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Udyr Build Guide by Grendok

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Grendok

Udyr The Beast

Grendok Last updated on July 3, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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First off this is how I play Udyr , don't expect to win every game. This build works great for me but I dont recommend it to new or unskilled players. This is my 3v3 build so don't expect great result 5v5. I enjoy using this build so I thought I'd share it and see what you guys think.
Please rate and comment
If you have ideas about this builds would love to hear them and see how they affect the build.
I am amming to be the best Udyr build out there so your support is greatly appreciated.
Please Rate Respectively

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Every listed above is how i buy them in game due to gold you can buy them any way you choose but i find the way listed above to yeild great result early mid and late game so please consider that before you rate due to item build.
I think Breseker's Greaves are a great starting item because you want to be hitting as fast as you can in tiger stance so you can shred the opposing teams health early game so you have some gold for late game items.
Tiamat is a great jungling tool and a great farming tool and too me farming early game usually gives great results late game plus its not that expensive of an item and gives you plenty of power early game.
I go Bloodthirster if im going to jungle for the life steal but if you are already bringing in the kills I normally go for the Cleaver to give you that extra punch.
I get Phantom Dance just for faster tiger stance by this time I normally shred enemies in about 3 seconds.
Next you get what ever item you didnt get before either the Bloodthirster or the Black Cleaver
Last item is really a choice I like Spirit Visage do to the Bloodthirster cause you get a little more health back or I go Guardian Angel cause chances are the only reason your dead is cause you got ganked and if you stayed and fought chances are you destroyed alot of your enemies health if not taking a couple with you and whats not more scarying than being resurected right back up to finish them off.

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Skill Sequence

I primary with Udyr in Tiger cause with the item build you can do so much damage so fast you get called a hacker or over powered which is funny when your not either I love hear people QQ.
I like using bear stance to firstly move around the map and secondly to chase down enemies who got away from you. Stunning them is aways fun I personally love doing it when they start to turret hug with low health just remember your not invincible and the turret can kill you if the enemy can stun you.

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TIAMAT TIAMAT TIAMAT TIAMAT TIAMAT you want to farm Tiamat is your friend. Tiamat around level nine with a vampiric sceptor can solo dragon. You need to farm too this is an expensive build so killing multiple enemy minions at once is really nice not to mention when you jungle if you target the buff holder normally the liltle minions beside it are dead by the time you finish off the buff holder.

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Summoner Spells

I like Ghost and Exhuast.
Ghost with Bear stance and you can be just about anywhere in a few seconds on a 3v3 map not to mention you can chase down annoying squishies or run away from a gank that you normally wouldn't this way you same your team from QQing
I like Exhuast for pretty much the same reason if you are in a fight it's a giant help on attack speed enemies and for getting away if you have to or if they are just really fast and you are in range to use it.

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I play an aggressive Udyr which is why i like Armor Penetration runes its amazing how much more dammage you can do with a little armor and just how much weaker you are without them so get them and use them and see the difference.
Attack Speed runes mixed with Armor Pen runes = DEAD just think of them as Nitro for your Tiger Stance pow pow pow pow a summoner has been slain

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I use an offensive mastery mixed with utility offensive is pretty self expanitory.
So boost in ghost to move faster and catch people or get away.
Perseverance because Udyr does have some mana problems early game.
Awarness so you can be the highest level you cn in the shortest amount of time if you can out level them then you can out farm them and get all the jungling buffs you need.
Utlility Mastery because you are a jungler so the longer your buffs last the better for you.

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Ranked Play

I have yet to take this build into a ranked game. Will update with ranked game play soon and possible video of results.
If you do happen to play a ranked game and record please send me a link I would personally love to review your findings or struggles for the better of the build.

Please no spam links else you will be reported respectfully.

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Anyways this in my Udyr build don't berate it before least giving the build a shot. I spent alot of time trying this build so rate respectivly.
Most of all good luck and have fun.
Hope to see you all in the rift.

Like i said before if you think something should be changed or can be changed to better the build please rate it and comment so i know what you think thank you all for your support in the build.