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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author hoppytom

Udyr: iSurvive

hoppytom Last updated on September 1, 2010
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This is my first build. I do use this and i DO have success with it but I want your feedback. Constructive Critism helps, lemme know what you guys think.

I take Exhaust because mostly because whenever fighting another melee class, the blind effect gives you a great advantage whenever in doubt. I also find this to be the most beneficial summoner spell because it can be used offensively or defensively.

I take Ignite because Udyr lacks in range (only when his Phoenix Stance procs does he have any) and usually by the time that a character gets away from Udyr (after his Bear Stance stun), they don't have much HP. I find this VERY necessary for Udyr.

I take Dorans Shield because it's extremely helpful in both survival and early ganks. However, I do sell the shield after buying the Frozen Mallet to save myself space to buy the Black Cleaver (if indeed your game lasts that long).

Next I take 2 health potions because you will be harassed early while using Udyr, and it's hard to regain health through your Turtle Stance while being constantly attacked by other Champions (ranged mostly).

Next, I take the Ninja Tabi. I do this because I spec into dodge in my masteries, giving me a 10% speed increase upon dodging. It's handy for taking less damage, and giving me that much more of an edge while chasing or trying to get away.

Next I take the Innvervating Locket. It is IMPERATIVE that you take this as Udyr. The healing effect is handy at lower levels, allowing your stance dancing to heal you for a small sum and, this being a survival/support build, the health is a very nice plus. And the mana obviously increases the time that you can stance dance before having to peel out of a fight (if it gets hairy, that is). It also makes jungling much easier.

Next I take The Sword of the Occult. You will get a lot of assists and a respectable number of kills (not always a ton) using this build. So you shouldn't have to worry about dying a whole bunch, therefore you shouldn't lose your stacks as quickly as a squishy melee DPS. You should have around 3k HP at level 15ish. That's a good bit of hitpoints to have....and you should have around 10 stacks at 15. On top of your Phage, you should be hitting pretty hard and be able taking tons of damage.

I take the Frozen Mallet next. I believe it's pretty self explanatory why I take this. The slow effect helps in chasing, the health is a wonderful addition, and of course you get addition attack power.

(At this point in the game, you should have a pretty good idea of knowing who will win. If you are doing well and believe you'll have time/gold to buy the next 2 items, now is when you should sell Dorans Shield)

I now take the Sunfire Cape for the health and the passive. The passive is all around wonderful. It looks like it wouldn't have that much of an effect during a fight but I promise you, it does. Especially while chasing someone. It's a constant stream of damage. It's kinda nice having something that gives you health while it hurts them.

Here, you can take really whatever you feel like taking. The game is usually over by now, but I like to take the Black Cleaver. Personally, i really like the armor reducing passive.

This build gives you great HP, GREAT survivability (especially timing your Turtle Stance and Bear Stances correctly), and you will do a respectable amount of damage.

This is not a godmode build either, so don't expect to go 15 - 0 - 12 every match.

I also understand that this is a very expensive build. However, lucky for you, Udyr is a great jungler. So, in between laning, you should jungle as much as possible (without screwing your teammates, of course)

I find this build works well in both 5's and 3's.

Please rate and leave love/hate!! Learning makes us all better!!

Thank you for taking the time to read this build