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League of Legends Build Guide Author Magiczek050

Udyr - Guinsoo's Rageblade Style

Magiczek050 Last updated on March 5, 2011
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Introduction - Call me MAD.

Yes this build does include a Guisnoo's Rageblade. I have tried it and it's really good if you charge it up in a bush and then go in and rape face. The items will be explained in a further chapter.

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Pros / Cons


Relatively fast Jungler.
Amazing Chaser
Awesome group CC pretty much.
Amazing damage if built tanky.
Amazing survivalability if built like a DPS (pretty much).
Doesn't Die? (too fast)


If CC'd becomes less useful to your team.
My god. If slowed is SLOW.
Can be less fun to play if you play him at low level and don't properly know how to utilize him.
In my opinion hard character to gain the hang of and master.

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Full on attack speed, helps you jungle and if you go for BloodRazor and Black Cleaver with both 3 and 8 stacks you will be capped.
Armor Pen - Red and Quints
Health - Yellow per lvl or Flat Quints
Magic Resist / Armor - Yellow or Blue.

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Grabbing armor pen and AS in Offensive while also going for Nimbleness in defense which helps if in a gank someone hits you and you chase after them at light speed. And also 10 points in Utility for Exp Gain and Utility Mastery.

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Now the FUN part

Cloth Armor is a must for jungle unless of course you want to start with a longsword (not reccomended). Then Madred's Razors aaaaand...
Boots of Swiftness - Very good speed, goes well with Trinity Force and Bear Stance + Ghost
Berserker's Greaves - Not what I pick but I suppose it can work but you are already stacked on attack speed so well. Not reccomended.
Mercury Treads - A must have against heavy CC teams. An absolute must.
Ninja Tabi - Those physical carries giving you a hard time?
Wriggle's Lantern - Yes/No item if you decide to go for Madred's Bloodrazor instead of Trinity Force (why wouldn't you it's a better item) then don't buy Wriggle but if you decide Bloodrazor is a no-no then buy this. Otherwise keep the Razor.
Sheen / Recurve Bow - OPTIONAL Sheen - Trinity Force Recurve Bow - Bloodrazor
RAGEBLADE TIME! 35 DMG, 45 AP at 8 Stacks - 35 DMG 93 AP and 32% Attack Speed. This item is a very Jax-y item but it works surprisingly well. You will be hitting quite hard and your turtle will be absorbing a lot more damage than with no AP items - Very useful for tower dives. - Try it and then give me an opinion.
We're at the crossroads again - Bloodrazor or Trinity - Bloodrazor would be definitely a YES against 3 High HP characters on the same team (Cho'Gath, Olaf, Jax) as an exampple. Works really well with Rageblade, much better than Trinity in my opinion. Trinity is if you would like some more burst damage from your tiger but this build makes you a much more consistent DPS so I don't know why you would pick it. Good for Squishy teams.
ANY BF Sword item is good here. Infinity Edge will absolutely rape anyone who's slowed, Black Cleaver will show that Rammus a lesson and BT will be a beastly way to keep you alive if you got rid of wriggle's. You could alternatively switch this out for a survival item.
The last item (or 2 last items) should be defensive such as Banshee's Veil for mages and CC, Quicksilver Sash for CC, Force of Nature for Mages. Or alternatively Randuin's Omen + Frozen Heart against a heavy physical team = win.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost and Smite
Smite = Jungling. 'nuff said.
Ghost = That Speed with Improved = Rape from a bush.
Swapping these out for Ghost
Exhaust - If people will be able to run away from you. Or you are facing a trynd or Master Yi.
Ignite - If you just can't get that last bit of hp off the guy :(.
Teleport - Ward Teleport Ganks are the best.
Heal - Annoying Spell but would not reccomend
Revive - Pick only if with friends and you want to absolutely have unmatched speed and HP (put a point in preservation)
Cleanse - Heavy CC
Flash - Since Jarvan came into the picutre - Useful, This and ghost are both the best summoner spells in my opinion.
Rally - Aegis of the Legion NEEEEEEEEEEEEEXT.
Clarivoyance, Fortify , Clarity - Support spells, Map Awarness, Team Failing at lanes or you have just been aced and their pushing and mana like you need that with blue.
Clarivoyance - Support Spell Ghost > Clarivoyance in any situation.
Fortify - Only in tough combo situations.
Clarity - Seriously?

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Skill Sequence

This guideline makes you a threat to start off with. Your phoneix stance will HURT. Although you could swap around the Phoenix stance for Tiger Stance in the skill order they both work really well although Phoenix Stance is much better and faster jungling in my opinion.

If you do decide to go tiger. Definitaely build a Bloodrazor and pick a recurve bow instead of Sheen, before your rageblade. They will both work relatively well though.

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Jungle Path

Little Golems (use a pot) -> Wraiths (if you need a pot use it) -> Wolves (Won't need a pot really but if you must) -> Golem if you have relatively high mana for 2 Phoenixes. -> Go to small golems wait for them to respawn then wraiths and wolves. Go back get your Razor, Do Red and go into their jungle. And start ganking.

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Closing Statement

Udyr is one of my favorite champs and this was a build I made for fun while trying to figure out what made him so cool. He's my 3rd Favorite after Olaf on top and Singed second.