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Udyr Build Guide by Schniels

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Schniels

Udyr Jungle Guide: 4 animals in the jungle

Schniels Last updated on July 17, 2012
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Hello guys and welcome to my Udyr jungle guide. I hope you enjoy this guide and learn something from me. Udyr is one of the best junglers at the moment because of his fast jungling speed and his ultimative tankiness in the early levels. Udyr is one of the best 1vs1 champions in League Of Legends since he has a shield which allows him to regain mana and hp while still dealing tons of damage. Thats why Udyr is one of the hardest champions to counterjungle because even with low hp he can really turn a fight around. This together with his incredible jungling speed and clearing camps easy and fast makes Brodyr to one of the best tanky dps' in the game.
Anyway, please read this guide careful and tell me what I can do better in my next guide.

Thx for reading!


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Mark: Normally I take attack runes on every jungler because you really need that in early but thank god for that awesome passive which gives Udyr attack speed each time he switches a form. So I go armor pen for marks like I go for Lee Sin (btw pls read my Lee guide too thanks^^). I do this because I already have flat attack damage in my quintessences and armor penetration raises late-game damage more than attack damage and this is why I always mix armor pen and attack damage. Why you mix these two is basically because you want early- and lategame damage both and not only one. Most people think attack damage only is better but maybe it looks better if you have like plus 20 ad but in lategame armor pen means so much that it is a must-have in my opinion.

Seal: As a jungler always take armor for seals because you just need this bonus armor and without those armor runes you have to buy cloth armor if you dont wanna die at blue buff (and you can trust me I already died to blue buff a couple of times cause I forgot that i had no runes).

Glyph: I dont recommend any glyphs because I dont know what the best glyphs for junglers are. Normally I go for magic resistance per level but you could also go for flat magic resist or mana reigain per level and so on. But I played alot of games with these runes and they are always a good choice.

Quintessences: What's missing? DAMAGE! 3 flat attack damage quints are probably the best. I mean you could go attack damage marks and armor pen quints but it doesnt mind I think.

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9/21/0 pretty standard because Udyr is not a real damage dealer like Shyvana, Nocturne or Lee Sin. Tank Udyr is the strongest Udyr at the moment I think.

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There are several ways to build Dudyr but Im gonna tell you how I build this heavy guy:

Start Items: Always go boots and 3 potions because udyr is tanky enough and he doesnt need cloth armor. Boots also make it him easier to gank and together with his stun from bear stance it is an easy first blood early. Some peole start regrowth pendant which builds into phil stone and shurelyas but I dont usually go this way because I like the wriggles build more than the phil stone build. What is also viable is vampiric scepter start but I would only buy this if you know that you will stay in the jungle for the first levels but this is more the money-saver build and I always try to gank before lvl 4 but it really depends on your situation once again the standard beginning is boots and 3 pots.

Early-game Goal: Try to get madreds razors or vampiric scepter if you go back the first time. After that finish wriggles lantern and try to get heart of gold. This helps you by giving you health and gold and also builds later into randuins omen or locket of the iron solari. After that get your boots. There are only two boots which I would recommend to buy: Ninja Tabis against heavy phisical damage enemy team and mercury treads against heavy magical damage enemy team with a lot cc(stuns,slows..). I usually get merc treads since almost every team has one or two stunners or only if they have Ashe or Anivia get it.

Mid-game: Many items you can buy here but I would buy early glacial shroud which builds into frozen heart later. Also very important if you have a healer in your team is Spirit Visage. I buy spirit visage almost every game because it fits really well with Udyr's playstyle.
Also one of my favourite items is Wits End. It combines magic resist with attack speed. Some people say you dont need it because of his tiger stance or his passive but its still a great item for me.

Late-game: Many options for late-game. I would buy frozen heart now if you havent done it before. Against physical damage buy Randuins Omen. Against heavy magical damage you can buy Hexdrinker, Force of Nature (only against ultra heavy fed ap enemies) or against stuns and cc quicksilver sash. There are many other items that you can build but these are only the most important items.

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Skill Sequence

Phoenix is probably the strongest stance so get it whenever you can. Dont get tiger stance in early levels because its only good lategame against baron or dragon I think.

Switch your stances at the tower often so that you can get that attack speed from your passive.

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Summoner Spells

Flash and Smite are only spells I would take because he needs flash to jump at an enemy or to escape by flashing over a wall. Exhaust is not as good as Flash because Flash allows him to close gaps to enemies and this is what he really needs most. Ghost is very bad on Jungledyr cause he already got his Bear Stance which makes him very fast so Ghost is a waste on Udyr in my opinion.

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Jungle Route

The basic jungling route on Udyr is:

Start wolves at 1:40 (dont forget to call help from an ally) after you killed them you should be ready for blue at about 1:53. Let midlane pull blue at 1:55 and smite the big golem at ~450 hp. You should be level 2 at about 7:05. Now kill your wraiths camp with your phoenix stance first and then turtle stance to get a bit hp and mana back. Now if you use one or two potions it should be no problem to kill red buff without smite. After that kill golems and smite it if its already up. Now you can watch out for the lanes and how they are pushed. If you cant gank kill your wraiths again they should be up now. After that go b.

My second route is a counterjungling route so it is a bit different (This route only works if the enemy jungler starts blue):

Start your wolves at 1:40 and after that kill blue with a leash from your teammates. Now run to the enemy red fast and wait in the bush behind the buff until the enemy jungler is there. (You have to watch out, maybe the enemy jungler ganks at level 2 so you cant do this) If you see him wait 5-10 secs so that he is at low hp. Now go in and kill him. This should be no problem and if he flashes over a wall just flash yourself. After you did this you can take his red and gank mid bot or top lane. This is just so huge with Udyr cause of his early game jungling speed and his tankiness. After that the enemy jungler will be very far behind.

If you want to gank at level 2 get bear stance instead of turtle stance.

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Pros / Cons


-Earlygame tankiness
-jungling speed (clearing camps very fast without taking much damage)
-nice attack speed, thx to his passive
-one of the strongest gankers at the moment


-more a tank than a damage dealer
-lategame = low damage
-I dont know what he is :D

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Last Words

If you are looking for a very tanky and fast jungler this guy is good for you. I hope this guide helped you to get better with this awesome champion!