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Udyr Build Guide by Elementz

Udyr - F Tigers, It's Phoenix Stance Time! (Jungle)

By Elementz | Updated on July 9, 2011
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  • LoL Champion: Udyr
  • LoL Champion: Udyr


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


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This is my guide to Jungle Phoenix Stance Udyr! I believe it to be one of the fastest if not the fastest jungle in the game currently (3:20 Full Clear) and you can be ganking bot or top lane with level 1 boots at (3:30) which is awesome :D

I hope you guys enjoy this guide!
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Red and Blue runes are setup for attack speed, which is good on all junglers, but more so on Phoenix Udyr because the faster you attack the more you proc Phoenix's passive which is an AOE Cone damage in front of him.

Yellows are dodge runes as they use his passive which grants him 3% dodge every time he changes his stance stack up to 3 times totaling 9% dodge. 1% dodge is basically 1% damage reduction vs physical champions or really anyone who auto attacks. With dodge boots you can get up to 28% dodge which as I said is basically 28% damage reduction!

Quints are movement speed because Udyr first of all needs to utilize his speed the best he can. He has no abilities to initiate other than his raw MS speed boost from Bear Stance so you need to make sure you're moving WAY faster than everyone else is. Also MS quints make for easier jungle ganks, and actually increases how quickly you jungle from the time it takes to move from camp to camp. With MS runes, level 1 boots, and 3% MS from masteries at level 1 you're moving at 398 MS which is crazy. NO ONE can out run you when you have Bear Stance and Red buff.
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1 in smite is obvious :P

14 in defensive is picking up all the necessary masteries to make you kinda tanky and utilize all that dodge we were just talking about. You like moving faster? Well how about when you're taking damage 28% of the time you're running 10% faster! Well that's exactly what we're going for here. Finish off with 2/2 Defensive mastery so you take less damage from your jungle foes and 1/3 in Harden Skin so total 3 damage reduced in your jungle!

15 in utility to 100% just to get the 3% MS at the very end. Now don't get me wrong there are some good masteries in here that really help you out. The experience, jungle buff duration, ghost mastery, and then finally picking up 3/3 in MS so you can move oh so quickly on the battle field.
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Starting with level 1 boots give you that 398 MS advantage I was talking about. 3 pots should be enough to full clear the jungle. (YOU WILL NEED A PULL ON GOLEM) for this build to work properly. If you do you should be fine :D

From there getting Wriggles lets you dominate the jungle, lifesteal as you please, and have a ward on demand which is always handy. Also gives you some good armor.

Picking up those Dodge Boots next is going to give you that sweet 26% dodge we were talking about. Also giving you some armor. Just with Wriggles and dodge boots you find yourself with around 110 armor and 28% damage reduction vs auto attacks. You're tanky as F*** right now.

Next picking up a Heart of Gold. This item you'll eventually make into Randuins but the early HP and GP10 help out too :D

Picking up a Philo Stone next as you'll be making it into a Eleisa's Miracle. Again the regen and GP10 help out :D

Next get that Wits End. It gives you some much needed MR to this build and provides you with attack speed (great for Phoenix procs!) and some extra bonus damage on every attack. This item really improves your overall DPS.

Eleisa's is next and you'll simply be getting it for it's tenacity. You can actually pick it up earlier if you they got a lot of CC. If not then you don't need to get it before Wits End.

From there Banshee's or Randuins is situational. If they are Magic damage heavy, BANSHEES! If they're physical damage heavy.. RANDUINS! If they're a mixed team pick one to get first and get both as they're both fantastic items that make you a tanky mofo.

Same goes with Trinity and Force of Nature. If you're dominating and not needing to be more tanky then go with the Trinity Force. If you're needing the MR and the tankyness go with the FoN. Both synergize with this build very well and give him much needed movement speed. With Bear Stance up and both these items you'll be moving at around 550ish MS. NO ONE will get away from you. LITERALLY NO ONE.

On top of Trinity giving you good MS and a slow, etc.. It gives you a pretty good damage increase as well.

SELL YOUR WRIGGLES AND GET A.. Gunblade.. Now you might be thinking (Why Gunblade?) well I bet you didn't know Phoenix AND Tiger both deal magic damage. So everytime you hit you take back massive lifesteal from physical and magical damage. Not only that you have a slow you can use on demand and the extra damage on it ain't too shabby too. + The AP gives you 37.5 more damage absorb on your Turtle Stance. I've used this a few times and it's worked wonders :D
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Skill Sequence

I believe this to be the best way to build him. Getting Tiger so late in the game is 100% okay to me and only getting 3 points in it is 100% okay to me too. I still use Tiger once I get it late game when I need DPS. Phoenix (to get increased stats) then to Tiger level 3 still does LOTS of damage. It's an extremely viable way of using Tiger late game. I just don't find I need it before the last 3 levels in the game and I only bust it out when I really feel I need the DPS.
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Jungling / Route

Now here's the part you've all been waiting for!

Start at the WOLF camp and you can fully clear it with Phoenix stance before going to Golem. Do not pop a HP pot yet. If you can get a solo lane to use one of their abilities on the big wolf or if it's AoE even better, just means you take less damage. DO NOT LET THEM PULL IT FOR YOU THOUGH. You must hold the aggro on the wolfs or it messes it up.

Move on the BLUE GOLEM and you're going to need help with this. Ask them to LEASH IT(Leashing is someone attacking the Golem before you do so the Golem tries to attack the other Champion and not you so you take a lot less damage overall from it) It's important they leash it and deal some extra damage if they can. Try and get mid/bot or mid/top and have the bot/top champions sit after mid has pulled the Golem for you to deal extra DPS to it. I usually ask them to DPS it till 900ish DPS 800 if I am feeling greedy :p. This REALLY helps out your entire jungle. You can full clear it with a ****ty pull and damage on Golem but you most likely won't have the HP pool to gank right after finishing your jungle. So really stress to your teammates you need a little extra TLC early game.

Make sure to pop an HP pot soon as you start taking damage from Golem and hold his aggro though.

From there onto WRAITHS. Attack the large blue one in the back first. Phoenix/Turtle spamming as much as you can. Always start with Phoenix then switch to Turtle. Pop an HP pot as soon as your first one runs out.

MINI GOLEMS right after. Now on the Mini Golems prioritize Turtle over Phoenix for these guys. You're going to want to have more HP then less going into Red buff. So Phoenix/Turtle swap a few times until the first one dies then you should use Turtle almost fully on the 2nd Mini Golem to regen your HP.

Pop your HP pot as you shouldn't be full HP right after Mini Golems.

Now onto the LIZARD. Attack him doing the Phoenix/Turtle swap. As soon as he's dead if the Mini Lizards aren't dead swap to Turtle asap and get as much HP as possible back.

If this is all done correctly (sounds a lot harder then it actually is) you should have round 400-500(depending on how many dodge procs you got and how good your pull was) HP with double buffs, level 1 boots(398 MS), should be around 3:20-3:30 on the time (crazy fast clear) ready to go get first blood very easily. Most lanes are level 2, almost level 3 at this time (bot lane will be for sure) and you'll be able to gank a lane that you're a full TWO LEVELS higher than. You will be able to gank, get them to blow summoners (flash, ghost etc..) but you'll still be able to catch them easily. Pray the lanes you're ganking have some hard CC or any CC at all and ping them to start fighting the enemy champions and just go in and clean up.

From there if you picked up an early kill you're good to go snowball the rest of the game ganking lanes, crushing enemy players, and just having a good time being a Phoenix!
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Summoner Spells

Smite - Because you need to smite things.

Ghost - Because movement speed is your friend and I don't feel like flash is needed on him. You can take it if you like it better. I prefer my Ghost :P

Flash - Good for closing gaps since Udyr has no initiation. Also good for escaping.
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Ranked Play

This build is fully viable in ranked play. It's a unique build that's not easy to use but when used correctly it can be very rewarded. If skeptical about it use the 2nd, safer build, before using the first one. I often find myself getting MANY kills early game because I run so incredibly fast into lanes, get them to blow summoners, or they die. As long as you have a sense for ganking lanes that are overextended or know how to gank somewhat you should find success with this build.
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Pros / Cons


- Incredibly fast MS
- Incredibly fast jungle time
- Strong ganks
- Very tanky
- Still able to deal good damage while absorbing a lot
- Utilizes everything to his advantage in this build
- Often have CS close to Solo Lanes because Phoenix farms so well with Wriggles
- You're a Phoenix


- Physical damage reduction heavy
- Low tenacity
- Might take too long to get to core items, I find it works because my farm is high usually so items come easily. Phoenix stance = farms like a boss.
- Might take some getting used to the play style
- Other than that I find no real Cons to this build
- Risky to do if team doesn't coopertate
- If you're unsure of your ability to pull off the first build, do the 2nd one
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Incredibly easy. Press R clear entire jungle camps or creep waves with ease.
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This build should let you have a lot of fun ganking, jungling, and playing Udyr. It's always been my favorite way to Play Udyr (DOWN WITH TIGER!) so I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

To find more tips, guides, and other great LoL information check out my blog..
League of Legends Build Guide Author Elementz
Elementz Udyr Guide
Udyr - F Tigers, It's Phoenix Stance Time! (Jungle)