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Udyr Build Guide by ddreadlord

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ddreadlord

Udyr - The fastest way to kill a man

ddreadlord Last updated on July 7, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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(image not owned or drawn by me)

So this is my Udyr guide. I made this because there is a huge pile of guides voted bad by like 52% of the people and yet they are still top. So when browsing the guides I had a hard time choosing a good one, so i thought i might as well do something myself this once :)

This guide is a pure attack speed/damage one. It is not made for jungling, but can be used for that if so desired. It is made specifically for 1v1. Even when it is 1v2 against other players, i have killed both in the past by concentrating on 1. If it's 1v2, make it 1v1! either chase the other one off, or if its a support character, leave him be. This gives your enemy more confidence and is less likely to run. Most times in this situation the enemy thinks i am the pray, as there is 2 of them, but don't make the mistake of thinking that yourself. Your are not the pray, THEY ARE!

I found that at the start of the game, Udyr gets very underestimated, which leads to many early kills if you time your bear stance right and then right after they get stunned switch to tiger stance and maw them to bits. Late game they don't underestimate you that much if you got a few kills at the start, which means they usually run for u or group up on you. This just means u gotta switch lanes and come from behind and pick off lone targets. 1v1 i have had very few heroes that can stand a chance against Udyr with this build at late game.

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Big advantage

I played quite a few games with udyr after i posted this build, and the one thing i have noticed, is that nobody ever plays as udyr.... or at least not often. This gives you 2 advantages! First of all, if you haven't played a character, you cannot fully understand the way it works and the benefits his moves provide him with. Secondly, if you haven't even gone up against a champion because he is seldom used, people wont know what to expect, and the obvious way of thinking is "If no1 plays him, nobody likes him, means he sucks". Both these points added up become a conclusion: Underestimated. I have had many people trying to solo me with half health because they underestimated me! Use this knowledge and hunt them down like the predator you are!

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Runes & Masteries

The thing with this is, there is no set in stone "this is the best go with this", as I found that whatever play style suits the person, is the best in his hands. If someone likes attack speed, they can go all attack speed runes and prolly replace one of the attack speed items with a pure damage one, as they will be capped on att speed anyway. If someone likes more damage, you can do that, and you see where this is going.

As with masteries, I just went with whatever is logical and helps me, seeing as I use heal and teleport, which i will explain in the section below. Again experimental, but there is less options in this case.

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Firs thing you get in this build is a dagger, and this is because its quite cheap, has a considerable amount of att speed increase, and is soon used in the second item, which are the attack speed boots. This also means you can get the boots a lot earlier, increasing your movement speed by quite a lot and further increasing your attack speed. This will give you an advantage over the other players if you're in a lane. If you want to jungle you should check out a jungling guide, might be better suited.

The third item again is a dagger. Most people would put the B.F. Sword here, but the dagger is a LOT cheaper so you can get the bonus out of it sooner, and perhaps land a kill or two thanks to it which will get you the B.F. Sword faster, ultimately getting you the black cleaver faster as well. The black cleaver is an amazing item to start with as it gives a lot of attack damage, which udyr needs badly at this point in the game, and it also increases the attack speed.

Next You want to get a Zeal because it increases attack speed and movement speed, and then upgrading it into a phantom dancer asap, as this is the first item that gives you crit chance. At this point you have enough attack speed to crit a lot! This is where the real damage starts being dished out.

Now that we have some good damage and speed, we aim for a trinity force to increase our stats all around. I would begin aither with zeal if you aren't satisfied with the attack speed :P or a phage, which has a chance to stun enemies, and again, at this attack speed that chance to stun per second is huge.

I have vamparic scepter near the end, because if you are using turtle form well enough, you won't need it sooner, however if survival is an issue you can get it earlier. At this point the bloodthirster and the last whisper are just icing on the cake. The bloodthirster gives you so much survivability, that you wont even have to use turtle stance anymore, and if you are low on health a pack of mobs in the jungle will return half your health with the vamp and turtle stance combined. This means less down time for you, as long as you don't die.

When it comes to the last whisper, it was a hard decision between that and infinity edge, but i went with last whisper because of the 40% armor pen, which i think is a huge amount and can help you a lot! especially against tanks. You can go for infinity edge if you like. In fact, if you leave a comment, let me know which one you personally would go for at this point.

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Heal & Teleport

The reason i use these is because heal can really help in sticky situations, as well as at the start when everyone is squishy it can return a bar or 2 of life, making all the difference between life and death, and perhaps even death and a kill ;P. I have actually escaped a ganking of 5 v 1 thanks to heal before.

Teleport is a very helpful ability to have to always be on the battlefield, and late game to even surprise and gank enemy heroes. Nothing much to say about it except that it does help to get more exp and money by always being in the middle of the action

The reason i didn't get Exhaust is simply because of bear stance. With it i get increased movement speed and a stun on first hit which makes chasing a lot easier. Combined with a good pair of shoes, exhaust would become pointless to have.

The same goes for ghost. No point in having it as chasing is no problem for Udyr thanks to his bear stance.

You can experiment with the other summoner abilities if you like, but i find most of the others are more defensive or not as usefull. The build i have here is purely offensive and thanks to heal I don't even have to show my back to my opponents most of the time, as it can really turn a 1v1 battle.

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Why not to use my build:

That might seem like a strange thing to be in a guide, but on the official LoL tips on how to combat Udyr one of the points is :

"Some Udyr players buy tank items to become very durable. If they do, focus their weaker teammates instead."

This just made me laugh so i had to put it in here. Basically, if you're going tank, even the official guide tells your enemies to stay out of your way, so you might wanna try a tanky guide as well and decide which one you like better and stick to that one. Again, as I mentioned about runes and masteries, its not about what you have, its about how you can use it. A champion that is horrible in one players hands turns into an amazing one in anothers. Preferences, Preferences and more preferences. If you do what you love you will love what you do.

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Constructive criticism is always welcome, please rate, tell me what you think :)

And good luck owning with Udyr.
(again, i'm not an artist, so this isn't my image..... obviously)