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League of Legends Build Guide Author XxNellyxX

Udyr: Animal Swapper

XxNellyxX Last updated on August 30, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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YOH! I tried many builds of Udyr but I didn't liked alot of them so i tried my own build with my own items, skill sequences and runes but dont worry, it works! Everygames I play with Udyr i get minimum 2 double kills and g-g-g-godlike and i saw that people doesn't use tiger stance but that's what makes me god like or even legendary.

-Tiger makes you a good chaser / escaper for almost everybody
-Turtle makes u dodge a whole tower hit / people hard hits if they doesn't silence
-Phoenix is good at the end for quicker jungling
-Tiger makes you hit like crazy
-If ther's a good stunner / holder in you're team makes you both EASY kills
-If ganked by 2 slowers / fear / silence he is vulnerable(exemple: nunu,garen fiddle)etc
-At the beginning Udyr is really weak (very item dependant)
-Must be face to face with people to do heavy damages
-Really hard to understand when you begin with Udyr

/!\Items purshasing with description in game/!\
Start with an regrowth pendant so if you're damaged dont recall just stay in back, near towers if you want and you're scared to die and TRY to go in turtle stance to get you're hp / mana up quickly so you can fastly'n'easy.
Next a lil avarice blade and berserker's greaves to make you run / hit faster and avarice blade for some crits because if you're tiger stance crits you do quite good dmgs without AD items yet.
OOOOO first good item! finally INFINITY EDGE at the beginning! r u crazy! WHY?
Simply for heavy AD, crit chances and crit dmg so with you're runes you're arround 265 crit dmg so 180 damage critting for 265% more = a beautifull 477 damage crit so squishy chars or casters getting low hp REAL quick.
The brutallizer to make you're youmou ghost blade-> more dmg, crit chance, lower cd so you can change stances quicker, amror pen and the awomeness active = 50% more AS and 20% more running speed. Blood thirster! cause everybody know udyr needs some lifesteal for the AD he does! stacked with turtle stance you're hp is from 0 to 2000 in 10 hits so yea its powerfull. A lil zeal to make you more crits, a lil running speed and AS. TRINITY FORCE! op op op! every time you changes stances Trinity force passive comes and make you hit 130% harder so.. hell! You're 265% crit dmgs 130% harder, With bear stance boom = 800 damage EASY then tiger BOOM 800-1200 dmg in 2 seconds so wow 2000 in 4 seconds? hell then.. REDO IT you can pwn a cho gath 7000 hp easy easy easy.

/!\Early game/!\
Simply get in a lane, if in 3v3 solo top if you want and CAN depends vs who you are because remember = udyr is soo item dependant so weak at beginning so don't charge people that are DPS or heavy damages quick because you're health at the beginning and chances to survive if stunned = 40% because you're bear / turtle save you're *** alot (turtle = absorbs dmg / bear = makes you run arround 20% faster) so simply try to hit with you're bear, continue attacking but don't do anything suicidly, simply stay and farm as you can (i farmed till 4500$ so BOOM items half ready) so then you're supposed to have avarice blade, berserkers greaves AND or ALMOST infinity edge.

/!\Middle game/!\
Infinity edge, youmou ghost blade, berserkers greaves and a beginning of blood thirster should be already bought to makes some easy kills vs anybody ( spam bear->tiger->bear->tiger) if you got a kill or you're team mate dont care, rego farming with you're turtle to get full hp n mana ready for another kill / gank or whatever you want.

/!\ Late (end) game/!\
The zeal you've bought should become in the trinity force and now you're crits + trinity force makes you do arround 2000 in 4 secs like i said before.
At the end if the game aint alreayd done ( rarely ) because people surrender you are too strong! Buy another zeal and complete it into a Phantom dancer for alot of crits, AS, dodge and running speed, a good udyr alwais lead teams to victory because he can push like crazy into tiger stance, if people blocks him from pushing boom tiger runs away, no deaths or a little and you're kills... how bout a godlike? legendary? in chat = triple kills quadra kills lengadrys only by you? woah. With udyr! it's kinda rare to see that because almost every people dont use tiger or DONT KNOW how to use tiger but it's like you're best skill.. awsome killer n pusher I don't boost phoenix real much because it's only good for jungling or farming faster but i still push with tiger / turtle so you're never out of hp / mana.. i dont know why other udyrs love phoenix that much and not tiger because tiger is what makes udyr a big ignite of 500 per sec for 2sec

If people has comments, questions or whatever dont be shy to tell because my udyr build aint perfect but it works so i will answer to everythings, i could even take a screen shot about a game to proof anything!