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Udyr Build Guide by Dingo#14806

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dingo#14806

Udyr simple DPS

Dingo#14806 Last updated on April 19, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Chapter 1

I hope you guys dont think im a noob and i hope you enjoy my build and give it a few thumbs up for good attempt or good build itself... Thanks for looking at my build. If you dont give me a thumbs up please send me a comment and i will definitely take any criticism into consideration.
Ok i own n00bs and doesnt afraid of anything cuz i like BEAST MODE!!! Its all about the BEAST MODE of the situation so whenever you say BEAST MODE its all about Udyr and everyone knows it... Nidalee is cool but she is NOT BEAST MODE like UDYR...

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Early Game

In the early game you should be jungling until about four minutes and thirty minutes waiting for a good ganking lane. but Udyr, in my opinion isnt a very good early game because he needs the money for his items and doenst do very much without them. he does do a lot once you get to your sheen and wriggles but before that he isnt the best, he is mainly a stun lock champ until that point where he is both a major damage and a stun lock champ. At that point it is just about gg from there.

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Mid Game

During the mid game stage everyone should be going into team fights. You should be the one to go in right after the tank does because you are probably going to be the only other champ with any health or survivability at close range and will probably get focused pretty hard once they figure out how much damage you do. This is also the point where you finish or are just about to finish trinity force, depending on how farmed or fed you are... If you arent that fed try to help your team get kills and farm the neutral creeps and the enemy creeps to finish trinity force to deal MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF DAMAGE!!!

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Late Game

Once you have at least Trinity force it is a good idea to get the survivability to keep you in the battle and help your team by being a little more tanky. The reasons for getting these items like Randuins and youmuus is for the cooldown reduction because of udyr's spamable abilities which is the reason for sheen. Udyr i s a very good late game champion especially when it comes to dps because you can take on 2 or three of the enemies at one time and not die if you are some what fed and play somewhat like i do. Im not the best but i know that trinity force will save your life when it comes down to you and an enemy one on one. Udyr's late game, in this build, is very good because it makes it easy for you to spam your abilities in any order to put out a lot of damage on to one enemy. At full build your tiger stance damage over time effect will do at least five hundred damage on attack. and the extra ability power, although not much, from sheen helps you stay alive in turtle stance.

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start with blue and move along through the jungle to wolves, wraiths, red buff, golems,etc... I will usually start ganks at about level five in order to get two ranks of tiger and turtle and one stance of bear for the stun. Depending on how well your solo laness are doing you might be able to afford to jungle around a little more and then go back, and then gank... It isnt always the best idea but when you arent used to jungling this can be very helpful mid to late game. You do need to learn how to gank properly though to be the most effective Udyr you can be when your solo lanes can be ganked. sorry if im not making much sense... If the lanes are able to be ganked and you are confident you wont die at the first sight of your enemy than you should go for it because ganks arent always about getting the kills, they are good for getting rid of their summoner abilities so that the soloer can get the kills a little later on...

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Start with cloth armor of course for the jungle and then once you have gotten the wraiths twice and the wolves twice you should go back and get madreds razors. go through the jungle once more and come back with enough for wriggles and boots of speed. you can now jungle without potions and not much of mana drain for changing stances all of the time. once you start to get some kills its time for sheen because of its extra damage and turtle stance makes it give more health.If the enemy team is heavy on the AP then a good item to get is spirit visage because of its passive and magic resist. The passive will help your turtle stance when it comes to how much health you are going to get when attacking because it already does a percentage of the damage you do in the stance... so you're going to get a ton of health back, although not as much as master yi in his full build... Or at least AD Yi...

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Udyr has very short cooldowns making his abilities very selectable. Its a good idea to get the cooldown reduction for his abilities so that sheen will proc more often. This way you will put out more damage. Then once you get at a low enough health you switch to turtle stance to heal for the percentage of health you get for how much damage you do. being able to get that damage over time effect off on your enemy is very important for max damage... When it comes down to you and the opponent you cant lose with all of these abilities going off on them while they sit there thinking what just happened... LoL... No pun... anyways I enjoy cooldown reduction on Udyr for the MAX damage that you will end up putting out.