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Udyr Build Guide by Vidiny

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vidiny

Udyr Phoenix Jungle (Tanky smasher)

Vidiny Last updated on October 18, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey and thanks for reading this guide for Udyr.
Udyr is quite a strong champion to jungle with , hes quite easy to handle and can fit many roles as for example the role in this guide which is a tanky like dps.

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Why i choose to play with this kind of runes is just because in the early jungle phase with phoenix stance for goal is to trigger the 3-hit effect so you can smash jungle creeps faster. Armor runes are in my opinion needed to start at the golem without beeing wounded so bad that you have to use a second health pot to regenerate from it , which follows by an more easy and faster jungling since you dont have to go back to the base to get more health potions .

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I start with a simple Vampiric scepter and then i wait for 10gold at the base to buy 1 health potion , this gives me a nice start in jungling and i always go away from the golem almost unharmed when 1 of my teammates pulls him. first time i go back to base is usually 5 lvl after having 950 gold ca. till i go to the base and regen i can get me a Madreds razors . after that the next time i go back to base is usually at 6 lvl to get the boots and start the ganking phase. Wriggles is next plus mercury treads or if you want ninja tabi it really depends on the opponents team , if they got like only 1 champion with heavy cc then go for the ninja tabi's , else Mercury treads. Spirit visage is next on since its going to give me more health gain from different kind of things , for example if you got a support player in your team then his heals are going to be more powerful and you are going to be able to play more aggresively .You will then go for Wit's end which is a rare item to see in games which i really dont understand cause it has many functions for different champions and in this case for udyr you want the attack speed bonus to trigger your phoenix 3-hit effect more often and also cause its giving you a decent amount of stacking magic resistance in early-mid game . Banshee's is a must for this build to make it almost impossible for your opponents to stop you while you are trying to initiate a fight with bear stance . Atmas impaler is going to give you some extra spice cause of the 2% dmg you get from your health pool , thats why you want the previous items , not just because of there primary functions but also because they are raising your health pool , More health more dmg. Sadly but true , its time to sell wriggles and buy Hextech gunblade , why HG it gives spell vamp wtf ? well spell vamp is useful when you play udyr if you like it or not , tiger stance and phoenix stance do magic damage , so besides your normal hits which are going to be quite strong you are getting life back from your spells aswell .

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I choose this kind of mastery specc for 2 things .
1. 15% spell pene sounds not so usefull for an melle ad dps dealer yeah i know but if you look at Udyrs phoenix and tiger stance both do magic damage , so i think a 15% pene isnt that useless anymore.
2. I go straight to the last mastery on the defensive tree to ensure the early jungle phase and to avoid getting squishy in mid-game .

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Skill Sequence

I max Phoenix Stance at lvl 9 simply cause its the spell that gives me the most damage output in this build plus it gives me the right to farm very quickly around the map .
Turtle stance is the next spell that i maximize since its the one spell can change a battle into your favor by giving you a decent shield and more lifesteal/mana on hit , ofc its the spell thats gonna save your butt alot of times.
Tiger stance is next cause the attack speed buff is very useful, if you go on tiger stance dont just leave it there and keep hitting your enemy , change back to phoenix so you can trigger the 3-hit effect alot more often which results are more dmg output on your enemy . so always try to change back too phoenix after tiger stance for more pew pew.

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Summoner Spells

Well smite is a MUST in jungling so im not gonna talk about that .
Flash is in my opinion very good for this guide so you easily close gaps and escape or enter a fight very quickly.

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With this build you will be mostly able to play aggresively very early since you got the dmg (phoenix stance), you got the defensive capability of taking some hits without dieing right away(Turtle stance), and you got the speed to chase or initiate your enemy (Bear stance) . In the late game you will kindy adapt to a different role since you are going to be alot tankier than most melle dps.

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Pros / Cons

Fast Jungling which means fast lvling.
Can play aggresively early on.
Amazing ganker in the early game.
Altho hes tanky , he does tons of damage.

Only Mellee , if your enemy knows how to kite you got a problem.
Vulnerable to cc in early game , after banshee is on it will get better.

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This is the first time i write a guide for something , i wasnt really sure how to write it down :P correct me if im wrong somewhere :)