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League of Legends Build Guide Author RonsterMonster817

Udyr - blah blah blah ha ha ha (Dps/offtank)

RonsterMonster817 Last updated on April 26, 2011
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A lot of change! PLEASE READ!!!

Hey I have been messing around with the build and trying to make him a little more Tanky but still have a good amount of dps and so now i changed my items mid/late game and my runes as well. Try it out please and comment and vote.

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Once i get some time on my hands im going to put some pictures of jungling route, my match history with udyr and some in game stats like k/d/a, creep kills, damage dealt, damage taken and other things as well.

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Hey this is my first guide with mobafire. This isnt a fancy guide with pictures or math, just a simple guide based on logic and strategy. The only reason ive made this guide is because ive never found a good beefy Dps build that works for me and im sure there is at least a few like me. This guide is mainly for people who have played this game awhile and know how it works or someone who has played udyr a lot and know how he works. This is not a noob guide. One important thing about this guide is that you are not the tank. Once again not the tank. This guide is made so u can farm well, do decent damage while surviving most team fights (unless your focused), and become a facemelter. At the end of every game if you are not at least 2nd in damage done and kills and the least deaths then you are not playing him right.

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Pros / Cons


    Good to great Dps
    Strong Survivability as long as you play smart
    A stun
    One of the most entertaining champs to play
    Susceptible to CC
    Needs a good early game

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In my rune builds i go with armor pen reds and quints. Health per lvl yellows and magic resist blues. Gives you some beef near mid/end game. Also the armor pen helps deal damage throughout the game but mainly for early/mid game.

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I go an 21/0/9 with a few tweaks than a normal 21/0/9. Mainly to help with jungling and some magic pen for phoenix and tiger stance and sometimes bloodrazor.

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Summoner Spells

There really isnt any other spells besides smite and ghost. Maybe if you want flash instead of ghost but i dont suggest it.

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Skill Sequence

I max out tiger stance as soon as possible. This way you can have a ton of damage as soon as possible and can kill effectively. Then i max out turtle and phoenix at the same time and then put the third point in bear. Most people like to max out bear and only put three in phoenix or turtle but i feel different. I put 2 in bear early on because you need the speed and stun for bear stance but after that I dont mess with it until 18. The reason for this is because in high level games it is usually a bad idea to chase to far. You will die if you go to far. Also for the escaping part of bear stance, if your in the position to were you needed 5 points in bear stance then you shouldnt be in that position in the first place. If you feel you are squishy or will be squishy early to mid game then go ahead and level turtle out and leave phoenix for last.

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Udyr is not very dependent on items except a select few. Wriggles, Merc treads, Trinity Force. Most of his strength come from his stances. Wriggles is good for armor, damage, and lifesteal along with farming. Merc treads... cause they are the best boots. Then I get sheen and after that depending on what i need ill either get banshees or sunfire depending on what the other team is. After that go straight for black cleaver so you can rape face. The item sequence is stated at the top but after you get those items you can do many things. If im in need for some MR and some protect against CC but i cant farm that well for some reason take a strong look at quicksilver sash. Its great MR and its active is amazing. It allows you to choose which CC spell to get rid of. With Banshees you just block the first spell but with Sash you can get slowed and then stunned and then clear it all off. Just depends on the team your facing and what you need. There are few occasions when i get bloodrazor instead of wriggles. If their team is full of tanks or if they are champs that usually go with a lot of health.

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Creeping / Jungling

Jungling is pretty easy to do with udyr but to get it down perfect just takes time and experience. While your jungling be sure to keep an eye out for possible enemy ganks on you, in other words just be smart. I start at golems and always ask your teamates laning next to your blue to hang out there for a while.For the golems I tiger stance/ smite the first one, pop a pot and tiger stance one more time for the final golem. Only tiger stance twice at golems. Then I go to wolf camp and pop a health pot and go into turtle once and auto attack to victory. While your auto attacking this is a good chance to scope out the lanes and see which ones if any are gankable after you get red. Blue is next and I pop a health pot then tiger then go straight to turtle then tiger and turtle until you kill it with smite. Use smite last so it doesnt get stolen. Then i go to wraith camp and go into tiger and then right to turtle stance. Now go to red buff and you should have two health pots. Pop the first one before you fight red. I use the same combo i did for blue. Once finished i use the last health pot and its time for a gank possibly.

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VS Other Jungler

If the team has a jungler then be very careful. It is easy for you to get killed in the jungle. Ways to keep you from getting ganked is always have an eye out on the mini map. Another one is to attack red or blue and then run into the bush and fight it there that way if the enemy tries to go into the bush and wait for you to finish ull know and b able to get out. Sometimes enemies will ward your blue or red. If they do this then there are some ways to tell. If Your minions spawn and our looking in a different direction than they normally do then there is probably a ward there. Also walk up to your minions first and run around them to see if any enemy laners run toward you. If they have it warded try to get one of your teammates to take it down very quickly and then run like hell. If you are a higher lvl person and know what you are doing and what is going on and you know they put a ward on your blue before minions spawn go ahead and take out the golems and then go to their blue. If its free then take it. If not then do what ive said before. If the enemy jungler is there try to kill him or steal his blue. Also what i love is when i get a teammate with clarivoince (or however you spell it). Use them to clar the other jungler and what i do is see when they after i get blue i ask them to clar the enemies red and if they r there or about to b there run to it and get into the bush and see if they are working on it. If they are wait until they are almost finished and then attack them. But do not wait to late or you will miss your chance. Thats all you need to know i guess.

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Ganking is not very simple when it comes to Lol. You have to know what you can and can not gank. The main thing is that the lane you are going to gank is pushed to your turret and make sure to communicate with the lane you are going to. Set an enemy you are going to focus and then attack. I dont activate a spell right away i get about half way to the enemy and then go into tiger stance and right before i get near them i go into bear that way i still get the dot from tiger and the stun and speed from bear. I try to get who ever is in the lane to stun or slow them first if they have the ability to. Once you get the stun on that person tiger should b up again so go straight into that and then if you need to then go into turtle. by this time if they are not finished off then ghost to get him and maybe his buddy. Do not dive though. You will not get the kill and you will die. If there are no lanes to be ganked then ask one of your teammates if they need to b and you cover their lane. This allows you to cover and farm at the same time. I usually b after they get back but only if i have enough for madreds, boots of speed, and a health and mana pot. If i have enough for madreds and merc treads ill get them. Now you have many things you can do now. You can go back into your jungle, cover lanes, gank, or just farm with the solo lane or just push. I like to farm unless there is any easy gank. Then ill b so i can get my merc treads and get wriggles as well as an extra ward or two and possibly sheen if your lucky. Now i get my buffs again and gank. Now it will be pretty easy to gank cause you will have tiger either at lvl 4 of 5 and you will have boots. Choose the target run towards them activate tiger and then bear and rape their face. Try to get both of the enemy laners if possible so you can push the turret once they are dead. Do not dive. By this time usually the laning phase is over and now it is time for team fights and farming.

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As the jungler it is one of your main responsibilities to ward. It helps out your team so much whether it be in ganking or keep from being ganked it helps to know where everyone is without them knowing.

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Farming with udyr at low levels is pretty difficult do to the lack of mana. But once you reach around 13 or 14 its pretty simple. I activate phoenix and then tiger right after that and then over and over to take the minions out. If im low on hp or mana ill tiger and then turtle right away. Pretty simple huh?

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Team Work

Now you are probably at team fight time which is awkward for udyr sometimes. You should never be the first one in. That is your tanks job. Yes remember you are not a tank. So once your tank starts it wait until you know its gonna be a team fight before you go in or you will die wondering why your team didnt go in with you. I wait off to the side or in the back till i know its a fight the i go in. i tiger first then bear and then attack the enemy. Dont focus their tank. Go for a ranged carry or a mage but only if they are focused on the tank first. Go bear, tiger, turtle, phoenix, tiger, turtle, and then by this time you can bear again and they will be stunned. Do not chase them to far cause you team will probably need you so go back and help your team if the person gets away. The stance dance for udyr is hard to get use to at the start but over time you will get use to it and also get use to knowing what stance to be in in certain situations. This is how most team fights should go unless they have a champ that has a channel ulti like kat, nunu, fiddle, you get the idea. Just bear stance them when they start their ulti and they will b ****ed. If the have a healer try to take them out as well if at all possible but only if you know you can easily without getting raped. So thats team fights.

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Knowing Who you can and cant kill

Udyr is a great 1v1 champ. He can do almost anything. But knowing who you can and cant fight 1v1 is very important. If the person is super fed and you are not, dont try to solo them unless they are really low health. I like to scout throughout the game to see if they are good or not and that helps as well. There are really no specific champs you cant solo its just if they are fed or your not far into your build or whatnot. Do not run into mord when he has a bunch of minions he can get his shield with. Do not run into malz when you know he has his ulti up. You get the idea. Just know who you can solo and who you cant. And if you cant figure out if you can or not then dont. Cause you will probably die. Soloing a champ is usually for people who are confident in their skill with udyr and as a player all together. Not a noob or an average player. Just be smart out there.

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Thats about it. Try it out and give me some feedback and tweaks on my guide please. I want to restate something before I let you go. This is not a first time udyr or noob guide. This is for people who know what they are doing. You are not the tank. Know your limits with udyr. Just play smart please.