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League of Legends Build Guide Author Viceroy Gunray

Types of LoL Players -

Viceroy Gunray Last updated on January 15, 2016
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As we all know, League of Legends has a shocking community. Absolutely horrific. The LoL community is representative of the absolute scum of the Earth, save 1-2 genuinely decent human beings every 50 games or so. From AFKers to trolls, feeders, guys pretending to be girls for gifts (happened to a friend hahaha, was a fat dude from New Zealand) and everything in between, LoL is just not a great place, socially.

Aside from these types of people.... of the ones that actually try; most can be catagorized into one of the following;

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Types of Players

Johnny Spear Chucker

- This is the guy that picks Nidalee without fail. Every time. Somehow, in his mind, landing one spear out of every 100, often spending 5 minutes behind walls doing so, is worth. Always. The excitement of that one half health spear every 10 minutes is enough to keep this guy playing Nidalee for years to come.

The Wall

- Only ever plays top lane tanks. Malphite , Dr. Mundo , Renekton etc. It is not below this guy to play full regen Garen. Will tunnel vision farming top lane for 30 minutes straight, assuming that should a team fight occur, he can teleport. Almost always ends up concentrating on that siege minion last hit and misses the team fight. Usually teleports in late as ****, thinking he can clean up, proceeds to be kited around the jungle while the enemy team slowly chip away at him. When he eventually dies, he'll say something like "Lol im so tanky xD" or the infamous "lol bad team w8 for me"

Joey Eurosport

- Always, always has his favourite team icon and a 1350rp skin. Buys an RP card every 2 days. Has a $300 headset, $150 mouse and a $100 keyboard with a custom built computer than runs LoL at 200 fps. Unfortunately, this doesn't do **** to hide the fact that he's always pushing without wards, always getting caught out and has 30cs by 15 mins.

Timmy Tryhard

- Has ridiculously good last hitting and silky smooth mechanics, always plays champions like Vayne. Sadly, despite his 400cs and enough pure skill to win the game on his own, almost invariably manages to die in the most ******ed ways. Because of how well he's playing, however, this is the guy who blames his entire team, rather than his horrific gamesense.

Top Keks

- Watches a whole heap of anime. Plays Cottontail Teemo and Arcade Sona . Uses this face - ":3" - when he kills someone or survives on low health. Uses weird meme based language and expressions that make little to no sense to the average player. Uses phrases like "top keks" "lel" and generally comes off as an uppity prick. Never, ever become this guy.

The Coach

- Treats every game, normal, ARAM or ranked as if he's team manager for an LCS Finals. Will tell everyone on the team exactly what he wants them to do, whilst doing awfully at his own position. Spends half the game typing and directing team play, making incorrect calls and generally being a nuisance. Anyone who doesn't do as he tells them is a "troll" - and I have seen one or two coaches afk because people don't listen to them. If you are this person - let people play the ****ing game, okay?

Sally Supportsalot

- Only plays support, is usually a girl (or a guy pretending to be one). Has the "cutest" skins for Lulu and Nami.. doesn't like Thresh or Blitzcrank because they're "not cute enough"... Janna is pretty too. Is actually decent at supporting. Usually has a party of 4 guys on skype carrying her.. all 4 of these guys spend a solid $10 a week on "pretty skins" for her and would invariably do whatever the **** she wants. Usually talks in a really high pitched, annoying, cutesy voice. Is probably fat irl. If you're a girl who plays LoL, don't be like this - i'd rather play with a bull-**** from Tennessee who mains Rammus.

Charlie the Meta-Challenger

- Sees LoL as a game with no fixed structure. Will play Soraka top lane, Lux ADC (passive op) and any number of other unorthodox picks. Refuses to play popular champions in their best positions. This guy isn't necessarily bad at the game, he just builds like an idiot and will never be caught in the right role for whichever champion he's playing. When people rage at him for his pick, he will always respond with "hey bro just a game chill bro"

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If you guys want more, let me know.

I have a list of ideas for more types of players. Depends how this is received, if you want more let me know.
That is all for now.


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