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Rengar Build Guide by asteroth1

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author asteroth1

Uber PwnMachine Supreme Edition

asteroth1 Last updated on October 10, 2012
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I SEE no ARMOR 9000


EXPLOSIVE Supreme kitty 50000

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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well HI guys , this is my first guide EVARrrr! the reason why i made this guide was to give everyone who wishes to figure out a good burst assassin build for Rengar what they were looking for .

I have not spent much time on this , but that doesnt mean its not effective , neither does that demean it :) .

so you should try it then fry it , then eat this build , CUZ THATS HOW AWESOME DAS BUILD IS !!!!! huehue

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the runes ive advised for the AD role focus on complete armor penetration and minor armor , ( for the fist one )

and magic pen and armor ( for the second item set )

Why ?

because youre a super uber pwnage effective assassin , and thats what assassins do , we assassinate . and you need to be quick at killing your foes , or you might become one ( dont want that to happen ) :V

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Exhaust is a must according to me , it slows an escaping enemy , and weakens the ones who stand and fight , helping secure the kill ( also weakens the carry)

Ghost is also highly recommended by me , as it helps you chase escapers , and GTFO if the going gets tough . and just helps you reach to your team faster in times of impending battle HUZZAAA!!!!!!

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the first is for a full armor penetrating AD BEAST ! ive been able to 1-3 shot several other champs ( ult , Q jump + trinity proc = OVER 9000 BILLION Damage ( because the Q is an auto -attack booster , so trinity force procs , infinity procs too , as well as increased lifesteal from it :D

*ghostblade focuses on armpen , chase speed bonus , crit , well over all everything you need to get the job done

* the 5 boots are for max chase as well , but you can substitute them or 3 boots , dont bother getting berserkers , since your Q gives plenty A.S

* the bonetooth is a beauty as well , it lowers your overall build costs nicely , and gives you mobility , AD , lowered cooldowns , leap range ++ and ultimate bonuses !!! .. all the things youll really need

* trinity force is a must for the assassin macho man RENGAR !! it boots your Q like crazy ! gives you chase speed , attack speed , some survivability as well and critical chance etc . oh also the slow is nice !

* infinity edge is also a booster for your main spell Q , increasing the damage , crit chance and the damage of a critical . YEAAAAHHH !!!! PA-PA-PA-PPPPA-POWER !!!!!

* The BloodThirster is your survival tool , it gives you flat heavy AD , as well as DAT LIFESTEAL , so the more damage you do , the longer you live and the faster you kill :D


when you adopt this build , youll be BLASTING ALL DAY LONG , literally .

it focuses on your W , for healing and killing !! <MWAHAHAHA> ,

SORC boots for max magic pen

Deathfire grasp for CDR , and insta BURST damage , ( you can sneak up on enemies and slap them on the face with das item !

HExtech gunblade gives you the survival tools , the VAMP and steal and the additional AP and AD / YEAAHHHH/

Deathcap doesnt need the explaination ( DAT APPPPPPP BOOOOOOSTTTTT )

and the lich bane is the last item youll be needing to slap your foes to death ! , itll give you the pinch of Magic resist , and the extra sustain damage when the BOMB's on Cooldown :D

and the Ryali's scepter is for keeping all the enemies from running away form you , and making you just enough tanky to last in there that longer :)

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how to play O-->

---- AD BUILD ----

THE BUSH IS YOUR FRIEND , whenever you get the chance to fight in the BUSH use it to your advantage !! Max the Q first , always , and then its up to you depending on your enemies . My BUILD is made to CHASE and ERASE the enemies SUPER DUPER FAST . when you go into your ult , always aim for the enemies most painful enemy first , upon stealthing , activate your Q , then jump em , E , then W , and Q again ( most preys dont last long enough to escape , but if they somehow do , try to find a nearby bush , and (only if it is possible) close the distance on them -( this is a tip , one should always go for it , youll improve your instinct as time passes playing rengar )- when in stealth , just before jumpin the enemy , activate ghostblade as well , .... i remember , well i still actually forget to activate sometimes :P , but usually i dont miss the preys either way

AP BOMBER CAT purr purr

with this build , youll be your team's bomber , max bomb first always , after that Q , then root , focus on getting as many enemies in the blast radius , its an instant AOE BLAST that hits like something that really hurts , ya'know like a bazooka or something idk :) , really , its ridiculous how much this hurts

its like an ult for crying out loud hehe . !!! MOJO baby Yeah !!!

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My build does not tell you how to be a coward .

.. young padawaan

a Great difference and a thin line lies between COURAGE and STUPIDITY , so you still gotta check every player's position before you start kickin' *** YOYOYOYOYOYOY !!!

so remember , BUSH = friend , Phantom blade = on right before sucker punching your food , don't be a sissy kitten ....YOUR'E A LION DAMMIT ,.. no more like RAMBO + LION + CHUCK NORRIS + PREDATOR so be brave , do not fear but instill fear into the weak hearts !!! , help people out AND DONT KS srsly , just Don't KILL STEAL ( unless its a support , and they're cool with it :P) ,

also -> forgive my casual way of writing ( its just more fun :P) , SO GO OUT THERE GUYS and SLAY WELL !!!!!!!!!!!!!! see you later terminator !

alsooo before you rate this harshly , please do try it out for yourself in a game or two , i didnt make it all flashy and visually appealing , but i made it to be successful mwhahaa !
AaAaAaAalso please do leave comments if you have any queries , and do upvote me if this build tickled your fancy ! :D