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Morgana Build Guide by MetalHead2635

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MetalHead2635

Two Way Morgana DPS that ill suck your ****** off

MetalHead2635 Last updated on October 17, 2011
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A Two Way Morgana Guide.

Welcome to my Morgana Guide.

First introductions, i am MetalHead2635. I've been playing for about half a year.

This guide is a my perspective on Morgana. As a DPS with a tad of tanky.

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Why the two different builds?

In my experience sometimes a team needs a hardcore AP carry, while other times they need a more tanky team befactor.

If you like nuking the **** out of ppl, i dont think that morgana is your champion.
As a DPS she can be tricky to nuke with, but if you learn her mechanics she has alot of 1v1 potential.

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Magic pen marks
Mana pr/5 Seals
CDR Glyphs
and Magic Pen Quints

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For the DPS build i use pretty standard utility Masteries.

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It is gererally good idea to go for WotA, she needs the boost in ap. + the spell vamp synergises with her passive really nice.

So go for Hextech Revolver first.

Next step is your magic pen boots.

from here you have your first choice. Look at the champion you're playing up against.
How well does he play? Can he farm better than you? can he harras you more?. Altso if you can figure out why it helps alot. Cause i dont plan on going through all champions, she can come up against.

i usually pick Abyssal over Deathcap, because youre typically playing against a ap caster.

then once you've worked up some resillience against you're opponent. you need some punch so i would choose Deathcap.

By now the game would typically be over. But the last two items is very important in late game. These last two slots can contain everything you need.

Is your opponents tanky?

take Void Staff.

Are you getting killed by some thing?

take the defensive item matching.
Physical Dmg = Armour
Magical Dmg = Magic Resist
altso try getting as much ap into the build as possible.

That is your main priority.

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Morgana has awesum skills.
They can hit hard and piss ppl off, so bad :)

i typicallt start by going for tormented soil so you farm better.
But Dark bindig is just as viable if youre looking to harras youre opponent.

Black shield i mostly use to block alot of pesky CC. So maxing it out aint a nesecarry, but it can save your butt some times.

ok breakdown of her abilities.

Tormented Soil.

No Brainer, a AoE dmg that reduces Magic Resist.
A little good to know is when you level TS up the circle grows. It doesnt say, but i have measured and it grows like half a centimeter :)

Dark Binding

Skill Shot snare. Does rather hefty Dmg and snares for 3 seconds at lvl 5.
For your ears only her dark bindig can shoot around minions. Because.......
Dark bindings trigger, the distance at which it snares opponents, is larger for champions than minions. I dont have proof, but i have from experience shoot several champions when they thought they where safe. off course you cant shoot through, but with training you can learn to trap a unexpecting melee DPS.
The trick is to shoot really close to minions, and learn how close you can get. try it out trust me it works :)

Black Shield

Awesum spell if used correct.
It is a spell shield, that absorbs a certain amount of dmg and then fades.
things to know about BS first of all it blocks CC. To my knowledge it blocks stuns, Snares, Silence, moving spells like singed Fling and slows.
CC i am unsure of is Supression and knock-ups.
It starts by blocking the CC and then the Dmg. Remember only Magic Dmg, but it blocks Melee CC.
So basically if you get hit by let's say Sions stun, the shield will block the stun and then absorb the dmg, in that order. So it can be used very annoting :P

Soul Shackles

Her ult that works like kata's.
When you get in range of a champ you can trigger your ult and it creates a leash between you and your target, slowing them for 20 % and dmging them. After 3 seconds, if you stay in it's 600 range, it will stun your opponents and dmg them again.
This ult works well with flash. Flash in ult and Dark Binding, and Tormented Soil. By that you should have done quite a big amount of dmg. in flat numbers if you land it all it would be 1500 with high magic pen :)

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Summing Up

That about covers it.
Write a comment if you have a question or a suggestion.

Thanks for reading :)