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Udyr Build Guide by Rodulv

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rodulv

Udyr jungle: on the move

Rodulv Last updated on December 4, 2012
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Udyr: Tiger

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Not Updated For Current Season

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Not finished

Would be glad to get some feedback and some notes on how to make it look better.

Still to add:

Pretty pictures
Colour, everyone loves colour
Icons and such
Fix any misspellings

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First off, i am no longer maining jungle, so i wont update this guide much. Although i will do something with it in time.

Hey, my first guide here. Im not the best player out there, currently sitting on 1121 ELO. But, after going through game after game as pheonix udyr (jungle) i got tired of the mid-late game dmg, that just takes a good dive. So i tried going tiger, at first not intentionally. I messed up my build and such, just thinking i was taking shyvana. But as i won round after round, most times enemy team surrendering after 20 min, I understood that it was more then my skill that had gotten better. Tiger udyr was stronger, even with my random lags and badly timed disconnects, often lasting 4 minutes i was able to win.
So i came her, to check out any udyr guides, but none were comprehensive, or told what i now know. Udyr is probably the best pick if u want early kills, dragons and barons. And also if u want to win ofc. Even with bad starts and extensive counter-jungle, you should be fine.

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Know your tiger

Tiger udyr might seem like deals a lot of physical dmg at first sight, but if you look at your damage at the end of the round, you will see that about 40% is magic dmg.
This is your dot damage. So stacking armour pen is less viable for udyr then for other physical champs.

You can stack stances. This means that when ganking you can first use tiger, before rushing at them with bear, you will then have a 2nd tiger dot in the same gank, as opposed to just getting of one before they flash away. In most cases this will mean certain death, a downside is that it uses a lot of mana at early levels.

With bear stance you can run across them map with huge speed, and thus many times get to a fight before its over and help your team. Do this when you can, it's what makes you a terror to the enemy team.

Getting lots of points in bear stance means that you can use it more for a better boost. This means that if you play safe, you can usually go in and out of fights, to stun -> tiger -> run out. Even with low health you can cause havok in teamfights by playing safe.

Because you deal magic damage, you will still deal a lot of damage against enemy teams who stack armour. Tanks are probably the first to do this, and so you can shred through them if any other enemy is too far away to flash at/bear into.

As with any other jungler, getting exhaust to catch enemy jungler in their jungle might get you a kill, inclusive, it usually gets you enough time to get close when ganking.

If you face melee champs with more sustain and damage then you, you might consider just stun -> tiger -> bear out, since this deals a LOT of damage. If you are not able to damage them enough, and it seems like you cant outrun them, you should stun -> run while switching to turtle -> stun -> run, this way your team will have a lot of time to reach you before your health reaches 0.

Doing the tanking
Often you might feel like you died to quick in a teamfight and didnt do anything good. chances are that if you turtled, and used bear to stun and run, the enemy team focused you too hard, and your team should be able to take out the rest. This WILL happen. They will fear you for your damage and sustain. And if they dont focus you, chances are you will get a couple kills.

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Pros / Cons

    High damage output
    Nice sustain
    Strong ganks
    Baron/Dragon slayer
    Mana problems
    Not as quick as pheonix
    No dash
    Needs wriggles
    Few skins

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as long as your team is not going for an invade or you are not doing red route, you should get vampyric scepter 1st. the reason for this is that you can easily sustain in jungle, and you save whatever gold you would have used on potions. Going boots 3 pots is not completely a bad idea either. After this i usually b when i have ganked a couple times and have run low on mana. First purchase is usually cloth armour and longsword, if i cant straight up afford madreds or wriggles. any spare gold is used on wards, or boots if you cant afford longsword. Getting phage or mercery threads next depends on enemy team. When you have phage you should be around level 10-12 and the enemy team will either be better or worse off then you, depending on this you can now chose to go for trinity if you have a tank, and your team is doing well, or a frozen mallet if your team needs a tank. Guardian Angle is the absoulute best item after this, you can survive almost anything if the enemy team is not too fed.

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Same runes as for lee sin, udyr gains a lot from AD, so you would be wise to stack. Glyphs should be magic resist per lvl. Seals should be flat armour. These are normal to use when jungling. I do not take armour pen since about 50% of the damage when u gank will be magic (from tiger), and the only way to boost this damage besides magic pen, is through ad.

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Skill Sequence

You should always start with Tiger Stance as long as you'r not invading. If you are, you might consider Bear Stance.
Else you should start with tiger, then pick turtle, before picking bear. After this, you should level up tiger as quick as possbile. Bear- and turtlestance should be leveled evenly, as you waste least utility this way, even though u dont get as tanky as if you had gone for turtle 2nd. If you are doing well, or it's hard to gank (you dont lose life but they manage to run away) you should level up bear a couple extra levels before turtle.
Level 2 ganking (see build 3) if u want an early kill, and a lane seem like a good lane to get an early kill - you have lee sin or riven top, or you have another lane with good stun - you should go for tiger THEN bear, you can do this if lanes look gankable at lvl 2 even though u went for build 1 or 2. Continue as normal after gank.

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Summoner Spells

There are not that many choises as udyr. You should always have smite when jungling.
Of what iv seen, and tried, you land most kills with flash or exhaust, for any other jungle champ aswell, this is true. I do not recommend the use of ghost on udyr, since he cant dash onto champions like champions such as lee sin, sejuani, etc. This would, in its turn, make people simply flash away, and thus just wasting a ghost and flash. If you instead use flash, you can flash after they flash, or flash on to them and usually get a kill.

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Creeping / Jungling

Many of you might know that tiger udyr is a bit more mana relient then pheonix, so after your blue runs out you should only use tiger on the big creeps in the jungle, and when counter-jungeling, else you might find yourself stuck at turtle stance(turtle should do more damage as tiger udyr then as pheonix).

The blue route is recommended, although you can very well try to take their red after blue, or start with red if u gank at lvl 2. Other then this, you would be wise to counter jungle as much as possible, unless the other jungler is:

Jayce (yea he is a monster)
Dr. Mundo (after 3:30)
Amumu (unless mid/top is b or pushed)
Olaf (after 3:30)
Lee Sin

or if their jungler is just farming their jungle

Other then that, you should bevare of junglers with a lot of cc and or tanky junglers since top/mid may come to finish you off.

Junglers that you can (easily) counter jungle:
Evelynn (pre evelynn patch)
Maokai (if carefull)

When you reach level 4 and you got wriggles, you may start thinking about dragon, depending on lanes. Usually you can do dragon as soon as you see opposing jungler at top or both bot and mid lane are pushed.
The reason you should get dragon so soon is cause it boosts your teams gold early, and its usually this that makes enemy team surrender.

If your team wins a teamfight with 3 or more surviving, you might consider baron already at level 11 depending on what champions are left. Other strong champs would be:

Any champion with wriggles.
any ad

The reason for these champions, is that they can either deal a lot of damage and/or that they can tank. Supports are good cause they do exactly that, support.
If you are taking a lot of damage, go a few steps away from baron and hit it now and then, preferably with q

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Team Work

As jungle Tiger, it is your job to see to it that people are safe, especially if you are close and have health and mana.
You should also buy a lot of wards, you will be able to aford it (if u go for frozen mallet atleast).
To know where the enemy team is or where its likely they will be.
Are any of the lanes missing a champion? If yes,
is any of the lanes pushed or low on hp? Then he might be there, if no, see if blue/dragon is up
Are several champions missing? Dont phase check, ward. Wards will help you kill and not get killed. They will help your team, and they may well get you a buff or a dragon/baron.
Do you know they recalled? Take objectives.

Usually you will not need an oracles. The reason being that most ppl (low elo) dont get so many wards. Their support might get 5 every 5 min, but that is usually to cover for ganks and to catch you in their / your jungle, and not to ward baron extensivly. But if you notice that they have wards - You walk towards their red, and midlane starts to go that way too. Or you walk up to a lane, and suddenly they start lasthitting from as far as possible - you might consider it.
Most good players get atleast one ward on every recall, so if you play agains someone that plays well, an oracle is well worth it if you can keep it.

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As tiger udyr, you will be doing massive damage, and so the enemy ad and ap will probably fear you, so tanking will be mostly to survive yourself. Keep an eye on how far in your team is, and how much hp they and you have. If your health drops quickly you should rush back a bit, before rengaging the fight, just to get their damage dealers to swap targets. This is the way you survive teamfights, and turn close calls into your teams favour.

When someone overextends, its usually your teams job to cc them so that you can reach them, if they do not, and it is a squishy, quickly flash on them in bearform and q them. it should in most cases prove fatal to them, unless they use flash and heal. The next thing to do is swap to turtle if your bear is not up yet, or you are getting focused. Depending on how much health you lose, you should either start running into their team, stunning their other squishy, or anyone that might threaten your squishys. As you deal a lot of damage, it might be wise to go for their bruizers or supports if their dpsers are far back, cause you WILL be slowed. Now, as you are one of the quickest on your team, you should help your team escape, or chase down the remaining enemys, AFTER they all have started running, and there is no threat to your dpsers.

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As well as tanking, you are the jungler, and the one that needs and will have the best overview of the map. totall map dominans can break any team, and so its much more important to ward the right places then to get that bloodthirster. Usually you will not have many other then your support to ward. So warding the left side of the map is your main objective, although warding their buffs, and yours if the game is going south is a good idea.

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Tiger udyr is very strong. The best way to utilise this is through map controll and tank build.
The builds i have recommended are purely that, recommended. Does not mean that you should not change it if the game calls for it, or if you feel like building more utility or damage. Usually a GA and a Frozen mallet will get you enough beefyness to survive though.