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Udyr Build Guide by Nano95

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nano95

Udyr: The Kung-Fu Horror (Solo Top)

Nano95 Last updated on October 28, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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After playing 100 games with udyr and still loving him each time as much as the first time, ive decided to make a guide, well its not the best guide but it surely will let u get "fed" and if you are a player like me who loves getting alot of kills, i sure do recommend you to read this guide!

In the early levels i recommend you to be really careful since udyr has got no ranged spell, so in the early levels do not get greedy and chase them if they have got 100 hp left, just let them go away and just keep on farming, keep on killing minions. When you are at level 6, if done right you should be able to buy lanthern wich is great when farming. Easiest way to get money is by farming and it works well on Udyr so dont be too greedy and commit suicide just because you want to get a kill.
When you have reached level 6 you should notice that it will be easier to take damage from your opponents but still dont be too greedy and remember keep farming and try to jugnle get blue and red if it goes really bad for your team. When you have completed "Warmog" Complete Infinity Edge. After you have bought B.F. Sword in the guides order you should be really hard to kill already there.
Easiest thin to do is to run to them with Bear Stance, stun them and as quickly as possible switch to Tiger Stance and when you have killed one champion or 2 and have really low health just switch between Turtle Stance and Bear Stance cause its really easy to flee with Udyr.
Remember everything counts on the beginning, if you get a bad start and die about 3 times and make your enemies fed, try jungeling and farming alot and get gold. most important thing is not to feed.
A jungle guide will be coming out soon as fast as possible if you guys could help me and give me a bit of feedback :P

Hope you like my guide and raelly enjoy the unstoppable way of playing Udyr! (Believe me if you do the guide right, you will be unstoppable!) :P


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Okay so runes you can basically use the runes that fits you for AD champions because i dont use this setup of runes always but sometimesm i like to switch up all the time but i recommend you to use the runes that fits you best with an AD champion.

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I recommend you playing this way and using these masteries when playing with him, ive tried other masteries from other guides and ive tried alot of the other guides but they dont seem to work as well as the masteries I use in my opinion. You can use masteries from other guides if you would like but that is NOT recommended. These masteries help you in a way, they actually help alot in early game so i recommend these masteries over any other.

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Well the items build is really good, it gives you alot of Attack Damage and when one of your spells give you incredibly much attack speed you dont need to buy attack speed items and these items are really good against 3v1 situations because of the defencive way of playing Udyr. If you think that Infinity Edge costs too much, you can switch it out with Atmas Impaler which provides you a bit worse DMG than with IE but still a great option if you have a noobish team or if you dont have enough of gold.

Okay so I changed the build items completely, as they didn't really work anymore, because of all the new champs that counters him, when you reach "Hexdrinker" CHOOSE ONE OF THE FOLLOWING: HEXDRINKER, CHAIN VEST, One of them not both, and if you are going against alot of AD champs, then choose the Vest, but if you are going against AP champs, then choose the Hexdrinker. With the Black Cleaver in the end to finish the your build, you will not die so hard, and the other team will have hard time staying alive against you, that is if they don't run away like they will always do with this times build xD

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Skill Sequence

If you know how to use udyr, you will know what each skill does, so it will not be so hard to use a different setup if you would like but i highly recommend you to max your tiger stance first, turtle second, bear third and phoenix last.
Phoenix is more of a jungeling skill, and some people like to max that out but if you would ask me then i would say dont since this is not a jungeling guide, i do not recommend you to max phoenix first.

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Summoner Spells

You can switch out flash with teleport if you dould like to, it is pretty good too if you know that you can escape really easy, but if you like to get alot of kills like I do, you wil need the flash more to flash out when getting stunned and want to get out of there as quickly as possible. Ignite is a must have summoner spell when using udyr, as you know he has no ranged attacks and sometimes he is even to slow in the beginning for some champions like Master Yi, in these situations you can use your ignite which will cause them to loose HP continuosly and that is great in the beginning or if you notice that your going to die and your opponent has about 100 HP left, these situations will let you love ignite! :P So leave ignite ON! :D

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A little tip if you are getting chased with not so much hp left or when trying to save a team mate and the other teams champion tower dives you or your team mate, just activate your Bear Stance and hit him once and he will be stunned and continue to run away or if you would like continue to attack and if he attacks back your tower willk atack him :D

Hope my guide gets you as good stats as i have got in my Udyr history :P

Please give feedback if you think i should change something or if you think that i add something or anything, also give me feedback if you liked it, if it worked great for you or if it he guide didnt help at all and so on.

Peace! ;)