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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author CodeBlack

Udyr Maximum Strength

CodeBlack Last updated on December 27, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Udyr Maximum Strength

Amazing ganker
Very Versatile (tank/dps)
very excellent farmer
good at chasing and getting away
excellent at pushing/solo baron

Not much here other then the fact that he has no range abilities
Useless without mana if ur low gtfo or go to the jungle and grab some with turtle kinda eliminates that con -_-
nothing else here i think its safe to say!

Ok so this is my first time ever writing anything pretty much but i love LoL so i decided to make an attempt here.

Now! For udyr personally i recommend going mid u do not have to but for the purposes of my build we are going mid :P for the people who do not feel udyr should mid regardless of performance u can still use this guide but may have a little bit of trouble laning and i say this because i dont jungle with udyr (dont judge me :D)... mainly because i don't like to jungle. it gets boring imo..

ok so first u want to start with the scepter because lifesteal with udyr's shield and the 19% attack speed marks work really well together the objective in the middle is to be constantly hitting things in order to sustain high life/mana with turtle stance.
meanwhile the opponent will likely be trying to harass u and focus u while your killing his minions and farming this results in him having a substantially lower amount of creep kills then u. (keep in mind while this is happening u need to be timing your turtle with their nukes and if its alot of auto attack like tristana then do the same for their auto attacks) your minion waves will actually play a huge part in this all aswell as im sure u all kno about the way their aggro works so initially u want him attacking u so they are underfarmed and targeted by your minions forcing them to most likely call for a gank this is why we have cleanse so watch out for enemy ganks.

now first off on your first trip back you want to aim for sunfire cape and trust me u can farm this that fast i usually finish my sunfire cap around the 12-15 min mark. if u dont want to do that just do give u an option u can grab the lantern first then grab basic boots and then sunfire up.

but initially u want a sunfire immediatly!. next u want to grab the lantern because it adds to the huge armor your going to have and it gives u damage and a very very useful ward if u know what your doing. next grab your madred's it is the best item on him!. but by this point u should already be stomping people while they ***** about how hard u are to kill, but when u do get this item omg! it gets funny because people just drop trying to kill you.

next u want to grab your force of nature asap key reason is for the magic resist and more mobility you wanna be a truck or a train? :P after that aegis making u practically immortal. but usually the games dont by now neway's. Also i added that rageblade there for people that feel they are just to strong already for more defense and are having an easier time therefore rageblade will literally just demolish people as pheonix is a hybrid skill this is a very good item on him cause hes always casting/smacking things.

for ganking, u can gank if u see the opportunity but without boots i wouldn't suggest it early on.

some other champions that are very good to have as support for udyr are janna, morgana
Shen, Sona, taric, zilean, etc.. having these in your team will make u even more unstoppable.

well that's my ghetto build try it have fun with it and let me know what u think aswell.
anything u think i should change just let me know also. thanks!