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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kapietak

U need to kennen him

Kapietak Last updated on February 10, 2011
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Hey all,

This is my first build inspirat by Hugenjpana Kennen Hiiiyyahhhh

Pleas forgive me my noob englisch but i do my best.
Im just playing ranked and trying alot off champions but i dare to say i master kennen.
Thanks to Mobafire and the builds from the players here its less difficult to play ranked so thats why i want to tribute my part.
By kapietak at 2011-02-07

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Greater Mark of Insight:
Whit this runes the Thundering Shuriken is realy anoying for the enemy and u can stack it up on the enemy so the 3th time u stun him. Best is to do that when enemy minions are almost down so ur minios wil help u dealing damage.

Greater Seal of vitality: Health i find important so u will not die instandly when getting in teamfights or 2 v 2 in lane fights. Normaly when a lane fight begins they will attack the Champion with minimum healt whit this runes its not likely that i will be that one.

Greater Glymp of Force: AB is impotant for kennen in this build is the start of the game very important so extra AB that build up is a very nice way to keep growing the first levels whitout to go back.

Greater Quintessence of Fortune: Again the healt story same like the Seal rune.

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This is where my build is differt from Hugenjpana

I have a 9/0/21 build becaus i believe in teamfights the ultilty's of kennen are very important.
And whit this build u can help your team to stun enemy and dealing mutch damage at the same time and to let the enemy wanting to run to safe there own ***.

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Because of the teleport spell u can quikly go to the shop and be back before the enemy will now u where away. Normaly i will do early game to get the shoes and heath potion but it depands of the enemy and if you get damaged or not. When playing against tanks most liky u dont have to go back that mutch but u can help mid or lane by teleporting there and stun enemy so the team gets a kill and can push the lane.

I will add the explanation from the ites seperantly later

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Skill Sequence

The Thundering shuriking is importend to hares and stun the enemy so thats priority 1

Electrical Surge is also importend when the enemy is trying to run and u need 1 stack to stun and its also very fun to hares the enemy whit it because of the lightning most enemy's wil shockt of ur range. and begin to avoid the Thendering Shurking. And then the shooting range is open for practic the aim.

Lightning Rush is a great way for going in and out and can help u to get running enemy's but can also help u to get away. early game Its a great way to get the enemy if he already has to stacks. u can go tru the enemy and standing between him and his tower. he is stund so when u use ur thundering shiriking its stack 1 then use Electrical Surge thats 2 to and when the enemy runs to fast u can stun him again whit the rush or use ur thundering shiriken again.

Slicing Maelstrom i normaly only use in team fights or 2 on 2 almost never 1v1. when u get ambushed its also a good way to get away becaus the ability to stun all champions in ur range and then use the rush to get away or take distance so ur team can take over and u can reload.

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Summoner Spells

Healt is very usefull early game when u are lower on health u can luwer the enemy to attack u. When they do u use ur health and then can att them and stun the near ur own tower or minions.
Later in the game its use full to help running team mates or to help ur self.

teleport early game is easy to get to the shop and back in a few sec. Later its usefull to defent when u nee to go to a tower fast or to backdoor when u need to backdoor to win.

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So thats the way i play kennen fast in en out team fights, fast in and out to shop.

Dont forget to hares the players because thats the way u can get the kills.

Pls post ur comments when u disaprove the build so i can use ur comment to get the build better.

Good Luck and Have Fun playing