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League of Legends Build Guide Author tra358

Udyr Build (not finished)

tra358 Last updated on May 9, 2011
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Hello, I am Tra358. I am a great fan of the manbearturtletigerphoenix that we know as udyr. I consider him my main. He's a very difficult champion to master, but through time, dedication, observation, and dabating, I have learned much. Lacking an ultimate, he doesn't have an ability that will "tip the scale" in team fights, but this does not make him weak compared to other champions, in fact, he is surprisingly powerful when used the right way. He has amazing chasing potential, and his movement speed with Bear Stance can allow him to move right past the tanks and destroy their squishy backline.

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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells

Recommended Summoner Skills

Ghost- This Summoner Spell is great for Udyr. Think about his Bear Stance. Do you see that speed boost? When you pop ghost, you get about 560 or 570 movespeed. The only people that can run away are people that can jump walls, continuously slow, and Sivir... [**** her buffed MS ult].
Ignite- Ignite is good against healers and tanks who have tons of health regen. I haven't seen lots of Udyrs with this but i know that it is good.
Optional Summoner Skills
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Flash- I have seen a few Udyrs take this, and even a few suggestions, but honestly, it just doesn't compare to Ghost. Ghost compounds so much better with Bear Stance than this skill... BUT. It can give you that little jump on the ganks, it can counter enemy flashes, and can even get you out of a jam. This is the one skill that counters the slows from the other team that is really the only reason you should ever die.

Teleport- When I made this guide, EU had almost NO impact on US gameplay, but after the big tournament, people have taken serious looks at EU. Teleport is one of the most commonly used spells in EU for good reason. They tend to entirely avoid team fights, and Udyr is a backdooring champ. It can also get the jump on enemies. Tele to a ward and the enemy won't see your animation. It is great for ganks. I really only see this as an option on DPS Udyr however, because you will have move speed from maxed out Bear Stance and Trinity Force.
Smite- You are a jungler, and while it isn't absolutely REQUIRED, i strongly STRONGLY suggest this. This is the reason Udyr is one of the fastest jungles in the game. Without it, you just can't keep up with the rest of the lanes, or even the enemy jungle. Highly recommended. Consider it required.
Exhaust- This skill is if you like the pure DPS Udyr. Between your stun, shield, lifesteal, and damage boost skills, however, this is almost overkill. Only the hardest of carries can take you on late game. Usable, but in all honesty, overkill. A good example of using this skill would be against Tryndamere. Although even then, I find Ghost more useful. This would also be a strong choice for LANING Udyr, which I will actually talk about later in my guide.

Cleanse- Just because i love this skill. When they attempt to stun lock you, all you want to do is hit W for Turtle Stance or E for Bear Stance. Either one of these could get you out and avoid a death, but those damn CC teams just eat you alive. Well, my friends, Cleanse is going to make all [actually most] of your problems go away. This skill got nerfed, but it still gets rid of all the CC that pisses you off, outside of skills like Children of the Grave and Ignite.

Clarity- For the newer Udyr players, this is a good option. some people have trouble keeping their mana up early game, and can actually cost you in the jungle. But never fear, newbies. This skill will save you. Definitely not advisable, but still usable. Also usable for smurf accounts that don't have the runes to jungle effectively

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Pros / Cons

â�For a melee champ, one of the best skill sets in the game.
â�Very strong jungler.
â�Fantastic ganks; even if it is a failed gank, the enemy will have had to pop at least one summoner spell.
â�One of the strongest damage shields in the game.
â�A great stun in Bear Stance.

â�Absolutely no range.
â�Can be a pain in the *** at times because Udyr isn't the best of carries.
â�CC can become a problem very quickly
â�If your team's carries don't do ****, you are relatively useless.
â�HUGE learning curve.
â�The last few recent patches have really screwed with the Udyr Niche, so it can be hard to find a set playstyle for Udyr.

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Monkey's Agility - Now, I know this isn't actually a skill, but bear with me on this one. Basically, as long as you stance dance in less than 5 seconds, you stack 10% AS and 3% dodge up to three times, and keep that buff as long as you keep dancing. DANCE ALL THE TIME. Unless you have no mana of course. but that is usually irrelevant after 15 min into the game.

Tiger Stance - Used to hate this skill. Now it's buffed. Holy ****. Have you seen the damage on this badboy? It's actually worth leveling now! It can be leveled second too because turtle is also really valuable.

Turtle Stance - This is the skill that makes Jungling so effortless for Udyr. It has amazing lifesteal, and a great damage shield. Max this second after putting some into tiger, because you become pretty tanky with it, as well as great lifesteal that lets you stay in the jungle instead of having to recall for more Health Potions. I max this third because although it is good. You need your skills to do damage.

Bear Stance - This skill is great. This is what makes Udyr viable, and in my opinion, imbalanced. A reliable 1 second stun that can be used on every champ on the enemy team, and can be used again on each champ every 6 seconds. Plus it gives you a speed boost for 4 seconds at level 5. Use this. All the time. I max it second because I find that the early Move Speed is just too good for early team fights.

Phoenix Stance - Everything about this skill I love. The AoE activation gives you AoE damage as well as bonus AD. Plus every three hits you deal bonus magic damage IN A CONE. That means that not just the person you are attacking takes bonus damage, but everyone behind him as well.