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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ronin

Udyr: jungle tanky build

ronin Last updated on December 22, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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JUNGLE: I start at blue like most champs do. If the vs team has a jungler also i like to take the risk and start at their red then blue pill back for hp and mana regen. Udyr can escape danger pretty easy with his shield at lvl 1 and use of ghost if necessary. Save your smite for your red, blue, and dragon kills in early game. If u start at your blue side i kill the big dog 1st then move to golem, After golem go back and kill the 2 small dogs, killing the big dog starts the re spawn timer. Work your way down in order, ghost pack, red buff, golems, then back to dog pack. At this point u will have this 700g needed for madreds. Rinse and repeat. If the vs team does not have a jungler i recommend taking there blue and red when u can so the laners dont take it and have a advantage over your team in the lanes. Let your team know they can take the buffs early on if u r taking the vs team buffs. Use your pots when needed.

Mastery tree: Once early game is over i use smite every time i can, the extra gold is always nice, if your not a fan of imp smite i recommend greed in the utility tree or resistance in the defense tree.

Item Build: I could not find lantern in the item selection. Most of my games i turn madreds into lantern and dont take bloodrazor unless they have a high hp team, the wards r soooo nice for your team and the life steal is good. I find my self taking merc treds 99% of the time, almost every champ has some cc that i dont like. The dodge runes will make up for not having ninja tabi. Almost every team has a phys carry so i take the sunfire cape for my 1st big item, i find the hp,armor, and extra dmg come in great use and your MR from ruins and merc treds will hold u over until your next item. Banshees Veil just cant be replaced, its a olden item for this champ. Gaurdian Angel, then Force of Nature or Thornmail for a big phys team. Use your good judgement and select as needed, I hate leaving randuins out of the picture but i find the dmg boost from sunfire needed for this champ. Feel free to take randuins over sunfire. This build keeps your hp low enough were bloodrazor wont have a huge impact on u, also MR and armor is always better than flat hp in the end.

How to Play: I see at Udyr as one of a kind. He is a top teir champ if played well. Its very important to use your Bear stance to help your lanes gank in lane phase. In team fights its very important to stun champs when they use ulti, ( nunu, mf, malz, just to name a few) Always remember u r there to help your team, stun high dmg champs attack your teammates. The change to tiger is great for bursting champs down. Watch your hp, if u r bring targeted switch to turtle! I have no problem stunning champs so my team can kill them rather than trying to get the kill myself. Udyr is very hard to kill and can jungle for a very long time be for blue pilling so gold shouldent be a problem with this build. I hope u enjoy and have as much fun with this champ as i do.

Side notes. LOL is most enjoyable with a couple adult beverages. As udyr always put your team before yourself, sometimes u might have to take a death to let your team escape. Remember u r a tank and it takes alot to kill u. You r a deadly beast and can change the game if u play smrt. Dont talk ****, have fun, stay healthy and dont forget the beverages.