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Udyr Build Guide by Snubbz

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Snubbz

Udyr Jungle Guide - Way out of ELO Hell

Snubbz Last updated on December 12, 2011
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Hello my fellow Udyr's! This guide will quickly teach you everything worth knowing about: The Beast From The Four Different East's! And it should also be put in mind that this is a guide for those who are experienced with the champion and wanting to get out of the ELO HELL or just rank up in general!

Udyr is (atm - volibear patch) in the 6:th place of Tier 1 Solo Queuers.
I know some of you hate tier lists, but I think they are great! Here's a link, and if you don't know what I'm talking about. Go read the in the link: (Volibear patch)

Basic jungle patterns (and some not so basic)
Skill Sequence
Items and more!

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ELO Hell junglers are so unreliable. They can either be great; They gank often/help lanes, give you buffs and even counter jungle. But often they don't. They wait until lvl 6+ to gank and they have no idea what the spawn timers are. And don't get be started about counter jungling...

Going Alistar or Blitzcrank jungle is great if you know how to handle it. But if I have Udyr while they got Blitz jung. I will **** on him, I will counter his *** so hard he wish he hadn't installed LoL in the first place. My tyranny of harass won't stop until he Rages and goes back to lane. So learn from this and don't pick troll jungle in solo queue. Even tho it can be viable.

Udyr is one of the better jungler in this game. And can therefor counter jungle very easily. The path I usually take is:

Jungle Path: Wolfs -> Blue -> Opponents Red or Golems -> Gank -> Wraith -> Red -> Golem/Gank -> Gank/Golems.

And here's some quick tips. You can get wolfs before the blue spawns. Request a very good leash (on blue) so you can avoid smiting it. (I suggest telling them this.) And then on lvl 2 go for bear stance and hurry to either their red and golems. After red or golems. Wait in red bush for opponents jungler and try picking him down. And if not, go for a lane gank.

It's very important that you have a good eye on the spawn timers for their and your buff, so you can counter jungle him. But I would avoid counter jungle champions like Skarner, (atm).

About giving away blue... It's important that you have teamwork, but giving blue to a mider who barley needs it and dies quite often is in no way ideal. And if you think you have more use of it than him, it's probably true.

Also it's important for you to remember using turtle stance in jungle. Even with the nerfed jungle, you still take dmg. (AMAZING I KNOW HUH?!)

As I've stated earlier; Don't rely on your team.

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Items are a bit hard since you should never follow a direct path in the item build and you should always try mixing it up according to your stats and their team. But what I usually do is getting Boots and Wit's End. Then you should go with what you feel like. Tho I strongly suggest getting both Spirit Visage and Aegis, since teams are usually quite mixed.

And ofc if it's Solo Queue, don't rely on your idiotic teammates to do anything. Get some wards for mid and top and perhaps a oracle so you can gank more efficiently. Tho bare in mind you should only get oracle if you know what you're doing and you have the spare gold.

Guinsoo's is my personal little mistress and I usually only get it when the team is in need of damage or if I've the gold, but in general opinion I suggest getting trinity.

It's important to note that getting Gold items is something you should do when it's not going to well. Start with heart of gold and philosopher stone.

Getting Omen or Force of Nature is only good when they have a fed AP/AD champion. They should be avoided if not (They are expensive!). Try picking up Guardian if you think you need some survivability, and sell your Spirit Visage.

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Skill Sequence

Phoenix... is a more AOE directed spell while the Tiger is a solo-target spell. Phoenix is the best Jungle spec, end of discussion and it's very viable in teamfights.

Try switching to bear every 6 second in a teamfight, the 1 second stun helps ALLOT! And while you're waiting for stun proc dance between Phoenix and Turtle. But be cautious so you don't run out of mana, it's easily done. Same with bear stance when you want to move around the map. Only do this when you have blue.

Wanna gank at lvl 2? Join the bear club!

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Runes are pretty standard for jungling. Attack Speed is the way to go for almost any jungle hero. And with the passive on Phoenix Stance it's almost self explanatory!
I would suggest buying the quints first and if you have deff runes go with them until you got full Attack Speed runes.

Masteries are also quite common. It's a tanky jungle spec and very viable.

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Team Work / Summary

Udyr is one of the strongest Solo Queue heroes in the game atm, and there is no doubt that this is true. I'm in no way near the good Udyr players but I usually play my role as an aggressive ganker, as should you my fellow Udyr.

Try stabilizing the lanes and in teamfights act as the tank/bruiser and of course the initiator. You usually don't focus Udyr, since he gets away quite easily and have good survivability.

Udyr doesn't pump out millions of damage in seconds like many other carries. But he can, still that's not the point. He's the backbone of the team and not the face. I have had many good games with Udyr when I end up at like 10-1, and end games at 25min. If you get fed with Udyr, he's quite unstoppable. But it's hard to get kills with him. He has, as I've stated earlier, quite low burst.

But with this I end you and wish you best of luck, and remember;
Be aggressive, but most important, be smart!