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Udyr Build Guide by Vertical Dsb

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vertical Dsb

Udyr Jungle Magic

Vertical Dsb Last updated on November 13, 2011
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Firstly I'm not big on fancy pictures and ****, you aren't a baby you don't need them, wall of text is going to look bad but I guarantee this will help you if you read it, this is my way to play Udyr who I consider to be one if not the strongest junglers in the game atm.

He is tough to learn when you start, your 3 stack passive, stance switching, no ultimate etc hes a lot different to your standard champion and it will definitely take you a few games to get used to him. I had played around 1k games and started to try him and I sucked *** for my first ten or so games till I top laned him and actually got a grasp on how to play him.

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Runes and Masteries

I use an attack speed / dodge set up when it comes to runes for a faster clear and more damage output if you don't like the runes I use thats fine you can go with these as well.

dodge|armour|health per level seals (all work but since I rush ninja tabi unless they have a lot of casters and cc I go with dodge because it also stacks with his passive)

attack spd|armour pen|attack damage marks (attack spd is just a lot better as it stacks it your wits end and phoenix stance more, plus faster jungling)

Magic resist|attack spd glyphs (doesn't really matter, if you plan to go merc treads probably best to rock attack speed but in my play style I don't get magic resist till spirit visage so it ties you over)

attack spd|movement|health|armour pen (all work well but as I've explained before jungling is alot easier with attack speed

For masteries you can skip the 1 point in smite if you like it doesn't really matter, also if you want to go 21 in defense or utility you can.

Defense masteries will benefit you more so early game and utility makes you stronger late game

I like a mix of both, gets you improved flash with you bonus on buffs and the dodge/minion defence/health for early jungling.

Try em out and see what you like

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Start boots 5x hp pots - its just standard

I upgrade to ninja tabi on my first trip back with 1-2 pots, if you want to go merc treads just buy boots a ward and another pot or two.

I proceed to then buy a heart of gold its useful early game and because I don't get randiuns omen till later the money stacks up, if you want to skip you can.

Next Wits End, stacks with his attack speed and Phoenix, you will output a **** ton of damage with this. (I don't recommend skipping its a great item)

Spirit Visage, gives you magic resist and cooldowns, spamming and changing between your abilities is key with Udyr plus because I went ninja tabi this will give you nice magic resist. (if you went merc treads you can skip if you like)

Deciding point, I generally will build a phage and try rush Tri Force at this point as it will make you very powerful and you will do a lot of damage at this point, if you feel you need more armour or magic resist you can get it later.

At this point its really what you need, if they have fed physical champions you with build your Randiuns and if they have fed caster proceed with your Force of Nature

These are my items anyway and how I like to build Udyr

other good items are:

- Sunfire cape
- Bloodrazor

Also getting a wriggles on phoenix Udyr is pointless as he clears jungle so quick that its just a waste of money and time. Don't even bother argueing with me on this, you are incompetent if you think its worthwhile.

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Hardest part to learning Udyr is switching between skills so I'll give you some quick tips about things that I didn't know when I started.

- When you use turtle stance you can immediately change to another stance (when cooldown is done) and still keep your shield. I always thought you had to wait for it to be used fully before I changed skill or it would go away, I was wrong.

- Your passive, each time you use a skill before the timer runs out of the passive (get monkey box bottom left of screenish it will stack up to 3x, each stack gives you more dodge and attack speed (maybe something else i cbf checking) but its good to keep it at 3 stacks whenever possible.

- Early game if you spam skills and try keep your stacks up you are going to juice your mana blue buff or no blue buff, its going to take you a bit of time to learn to manage this. Don't run with bear stance on repetitively early game helps in maintaining your mana.

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Jungle Path

I just quite simply go like this

Big golem (blue buff) - get mid to leash it for you also use smite on this + hp pot as soon as u take any damage (attack from behind the trees so he runs after them while you can attack without taking damage!)

Wolve camp - spam phoenix and pot

Wraith camp - use turtle stance to pop a shield so you nerf some damage but change to phoenix before you hit the blue wraith, hp pot again

Lizard (red buff) - use smite on this again (should be up or close enough to) pot as needed, I recommend changing between turtle and phoenix for this while stacking out monkey agility, ull probably juice your mana but its alright.

Double Golems - spam phoenix etc

I can generally get away with only using 3-4 potions depending on how good my blue buff leash was, practice doing this in a custom game first so you don't look like a **** if you **** up in a proper game and just get used to the udyr feel as its a bit different.

After you port back to base after double golems you can either gank/hold lanes or just go back to your wolf camp and continue jungling.

If you don't have any clue how to jungle there is various jungle guides on this website and youtube, have a look although its pretty straight forward.

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My Udyr

My ranked stats with Udyr, not amazing but they aren't so bad

3 wins in a row I picked up with him

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Practice, there is no other way, this guide isn't supposed to teach you about the game itself, its more about the make of the champion, items and the path to take with him.

Also I will be adding more about ganking etc soon but my noob friend is hassling me to play so give me a day or two and I'll sort out spelling mistakes and add a bit more.

~ Vertical Dsb - as always I'm always happy enough to answer your questions if you add me ingame, I doubt I'll play with you but I'm happy to take the time to explain anything you are unsure about