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Udyr Build Guide by icephoenix492

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League of Legends Build Guide Author icephoenix492

Udyr jungle and laning

icephoenix492 Last updated on January 4, 2012
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Udyr, The animal spirit

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Hello everybody,

for the few people who will read this. i did not make this build by myself. i have it from solomid but put it on here because this is a lot easyer too look at.

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Skill order Tiger jungling

This set-up allows you do jungle very quickly. Maxing Tiger stance first allows your active to deal massive damage to the greater monsters and kill buffs, dragon, and baron much quicker.

Next, get Turtle stance to level 3 for the extra sustain in the jungle and the boost of the shield. Then, maxing Bear Stance next allows you quickly travel from camp to camp.

It also allows you to gank better, escape sticky engagements quicker/better, and allows you to counter-jungle safer and with greater efficency as well.

Pheonix is not as fast for jungling since the nerfs and Jungling Udyr builds into tank and dps, but not AP. Jungling Tank and DPS Udyr should usually stay away from Pheonix stance, so I level it last and allow it to be cut short at lvl 3.

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Items tiger stance jungle Udyr

start out with cloth armor + red pots or 3 reds en 2 blues.

It isn't bad to get blue potions on Udyr as he has many mana problems early game. Getting blue pots might allow you to jungle quicker, which can be much of a benefit to you and your team.
Then, the build proceeds as: boots tier 1, madreds razors,vampiric scepter, wriggles lantern.

You will jungle fastest and gank better using this order. While buying potions and wards whenever you can.

You might want to be getting an early oracles if you think that they have placed some wards in your jungle or if you can't seem to be able to gank anyone. Chances are, they have wards. You should have them too. If you have a support, you should let them get the oracles.

After finishing these items, build into dps or tank Udyr accordingly and selling wriggles to get your 6th item.

For life steal items: i think you can choose between Bloodthirster and Hextech gunblade. It really depends if you arent getting killstreaks, but die after 2 or 3 kills.

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Basic Jungling Udyr Tactics

Being a good jungle Udyr requires you to perfect the timing on his skills while taking out camps. Messing up shouldn't have too many reprecussions. With Yorick patches, timing isn't such an issue anymore. You can even switch to maxing the other stance mid-way after 2-3 points if you choose for the different playstyle.

Jungling Udyr is pretty proficient with tiger stance. He used to be the best jungler with pheonix stance, but after the nerfs, he just wasn't quite as good with it.
Tiger Stance Udyr is very mana dependent. Without mana, jungling becomes painstakingly slow. With mana, it's extemely quick. His massive attack speed bonuses proc with madred's razors and wriggle's lantern. Tiger stance Udyr is rather risky and slow before madred's but very fast after it. You pretty much rely totally on blue buff to jungle and there is no other good alternative. Tiger Udyr is very good at ganking as he doesnt need to constantly auto-attack an enemy like most other junglers. His stun leads right into his tiger stance, which causes a large amount of magic damage over 2 seconds upon a single hit.

Phoenix Stance jungle is more versatile than Tiger Stance jungle. You can start anywhere. Even red (not recommended). The active AoE, attack damage, and ability power increase his potential to use other abilities alongside Phoenix stance.

Phoenix stance Udyr is slower in the jungle at the point where Tiger Stance Udyr would have gotten madred's. Phoenix Stance jungle is also a lot weaker at ganking as the bulk of your damage will only come when your on your 3rd attack to activate the persistant effect of pheonix stance.

With both Phoenix and Tiger stance jungling, you are able to solo and/or get dragon really early. With the right items, probably at lvl 6 or 7 for dragon and 16-.

Early game:

The basic jungle route is to start at Blue and go from there, skipping red. (Blue, wolves, wraiths, mini-golems, blue pot) On you second trip start again at wolves, but this time take red. (wolves, wraiths, red, golems) Fill in lanes or gank while on this route if you can or need to. If no opportunities present themselves by this point, go into the enemies jungle and see if you can counter-jungle.
Be careful in your own jungle though, as Udyr has little escape options early on. Bear and turtle stance will cost too much mana for a practical escape in the jungle while you are taking out camps. By your third trip, you should be able to maintain full health while jungling if you get a vampire sceptre.

Mid-Late game:

The later the game goes, the faster Udyr will jungle and the less he is reliant on blue buff to jungle. Give blue buff to your caster, support, or carry; whoever is in the vicinity at the moment.
Always buy wards and ward in this order of importance:
1. for whoever is getting ganked
2. dragon(mid game)/baron(late game)
3. in enemy jungle(agressive)/your jungle (defensive)
4. baron(mid game)/dragon(late game)
You can take baron and dragon very early with Udyr as long as you spam your offensive ability (Tiger or Pheonix Stance) with Turtle stance. You might want some help as taking dragon and baron can be very risky if even a couple of the enemies are up and well. Make sure to ward both sides of the river when trying to take dragon or baron.
Gank whenever you see an oppertunity, usually when you see an enemy overextended/pushed or low on health. Fill in for lanes where the enemy has pushed hard. Use turtle stance to soak up some of the damage for you tower. Keeping towers healthy should be your tertiary (third) priority, the first being ganking and the secondary being warding.

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Skill order for Dps Udyr

Getting Bear Stance at lvl 1 helps you a lot in early fights as you get both a speed boost and a stun. Then, Maxing Turtle stance allows you to stay healthy in lane and the shield has lots of uses from tower diving to shielding from skills and escaping from ganks.

Tiger Stance should be maxed next as it is Dps Udyr's crown ability. Maxing Tiger stance first allows a Dps Udyr to basically nuke an enemy with its additional 170% atk damage +230 as Magic damage. This allows Udyr to be more versatile.

If they build armor, you can build more flat attack damage to make the most use of Tiger Stance's active. If they are building magic resist, you can get atk speed or armor reduction items to deal more damage with auto attacks and Udyr's passive and Tiger Stance's attack speed boosts. Again, Dps Udyr will usually stay away from Pheonix stance.

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Items for Dps Udyr

you should still get ninja tabi or mercury thread for enough survivability in a fight. I tend to stay away from attack speed items because his passive and Tiger Stance gives him so much attack speed in the first place, and you area melee champion, so attack speed is only useful if you cant keep close to your target.

Your first item should be Phage or Heart of Gold. Stacking Doran's Blade isn't a bad idea either.

Remember that your Tiger Stance active turns flat attack Damage into a Magic Damage Rend over 2 seconds. Then, you can finish your build to maintain both damage and durability.