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Udyr Build Guide by TigerBladezz

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TigerBladezz

Udyr Jungle or In Lane

TigerBladezz Last updated on August 8, 2011
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Hey guys this is my second build.This Build is for Udyr (you know tht Tiger/turtle/bear/phenoix that we all love) any way this build will show you how to jungle and lane with udyr which ever you would perfer i play jungle Udyr in ranked low Elo so i have some good experience with jungle udyr and also i played many sucessfull laneing games with him. The ranked build is will give you some good durability so that you can take some damage as well as do very good ammounts plus trinity force procs there will be so much late game tiger damage as well as good phenoix starting and i use phenoix jungle but if you perfer tiger jungle then the jungle path works for it too. Ok so no more talking ill get to the good stuff. Enjoy!

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For Non Jungling Udyr
I prefer Udyr being a strong damage fighter. So in marks I take Greater Mark of Strength.
In seals I take Greater Seal of Strength. Both of these give you a good amount of damage and early game damage for strength and you tiger stance will be very powerful.
In Glyphs I take Greater Glyph of Alacrity. Its gives you bonus attack speed that helps you early on.
Finally in Quintessences I get Greater Quintessences of Strength for even more damage so early on you are very OP with Tiger Stance.

Jungling Runes

For jungeling ruens i take armor pen marks to give me tht boost of damage early to jungle creeps and to champs and then late game it helps me do more damage plus the black cleaver will make you rip through high armor tanks and low defence ppl will go down with no problem.
For Seals i take flat damage more for your early game and jungle.
For Glyphs i take attack speed glyphs to give me more early game damage and help out with the jungle.
finally for Quintessences i have flat hp to give me more durability early lvls and help keep you alive longer in the jungle.

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Non Jungle
I picked these masteries because I ****ing felt like it. So **** you, go get your own Set up.
Just Joking, For Masteries I put them 28 - 2 - 0 ( Offense - Defense - Utility ) In Offense I picked them this way because it gives me crit, attack speed, Armor pen and magic pen, and damage and ability power. In defense I get just armor. Deal with it. Not much to say about 2 points in armor. I just had no where else for them and armor is good for udyrs turtle stance since its defensive.

Jungle Masteries
So for masteries i choose the offence masteries to help me with my jungling and give me more overal damage early and later game it just adds to your overall damage,For the utility masteries they help in the jungle with the added buff time and the extra experiece there are probably the most important ones that you cn have as it helps you lvl faster and makes the buffs last so much longer VERY IMPORTANT OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Jungleing Items
So for jungeling items becuse i play jugle Udyr in ranked i have a good mix of survivability with great damage to keep you alive in the team fights and still be very punishing to the opposing team.The build that i use is:
[*] Mercury Treads because they are amazing with all the stuff these boots give you for survivability they are a must have
[*] Wriggles Lantern ok i live this item for any jungler just because of every thing it gives + it has a very low cost this item will keep you from buying wards it will give you grat lifesteal,damage and armor plus an amazing passive that will let you clear the jungle with ease.
[*] Warmogs Armor man the hp and regen this thing gives is amazing plus with the atmas gives you TONS of damage with so much durability i get this one after wriggles so that i can get the farm easily
[*] Black Cleaver mnan this puppy gives you so much tiger and just over all damage plus the armor shred is great and its not super duper expensive so its a good investment if the enemy has very fed mage you can switch out this for a wits end.
[*] Trinity Force ok now this item on udyr makes him a god he used every thing from it and the trinity procs work amazingly for every stance and on tiger its crazy.
[*] Atmas Impaler now when you you you you you you you you........ sry internet stutter get this bad boi ur gonna own kids with almost 70 extra damage from this and some crit plus armor so beast for the cost.

Non Jungle Items
My items for Udyr give you crazy crit, damage, and you steal alot of health from your life steal on the Bloodthrister. It gives you good damage and life steal but when you have a goood farm you have even more damage and life steal. Here are the Items in order.

Berseker Greaves: Its gives you Movement Speed and Attack speed early on. Its is good for Udyr because with Tiger Stance on you attack very fast early.
Black Cleaver: A very good item that gives you damage, attack speed, and armor pen stacks. Its is great for Udyr because it shreds through opponents armor and its does more damage each stack.
Frozen Mallet: Its a fantastic item for udyr. Its gives you Damage, Health, and what is my favorite part, A slow when you attack a enenmy. Which makes udyrs moves slow so you can keep killing kids.
Trinity Force: A AWESOME item overall. Gives you * WARNING LONG WALL OF TEXT WILL APPEAR INT HE NEXT FEW WORDS! * Its includes : Ability power, Mana, Health, Damage, Attack speed, Crit, A sheen passive, slow on hit, Movement Speed, and it has a pricy amount. Everything helps udyr and makes him very powerful.
Bloodthrister: Very good item that gives you damage and life steal, And even more important you need a good farm so you get even more life steal and damage so you get evem more powerful.
Finally to finish it off......Infinity Edge: WARNING ONCE YOU OBTAIN THIS ITEM YOU MAY GO POWER CRAZY. WHO CARES YOU WILL GET KILLS YOU Maniac. Its gives you alot of crit and crit damage, damage and you start kicking ***.ya

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Pros / Cons

The Pros:[*] Great early and late game damage with phenoix and tiger
[*] Fast and strong jungle
[*] Tuff without very many tank items
[*] Awsome stun with bear and great move speed boost
[*] great life steal plus sheild (will save your *** many times trust me)
[*] Gets great attack speed with passive and tiger (plus some dodge might save you some times)
[*] Has good ganks but not the godly ganks tht noct and ww and shaco and xin have but still very deadly ganks.

The Cons:

[*] Gets targeted usually in team fights
[*] Not the best mid game (thisis when you want to farm your warmogs)
[*] Haz no ultz but i mean the 4 stances make up for it
[*] Hard to learn/master.

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Ranked Play

So for ranked play you are gonna want to play agressive because you can but try not to over extend too much once you have your warmogs you can be a bully and you can play more agressive because you have the health to do so.While you are jungeling make sure to check for mias and if your team mates need help then try and do so and if some how you are under lvled you can steal a little exp from each lane but dont be a hog because you wont make friends if you do tht.Once you have your trinity forc then its time to shred kids but the non lane udyr is not as viable for ranked as i dont play it for ranked because jungling is almost essential for a good ranked team but if you really want to play non jungle udyr in ranked then switch one item for a hp item in the build and you should be ready to rock. Now udyr is not exactly a carry but i mean if the situation rises and you have to carry udyr can do a good job if you team will help you some of the ranked games that i have carryed are 13 and 4, 11and 2,12and 3 so it can happen but most games it dosent

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Creeping / Jungling

Ok so now for my jungle path its pretty simple and effective and its hard to counter jungle it will get you to lvl 4 so tht you can attain all stances. Ok so i start with cloth armor and 5 hp pots and i lvl up phenoix i make my way to the blue buff you can kill the buff by your self but if you want help by all means get some and ask for some ppl to spot you if the other team has a jungler as you might be ganked once you start blue pop a hp pot a little way into it,once you have the blue buff and your lvl 2 lvl up turtle stance and make you way to the wolves, pop a hp pot when you start fighting. Once you have finished the wolves go to the double golems and start attacking and use a hp pot,when you finish the golems lvl up tiger and make your way to the lizard buff,put on a hp pot and start fighting smite and kill it.Then when you have finished the lizard buff move on to the wraiths put on a hp pot and start fighting when your finished this lvl up bear and either recall,gank, or keep jungeling what ever you decide is right for the moment being this is the best way i find to get to lvl 4 with udyr by the time you finish you will be about the same lvl as the mid person and will have 2 buffs on you and will be able to gank.

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Non Jungle
When you arent jungle you will need a good farm. Kill minions and gank a good amount and try to get big groups of minions that are on the map. When you get your Bloodthrister do alot of farming and get full stacks so you can get more powerful. When you get over 150 minions you will have a great amount of gold and be killing alot more minions and then get more and more powerful.

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Summoner Spells

Jungeling Spells
i choose flash and smite flash can be switched out for exhust or ghost or even ignite but


ok so now tht i informed you yes so the oly viable summoner spells for udyr are flash,exhust,ghost,and ignite so wht ever you choode i like flash beczuse it can help you get away with bear and flash is and easy get away and it can help you get that last hit but if you choose not to use it that is fine too.

Non Jungeling Spells
So now for non jungeling spells they are pretty much the same as the jungeling but no smite so my perfered ones are flash and ignite but exhust,and ghost can be used if any of thoes are perfered.

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Skill Sequence

Jungle Skill Sequence
So for the jungeling skill sequence i have it so that you will have all 4 spells when finished jungle and then it focuses phenoix and tiger with both being maxed and then bear and turtle at lvl 4 i find this the strongest way to lvl the spells when in the jungle.

Non Jungle Skill Sequence
So my non jungle skill sequence focuses mostly on lvling up tiger then phenoix and then lvling up bear and turtle later game.

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Ok so this is it for now hope you enjoy this build and get to learn how to jungle udyr or not but either way is very good and fun i have spent alot of time into this build and i do this so that ppl who dont know how to play udyr or want some inspiration or just want to learn a new way to play him then that is what this build is for but plz no trolling or down votes because you dont like jungle udyr plz try out this build and then vote any reasonable comments or any additions that you might have will be more then welcomed so have fun wrecking ppl with this awsome champ! Enjoy this build because they take time and effort to make and i need inspiration to ake more so if you like it let me know!