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Udyr Build Guide by Sharyn

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sharyn

Udyr "BUUURN" [AP]

Sharyn Last updated on September 14, 2012
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Hello Summoners! This is my first Build,it's something that has worked per se. Main objective: Making Udyr a AP toon. Or mixed I suppose. Since Udyr can be a Tank, Melee DPS, or a Jungler, he can do quite well in them roles, depending on the Items used and what Stances are used mainly.

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Making Udyr mainly in the Defensive Mastery Tree suits well with him, since it will help tank out in the beginning at least, and cooldown red would be very helpfull since you are Ap Udyr.

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Atack speed marks for your Phoenix form.armor seals for top and cd red. for lichbane.You can change quints as you want swiftness also a good choice.

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First, you get the Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potions, so you can stay in the lane longer and accumulate more Gold, and to also get experience and help your lane partner. Use your Health Potions only when it is truly needed, like when you're close to death or something... make sure you fall back a little. You can also use them after you have pushed/killed the Champions in your lane after you have taken some damage, and by then, should be able to get the Turtle Stance to recover lost Health and Mana.

Kages lucky prick and then Deathfire Grasp.You can take advantage against tanks eiyh that one.
Or Next item you can get, the Hextech Revolver instead of Deathfire Grasp, or at least, work on getting it. You get decent AP bonus and Spell Vamp, which works well with your Tiger Stances and Phoenix Stances.

Then, work on getting Rylai's Crystal Scepter. More Health so you can take getting a bit more damage, that extra AP boost, and the passive it gives is use full when you hit someone with your Tiger Stance's initial attack, the Phoenix Stance should slow foes down too on initial activation.

3rd main item you should get is Mercury's Treads, so you move a little faster and gives Magic Resist, along with Tenacity, which is useful against certain Debuffs, like snares, stun, slow, silence, etc... so those boots are quite useful.

Aim to get Nashor's Tooth, everything it gives will help out. Personally, I say get the Stinger for it first, and then get the Fiendish Cortex or you could save up for the whole thing.

Rabadon's Deathcap is a MUST.... it gives you 140 AP and then a 30% BONUS to your AP, so that shall make Phoenix Stance and Tiger Stance a lot better upon activation.

Last item is to get Lich Bane and that may take a bit, personally... grab Sheen for your 6th slot, and then save up for Lich Bane.

o.o That is my item talk there, and there are probably better ideas that can or would be used, but that's up to any readers of this Guide to figure out, that's the best part of gaming... figuring out what works best with certain toons.

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Team Work

Okay... when using this build, this is a way to hunt down or take out other champs, and certain champs that are weaker to Mage type people, like Taric, this build should be useful.

Alright, first when you pounce into a team fight or whatever it is you are going to do, just try to take down one Champion at a time. Use the Bear Stance first to stun your foe, then switch to Phoenix Stance to increase your AD & AP, then go into Tiger Stance for that hard hit and increased AS. Doing all 3 Stances in a row will give you an extra 30% increase to your AS, so that's quite useful. Then just keep switching between Stances but REMEMBER... Bear Stances stun only has a short CD per se on the same target, so try to just switch back and forth with Phoenix Stance and Tiger Stance after 3 Stance combo, do it couple of times before going back into Bear Stance.

Also, use your Bear Stance to chase down fleeing Champions if they try running away, and hopefully you can get a quick stun or if you are able to use the Summoner Spell, use Exhaust, then Ignite so you can kill them quickly hopefully while they are running away. Do NOT try this if they have more than half Health unless you are sure you can kill them. Try to avoid the Turrets if possible too. You can take the Jungle-like paths and catch them between Turrets, and probably killing them in the process, plus you have more Health left over, unless you get ganked by other Champions.

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On top lane against melee champ you can easily farm with your Phoenix form. At the same time you can disturb enemy champ with your aoe fire damage.

There is nothing more to discuss i think.Vote up if you like my build. Ofc you can ask questions :)