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Udyr Build Guide by mcmcman

Udyr Jungle/Pusher

Udyr Jungle/Pusher

Updated on February 13, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author mcmcman Build Guide By mcmcman 3,394 Views 0 Comments
3,394 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author mcmcman Udyr Build Guide By mcmcman Updated on February 13, 2012
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Basic Intro

Blah Blah Blah, perfect jungler, blah blah blah, great dps soak, blah blah blah, scary stun.
Yea, hes basically an all around great champion. Hes stun/speed boost from his E is great. He can really control the jungle over anyone (lee sin being maybe an exception) and no one having better ganks (maybe not lee sin, again, but lee sin doesnt beat udyr either) really hes just great all around. Personally, i like to play him as a soak who can regen his hp quickly (bloodthirster + turtle) Your job is to stick in the front after your tank. Use your bear to get to and sun their carry. Use tiger to tear them to pieces, and turtle to not die.
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I like to really get my dps by runes. I also grab some HP quints to get early jungle survive, and some AS. I DO NOT GET CRIT! early game, your farm should be this. pheonix to get the activation, then turtle for the life steal. The thing is, you cant crit while in turtle. I just ignore this for now.
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You may be wondering about the item choice later on. Opening is fairly standard, taking the normal jungle set up. After, i get my madreds for a quicker jungle and boots of mobility. You really need these to get around quickly and gank because he has no instant close (such as Alpha Strike on Yi, or Audacious Charge on Xin). Wriggles for armor, LS, dmg, and warding. A temporary brutalizer is a failry good item for Udyr, but I dont reccomend building it into anything. Your only choice doesnt help Udyr much, in my opinion. If your doing well, you can just skip the brutalizer and go straight for the Bloodthirster. After that i go Atmogs cause its OP as hell (no, its just good. But its fun to troll people by saying its OP.) This is where youve got such a big health pool that using your Bloodthirster and not tutle is enough to keep you alive. So, now you can crit. I get the phantom dancer to make Atmogs activate more as well stack with my passive. Then Infinity Edge to get damage and some crit, plus its amazing passive.
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Jungle Patern

With your team comp as well as the other teams' comp (their jungler especially) will change your jungle pattern. Assuming your enemy is a mana jungler (not lee sin, shyvana, or trynd especially) my jungle is as follows.
1. Enemy Red- you really can afford to grab this. If the enemy is guarding it, obviously leave. But I rarely see people protect it, so u can grab it with impunity.

2. Blue- you need this. otherwise your mana pool will be dry.

3. Wolves

4. check your red side jungle. By this point, the enemy will have had enough time to get to his red, realize its gone, and try to invade you. Try to check them. If they arent there, grab their wraiths

5. Golems.

6. Re-check red. You'd be surprised.

7. Ganking. just check everylane and see if you can help.

8. Idle Patern- if you have hp/mana, but cant gank, this is what you should be doing. Golems>Wraiths>Wolves. Or you can try to invade and get their jungler or camps.
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Good job, you just won your first game as Udyr. Or maybe you've played as a different Udyr before, but now you just did it better.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author mcmcman
mcmcman Udyr Guide
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Udyr Jungle/Pusher

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