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Build Guide by Dumkorven

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dumkorven

Udyr, Bursts the way to Victory

Dumkorven Last updated on June 23, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hmm... This is my first build here at! I would enjoy constructive critics. What will be good and what will be bad? Well this is my way to play as Udyr. I prefer to lane even though it is pretty hard and rough!

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I take magic resistance in blue. Just for the survivability in the earlygame since Udyr usually is picked on by ranged champions. Health point quints! Awesome on Udyr. Do I have to say anything more about that?
Attack speed marks. Udyr needs this if he wants to get a succesfull burst earlygame with Tigerstance!
Dodgerunes in the yellow slots. If you change stance often you get more dodgechance from your passive. Stacks good with "Ninja tabi" and "Nimbleness", and aswell bearstance! Try to escape from an Udyr? I say...Good luck, have fun!

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I prefer to go for a huge damageoutput. Udyr can send out a massive damage in just some few seconds! A little bit in defensive aswell. Survivability is really needed since he often is the maintarget.

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I start out with a "Long Sword" and a "Health potion". Give Udyr a little bit extra damage to his Tigerburst. A healthpotion so he can stay a little bit longer on the lane. You lane will get pushed pretty easy aswell since Udyr won't be the best minionfarmer. Try to take lasthits from turret so you can get Madreds Razors and Ninja Tabis as fast as possible. When you got boots and madreds you can simply go to jungle if your lanepartner is strong enough to hold the lane. This can help your team alot. Extra leveling at your lane for your partner and both you and the lanepartner get some freefarm! When you got Madreds Bloodrazors you will have a huge damageoutput since Tigerstance gives you a massive attackspeed. So I go for a defensive items here and get more aggresive items after. Bloodthirster gives Udyr a little extra boost in damage and survivability. Trinity Force will give Udyr a nice knock with Bear stance or Tigerstance by the Sheeneffect. Slowing your enemies down with Phage so they can't escape that easy. And at last but not the tiniest the Zeal effect. Mostly just for the little extra runspeed.

Items you can get if you got some problems with survivability:

Thornmail : Against heavy AD teams. You'll force them to buy a Black Cleaver/Last Whisper
Yomuu's Ghostblade: If you got problems with lack of armor penetration or stacking up your passive.
Quicksilver Sash: For teams that just overdrive you with CC (Crowdcontrol effects) such as Ashe's Arrow.

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Skill Sequence

I prefer to max out Tigerstance as fast as possible! Gives Udyr a massive burst and if your lanepartner just harass an enemy champion a little more than 50% of the enemy champions health, Udyr can just initiate with Bear stance. Make a stun and burst down the rest of the enemy champions life with a quick tigerstance. Turtle stance is pretty weak against all champions at all. Just use it if you farm minions or want to block some kind of skillshots from other enemy champions. Can be used if you got some manaproblems in the start aswell. I take Pheonex stance at the end. It's not for that good use earlygame on a lane and you won't have any good damageoutput with it. If you walk into the minionwave with it you are probably just going to be harassed by enemy team.

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Summoner spells

I usually go for Ghost and Exhaust. Udyr needs to get in melee range to kill a champion since he don't have any ranged attacks at all. Ghost and Exhaust benefit perfectly for him. A huge runspeed towards the enemy champion and slow them down with Exhaust if they try to run. Can be used against any other melee champion to make their damage output a bit aswell. Udyr is really strong in 1v1 so it should't really be needed!

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-Picked on by ranged champions
-Got no ranged attacks
-Squishy earlygame

-Huge burst
-Can regenate both hp and mana with Turtle stance
-Alot of runspeed from Bear stance
-Strong 1v1
-Great minionfarmer at sololane with Pheonix Stance

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Udyr is one of the best junglers in-game. Got problems with low hp? Go into Turtle stance, get shielded and regenate health and mana through normal attacks. Want to take down a minion such as lizard as fast as possible? Use tigerstance, bam downed in just some seconds. If you want to take down a whole minionwave on a lonely lane just pop tigerstance and get alot of attackspeed. Minions gets kapowned to death in some seconds.

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In teamfights... Try to walk in from the side or something to ram them down. If someone won't target you first, you will be able to make a huge damageoutput through tigerstance and you'll probably get an easy kill. Walk in carefully, you don't want to be killed at first.