 20/30/40/50/60 damage per deadly venom stack. This ability is amazing for getting clean ups.

SPRAY AND PRAY is Twitch's "R" Spell. Twitch will get 15/25/35 attack damage and his attack become long range for 12 seconds doing 100% damage and poising all enemy's it hits. This ability is great in a 1v1 when you need that edge, BUT this ability is AMAZING in team fights because it hits everyone in it's path.
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Early, mid, and late game for Twitch.

Early game Twitch I'll lane and let my teammate get some hits on an enemy champion. When I think my teammate has gotten enough hits on someone I'll hit Q and get in a good position and start unloading. I won't go for a kill until I'm level 2 because your going to want to have expunge to get those clean ups easier. Expunge is going to be what's getting 90% of your clean ups.

Mid game is to me around the 18:00min mark. Mid game is when i start checking lanes and go for weak champions. Keep in mind that when you ganking you need to make sure your lane isn't going to be getting murdered when your gone. Also try organizing a one lane push with your team to take out turrets.

In late game your going to be mostly be in team fights. in team fights your more than likely going to be getting focused down so your going to be wanting to use your "Spray and pray" Whenever you can in a team fight so it makes you harder to get to. Also a great thing to do in late game is snipe inhibs. Since your a stealth you can get into your oppenents base without them seeing you. I've sniped SO many inhibs as a Twitch that it's not even funny. I also have stole baron kills by stealthing. XD Late game you really want to avoid stranding off from your team. Most teams late games are going to eat you up when they see you by yourself late game.
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When fighting with Twitch

With Twitch your going to always want to be stealth'd before you engage in combat since you get a 10% attack speed buff when you get out of stealth. Your going to want to keep firing away until the enemy champion gets down to 1-2 bars of health and then your going to when yo use expunge "W" to clean them up. Spray and pray if you think your about to lose a 1v1. But I typically like to save my spray and pray for team fights.
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Why should you use this guide compared to other guides?

I think that in the "early game" My build is much, much more solid and a good early game will more than likely set you up for a great mid and late game. The item I get early game "Zeal" really helps early game because of the even balance of attack speed and crit. Most Twitch's will get pure crit or AD early game and mid game is when they start getting items like "Zeal". Like stated above I really believe that this build is way better early game, and if you try this build I think you will agree.
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Screenshot of games played with this build.
Above is the link to the first five games I played using this build. I did not consider the stats of the games "amazing" I considered them better than average. The game I lost was because we had someone leave >.< The game I went 17-2 we had someone leave in the beginning and it was 4v5 and we still won XD
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So this is going to wrap up my guide/build to Twitch! I hope that whoever has read this guide found it insightful and hopefully it will make you better Twitch! If you liked this guild PLEASE +rep. If not.. well.. you know what to do.
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