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Udyr Build Guide by PotatoZard

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PotatoZard

Udyr - Pheonix Stance

PotatoZard Last updated on July 8, 2011
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Hi this is my first build and today i'll be talking about how to jungle udyr.
This build will give udyr a great damage output aswell as good survivability and chasing skills.
The reason why udyr is better jungling than laning is because most melee dps tend to get harrassed by ranged enemies in lanes like vayne and ashe etc.

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I use a standard 21 0 9 for a melee dps.
Make sure you copy the mastery points at the top of the page

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For runes I use

resilence or warding
fortitude,desolation, or alactricity

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Summoner Spells

I use standard jungling spells which are:

Smite: is a must have for jungling.

Ghost: Great for escaping battles by using it with your bear stance, and also great for chasing to get that one stun with bear.

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Skill Sequence and skills explanation

I max out pheonix stance as my top priority and my bear stance as second priority. The rest of the points go to turtle stance. (look at the point usage on top of page)

Now let me explain the skills and it's uses

Pheonix stance: Mostly for ganking, farming, and your #1 damage output skill.
bear stance: This is your main initiating skill, use it to chase and stun enemies, or escape from battle. Remember always switch back to pheonix stance right after you stun someone for maximum damage.
Turtle stance: In late game when you come out of a battle with around 30 hp left and ignite on you, you can save your self using turtle stance because of it's armor buff. Using turtle stance on creeps, you can quickly regain your hp so you can get back to battle.
Tiger stance: Now you may think this skill is useless for a pheonix build, but since it gives you more attack speed, you'd rather use tiger stance than pheonix stance on a tower.

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I start off with a regrowth pendant for jungling (more detail in jungling section below)
Then build it to a philospher's stone (more detail in jungling section below)
When I finish my jungle I pick up some boots for a better ganking chance, a ward, and a health pot.

I upgrade my boots to mercury treads, these are very useful if you want to get out of battle quickly since you get cc'd alot because you're a melee dps.

Then straight away I work towards my trinity force, the trinity force is really a great item for udyr because it gives some extra movement speed for ganking, damage, ability power for your pheonix stance, more attack speed, more health and mana, and a great passive. When building the trinity force, I like to get the phage first for early game survivability, then the zeal for more dps and chasing capabilities, then the sheen.

Now using my philosopher's stone, I build it into a shurelia's reverie, this item gives pretty good health regen and more survivability when ganking, it's active is amazing for chasing and fleeing.

My next item is a yoummu's ghostblade because I get more dps and armor pen, plus the active is also amazing for chasing and escaping.

During this guide I said alot about chasing and escaping, with my shurelia's active, yoummu's active, bear stance, and ghost. I can run crazy fast and that's what really shines about this build.

I finish off the build by getting a randuin's omen and a force of nature, with your full wbuild you'll have insane regen and great passives/actives,your damage is quite amazing even though this build isn't all focused on damage, your survivability will make up for it.

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Now let's get to the acutal jungling part.

So as I said in my item build, I start off with a regrowth pendant, and move to the:

wraith camp: At the wraith camp you want to smite the big blue wraith. then just finish the little red wraiths after using pheonix stance only once or twice

Head up to the:

wolf camp: Focus the big wolf, you'll gain a level from that so you should quickly put a point in turtle stance then use it against the little wolfes. Use pheonix stance once or twice here, and use turtle stance only ONCE.

Head down to the:

Double Golemns: Kill 1 golemn by hitting it 3 times with pehonix stance and finishing it off with turtle stance, then smite the second golemn and finish it off with pheonix stance


Buy your philosopher's stone for extra regen, you may have to wait a few seconds so you can buy it.

Head over to

Blue Golemn: Kill it using this combination of skills, Hit it 3 times with pheonix, then 3 times with turtle, Rinse and Repeat.

Head down to

Red Lizard: Smite it, then use the same combo for blue golemn, 3 times with pheonix, then switch.

Head back to

Wolf camp: Just kill them however you want.


Buy your self some boots, a ward, and an health potion. Then GANK

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How to gank

FIRST THING FIRST: make sure the enemies aren't full hp because you'll have a less chance of getting the kill, make sure your friend's don't have low hp. If the solo laner is calling for a gank and the enemies have full hp, don't get the kill, instead you can hold the lane while your friend recalls. MAKE SURE SURE THE ENEMY IS NOT NEAR THEIR TURRET. Usually the enemies on top lane have pushed your solo laner back to the turret, this allows you for more GANKING SPACE.

Hide in a brush and initiate with bear stance on the marked target with lower hp, if they flash away, they've just burnt one of their summoner spells. You can come back later for the kill, if they didn't flash or ghost, right after stunning with bear stance, switch to pheonix stance and do your damage, if they almost get to the enemy turret's firing range,switch to bear and pheonix away.

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Team fights

Since you are an off-tank, it's possible for you to initiate right after your tank does, focus the squishy carries, your bear stun is great for taking down high damage dealers like xinzhao.

Otherwise, your pheonix stance does great AoE damage to the enemies aswell.

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Using this build I can get really positive scores even if my team is losing.
Thank you for reading my build, please give me a +1, if you give me a -1 then please criticse in the comment section below to tell me how to improve my guides.