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Udyr General Guide by Rename

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rename

Udyr Jungle No Mistakes (7/11/11)

Rename Last updated on July 11, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Why build Udyr like this?

Mastery Tree - I build Udyr mostly in defense tree because early game its nice to be tanky for ganks, I Always get Improved smite because makes for grabbing buffs quick. And Utility tree is spent mainly for buff Duration

Skill Sequence - I do this specific skill sequence because tiger stance attack speed is amazing, it brings in the attack speed without buying attack speed items, and it also allows you to move quickly through the jungles with bear stance and switching to tiger to get quick procs from your wriggles.

Rune Build - I selected these runes from personal experiences. I prefer them for the newbs and for the Non newbs. I went with Health Quince for the life. Early game life can make or brake a good gank, it allows you to be tanky for the occasion of taking down two people if needed. I went with Armor Penetration Because it helps with jungling As well as Helps hit really hard at low levels, I went for Armor Runes because its nice to be able to take a hit. Tanky Udyr is really good early game.(Do not worry about lacking damage, Udyr's Damage is very good With the item build you will be building him with). And i go for mana Regen in the glyphs because Even though you get your mana back from Turtle Stance, if you get stuck in Tiger and do not have your blue buff, you will have the little bit of regen needed to get back into Turtle quickly to start regening Faster. (with this udyr build its all about the speed!)

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Where to start?

I always Start at blue, Make sure you have mid & The closet lane cover for you. Early ganks directed at you are no fun!(even if they come you will be tanky enough to stand your ground!)

After Blue Just do the normal Path grab Wolves, Wraths, Lizard (after lizard I usually send Middle back if they are pushing, Use your ghost and hit him with bear Switch to Tiger send him back, you will put your mid ahead in XP and gold) If mid isn't pushed out quickly grab Golems and look for a good gank. (Don't for a gank that will not happen, It could cost 1st blood as well as set you behind if you die.) If there are no ganks around go back to Wolves or if they do not have a jungler head to their side.( You will be able to run at this level because you are tanky and with Bear stance you can Run very fast! ) You want to clear jungle about 2 or three times If you get a gank it will make you not have to clear it as many times.

Once you get your Wriggles its all down hill from there. with wriggles and tiger you can take down dragon throw yourself a Ward and you should be good to go!

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Ganking (Gank with confidence)

Always be ready to gank. You need to be ready to save teamates at all time. If anyone on your team is not getting good farm, Gank that lane. Make them so they can get farm. The better your team farms the better you are off in the end. (Sometimes Ill gank mid and fail but not die, ill immediately go to top or bottom and gank that lane). For one it gives your Jungle some time to respawn, For two it makes those Lanes you are ganking miss out on last hits!! and if you are lucky you get a kill and some moneys!

The way I gank is I come out with sprint! Get in Bear. at this point you are flying at about 99 MPH there is not escaping the stun from the bear stance that you should be in. As soon as your stun lands Go into Tiger, Start Shreding them. If for some reason you have to retreat (like maybe lucky crits or ults blown on you at same time) Just simple Bail with bear form. You take off running again. IF you are getting low and are far enough away they cant touch you. Go turtle stance. soak some dmg up from maybe ignite or a dot they might have on you. if you dont get the kill hope your teamates do. Dont ever over extend! Assists are good too!!

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Wards are very Important! Always have wards down. You have a wriggles so you can put 1 down free of charge, Keep a few more in your inventory at all times. You move fastest out of anyone else on your team. You can keep wards down and save Many teammates lives!


I usually place wards Outside Dragon, outside Baron, in Main pathways of their jungles. lets you know who is heading where and Who might be able to be ganked by you as they are grabbing their own buffs!

dont be cheap on wards! remember DONT BE CHEAP ON WARDS!

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Udyr is the man at Initiating! he can Run in Stun Turtle stance And then Bear back out After he soaks some damage! IF you have banshee veil up you are able to do this very Effectively endgame and mid game.

You run in with bear. Stun Somone
Turtle Stance. Soak Dmg
Run out with Bear.
(during this process dont be afraid to turtle stance and hit like 2 minions, Udyr is the camp at getting HP back from minions, I do this during the middle of the fight. if I get low on hp i turtle stance, hit a few minions, bear stance stun a enemy champion. Switching in and out of stances is very very important with udyr. he has unlimited stuns and has amazing Health And Mana regain)

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This guild is Very minimal. But i feel if you read the whole guide you will do very well.
You will get a Feel of how Udyr can control a whole game!


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