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League of Legends Build Guide Author b2dude239

Udyr - Flaming Tiger Stance

b2dude239 Last updated on May 23, 2011
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This is my first attempt at an Udyr guide, so we'll see how it goes. Udyr is my main, and i have played many games with him, to the point where i can 1v1 just about anyone, using this build. I focus tiger stance for the single target dps damage output. While it is possible to get phoenix at lvl 1,I prefer to get it at lvl 6 like a normal ult, since that gives you three points in tiger and one if every other of your stances. Enjoy the guide and please try it out before you vote, thanks

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Early game

Watch out for ganks as your pretty squishy, and start out with your doran's blade. You can pick either tiger stance or bear stance first, I normally get bear stance but get tiger if your opponents are squishy. Bear stance is better at ensuring kills because of the stun, but tiger kills them faster, albeit they can run away, so its up to you which one you get. Try avoiding snares and stuns if possible, and last hit whenever you can as this build is really expensive. Udyr is a really great jungler but i prefer to lane, however don't be afraid to jungle if you fall behind in levels, and if you're playing a 5v5 make sure to get blue buff whenever possible, as the extra cooldown and mana regen really helps. Udyr is really mana hungry early game, but leveling up his stances actually reduces the mana cost, so late game mana ceases to be an issue, specially with the extra bonus from trinity force. when fighting champions remember to stun them with bear if you have it, then keep spamming tiger/phoenix till they die. Its important to remember that Udyr can activate stances he is already in to activate the bonus again, which is especially helpful with tiger, so spam away

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Mid game

By this point you should have a decent amount of kills/assists and be well into your trinity force (If i get fed a bit I usually have it around 15-20 min into the game) you trinity force will really show the true damage potential of Udyr, and with practice you can get it to proc every 3 secs by using a stance again, maximizing damage output. Now is a good time to gank lanes that need help, jungle buffs, and don't forget to farm dragon, as the global gold can give your team the edge they need. with a trinity force you should have a little over 420 movement speed, and be close to 500 with bear, so chasing people down and running away should prove no problem, as well as running to your teammates aid. Don't forget to use the active on gunblade to chase and run away, as it is extremely useful. Its really helpful to have good map awareness, and try to come if behind the enemy if there is only 2 or 3, but don't run into more than that without help. You should have almost maxed turtle stance, and the shield and lifesteal/manasteal become really beneficial for survival, but don't try to fight champs in turtle as the reduced critical chance really hurts your damage, just pop turtle for the shield then switch to tiger or phoenix to finish them off, and bear stance to run away. open up on champions with bear stance, switch to tiger, then back and force between that and phoenix stance till they die, and bear stance to chase them down if the run or if your losing. Don't forget to exhaust heavy auto attackers like Yi and Nocturne, and ignite people with lots of lifesteal, especially fiddlesticks. once you get your trinity force you can start building situational items like bloodrazor or thornmail, depending on the makeup of the enemy teams. the build i gave will give you the max damage output against enemies with low health and armor, but dont be afraid to buy a black cleaver if they have lots of armor or a bloodrazor for lots of health if they start tanking.

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Late game

By this point the enemy team should fear you and run away on site, so stay in bushes and stun people to get kills, but your still pretty squishy even with your 87 base armor at 18, so don't run into teamfights unless you are confident you can win. Farm blue buff whenever its up to keep your cooldowns in check, or green buff if your on a 3v3 map. You should be able to solo a turret from full health if no one is defending it, so feel free to back door. Use Bear stance to rush the turret, switch to turtle, then tiger/phoenix is down until its dead, using turtle if you're taking too much damage. Just be careful of enemies with teleport, as they like to drop in and kill you if you don't pay attention. Once the turret dies, run into the jungle and run all the way back to your side of the map before porting out, as the enemy team is likely sending everyone to go look for you and kill you. Get your situational items discussed in the mid game chaper, and if you are really dying too much grab a thornmail. warmogs, and sell your dorans blade for a force of nature. that should give you enough survivability and damage to effectively 2v1 or 3v1 while staying alive. Its possible to solo baron once the build is complete, just use the same strategy as fighting turrets, and be careful about enemies running into you. Always remember that two people have a much easier time at baron then one, so dont be afriad to grab a teammate and kill baron while the rest of your team distracts the enemy. Spam pheonix stance in large teamfights and tiger in single or 1v2 fights. By this point if you have all your items sell your boots to buy another set of phantom dancers, and you should be a force to be reckoned with.

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Final comments

Thanks for reading through my guide, hope it serves you well. feel free to comment and ill try to get back to you, or add me in game if you have lots of questions, or just want to play together. My summoner name is b2dude. Enjoy