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League of Legends Build Guide Author Barman5000

Udyr-The jungle/killing guide.

Barman5000 Last updated on November 12, 2010
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Hey everyone this is my first build. First off i would like to tell you Udyr is one of my favrite charactors and i couldnt find a good jungle build for him so heres my own build.


How to jungle:

1. go for 2 golems or wolves first.( if golem smite one when he gets to 500hp and use health potion, If wolves just turtle)
2 then wraiths
3. depending on what you chose golems/wolves
4. lizard(turtle and phinox like no tommorow/smite)
5 Big Golem(same as above
6. Gank.
repeat when nessessary.

When playing Udyr always keep an eye out on your lanes. since your jungling 2 lanes will have 1 champion, so help the lanes out if they need it. also early game Udyr is super mana wasting so use clarity when needed. When using your health pots use them whenever you need them. After you get 1000+ gold head back to base and pick up madreds, ninja tabi and vampric. Then things get fun, Then lane with your partner and the most important part is keeping your buffs up, and go to the jungle when ever you need to feed on creeps with turtle.

How to lane:
1. when fighting champions Bear and Turtle are you priority. ( Phoenix is an extra)
2. Phoenix is used when farming.
3. Always initiate with bear stance.

If your facing multiple champions at once switch between Bear,Phoenix, Turtle. Once you get locket up your pretty much unstoppable, stance dance to your hearts content and you will be racking in the kills/assists. I would like to point out this build cant get 20+ kills on a regular basis ive only done that once. On average i go 11/3/6 maybe thats just me and i would love to see how you guys can do with my build.

I chose these items because i think they help Udyr the most but alot of them can be swapped depending on the game situation. If you havent noticed my build is primarily for taking down DPSers and tanks, but if theres casters tearing you apart feel free to witch ninja tabi for sorcerers. Also about the spells ive chosen, clarity in my eyes is essential early game but in mid/late game its useless so if you want you can swap it for ignite of exhaust.(adjust masteries accordingly) I would advise you not to take out clarity as it is very useful early out.

Udyr can tower dive if done correctly and thats where Tiger Stance comes in. when chasing after a turret hugger simply turtle, bear, they run away in most cases and if not turtle and then they will realize that there turret is doing no damage to you and then run away( if you think you can finish him off bar stance him to death works like a charm). by then your minions should of caught up to you and then proceed to take down the tower using tiger and phoenix.
Udyr in my eyes is the ultimate switch role champion he can fit in to almost every role you can throw at him and succeed. So if this build isnt working for you switch the items around and find something that fits you. Either way you should feel confidant in such a diverse champion like Udyr.
By late game your enemys will want you dead and throw everything they have at just to knock you down but they will notice even if you get double or tripled teamed you can still escape unshaved. Ive once at lvl 15 been hit with Urgots first skill and nether grasp from malazahar and walk out there with 2 kills under my belt with no damage taken. Always help what ever teamate that is in need because Udyrs role in this buildis support/Tank so keep that in mind.

This build is not perfect and even i know hat so any comments are welcome. Good luck