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Build Guide by Warri0r of Chaos

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Warri0r of Chaos

Udyr the Wild Cat

Warri0r of Chaos Last updated on April 17, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Brute Force
Improved Rally

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Udyr is a great champion i like to play him (altough i just bought him) and i found out this build and i liked it so i thought of sharing it with you guys :)... how nice of me XD.
Anyways in this build i go laning with udyr and i focus on his tiger stance dps.

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Pros / Cons

For a melee champ, one of the best skill sets in the game.
Very strong jungler.
Fantastic ganks; even if it is a failed gank, the enemy will have had to pop at least one summoner spell.
One of the strongest damage shields in the game.
A great stun in Bear Stance.
Primal Udyr skin is quite possibly the sexiest skin in the entire game.
To Be Continued...

Absolutely no range.
Can be a pain in the *** at times because Udyr isn't the best of carries.
CC can become a problem very quickly
If your team's carries don't do ****, you are relatively useless.
HUGE learning curve.
The last few recent patches have really screwed with the Udyr Niche, so it can be hard to find a set playstyle for Udyr.

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Udyrs patching

Tiger Stance
Initial damage is now 150% attack damage plus 40/80/120/160/200 from 180/210/240/270/300% attack damage
Persistent effect no longer splits Udyr's attacks
Udyr now gains half attack speed for 5 seconds after activating Tiger and half while in Tiger stance
Phoenix Stance base damage of activation effect reduced to 10/18/26/34/42 from 15/25/35/45/55
Phoenix Stance base damage of on hit effect increased to 50/90/130/170/210 from 40/80/120/160/200

This patch I got a lil nerfed and buffed. Less burst with the first rank of bear, but a lil attack speed when activated is good. As long as they dont take the burst out of Tiger, Im happy.

Phoenix AoE took a hit, but its persistant effect got a lil buff. Now much, but it works out.

Tiger Stance
Base damage changed to 30/80/130/180/230 from 40/80/120/160/200
No longer scales off of ability power
Attack damage scaling increased to 1.7 from 0.5
Persistent attack speed in Tiger Stance increased to 20/25/30/35/40% from 15/20/25/30/35%
Initial damage effect can now be triggered any time in Tiger Stance, or within 5 seconds of casting if you switch stances
Restored the hit particle to Tiger Stance's basic attacks
Phoenix Stance
Breath damage reduced to 40/80/120/160/200 from 50/95/140/185/230
Now casts fire cone every 3 attacks instead of every 4

Overall tiger stance got a nice buff so its goood :)

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For runes i go full attack speed (i like those) but u can also try a little armor penetration (depends on which u like).

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I go for 21/9/0 bcs i like taking offensive masteries on him and i took nimbleness in defense so if u take ninja tabi (u can) and then u can get that 10% bonus move speed easy and just run run run

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Summoner Spells

I always take exhaust and ignite bcs i like the usefulness of those skills. U can exhaust ad carries that tend to shut u down easy and just turn the fight around. And ignite is great because with the tiger dot it deals great damage.

Other spell explanations:
Ghost - i dont like ghost because u have good move speed with bear already
Clarity - i dont have mana problems because i take turtle at 2
Teleport - i didnt try this spell but i dont like it
Heal - definetly no u dont need u have turtle
Fortify - i dont like to waste a summ spell slot for this
Revive - if u want to troll this is ok
Flash - u can take this spell if the enemy team has slows because slows>udyr
clairvoyance - let the support take it
Rally - let alistar take it

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Skill Sequence

I level up Tiger first because its damage is insane, u just activate it and hit ... again and again and they will fall. Then i level up turtle for the shields and life steal and u get mana also (how cool is that :) ) And i only put 1 point in bear early for the stun i dont need the move speed in early and mid game do not know why but u can try and alternate between turtle and bear

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Wriggle - even after the nerf wriggles is pretty good for clearing minion waves fast and u can go jungle for buffs from time to time.

Boots - Boots u can take for attack speed if the enemy team doesnt have a lot of cc. If they do then take mercury threads.

Madreds - combining madred damage and tiger stance is great. With the bonus attack speed from tiger and madred u can kill ur enemies pretty fast.

Frozen mallet - I take this item for a little survivability and u get a bonus slow on it and damage which is pretty great. Combine this with bear stance and no one can escape from u (except kassadin i hate that guy).

Trinity force - This item is great for udyr because it also give bonus attack speed and move speed so u run so much faster. The slow from trinity doesnt work now but the other passive that gives u 150% bonus dmg when u cast a spell is one of the best reasons for taking this item.

Phantom dancer - i take this item only for more movespeed and a little crit chance. Att speed is just a bonus to that.

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Top Priority
Sivir - With her ricochet she just eats teams alive. In my opinion the best ranged carry in the game.
Ashe - Anyone who has seen an ELO late game Ashe knows why you get her first. End game her non-crit hits do 450 or more.
Corki - Moved him up because after his "buff", he has become a significantly more effective carry.
Pantheon - After his buff you just cannot ignore him anymore.
Anivia - The more you kill her, the harder time she has of getting ahead for the rest of the match.
Akali - Surprise? Not even. She takes your carries out so fast. It is the job of every Offtank to get rid of the anti-carries.
Miss Fortune - Not as good as before, but still a ranged carry.
Teemo - His blind and poison can faceroll any champion, especially your carry. The faster he dies, the faster you destroy their damage output.
Kennen - No one likes a painful team stun, so the sooner hes gone, the sooner you have an advantage. It also helps to get close to him because his main damage is poking from afar.
Kog'Maw - A few weeks ago I would have put him at top, but he lost some of his effectiveness lately. He is still dangerous, and therefore is still in Top Priority.
Morgana - If she gets her ult off, you are screwed. Don't let that happen.
Sona - One of the best AoE stun / Support champs in the game, and can keep her team alive just enough to kill your entire team. She needs to die.
Fiddlesticks - So I never really thought of Fiddle as much of a threat, but that Ult of his is basically guaranteed a kill if left unchecked.
Ryze - He has some serious nuking power... Try to eat him before he starts his combo.

High Priority
Twitch - Sucks now, has way less damage. Kill him just to get rid of him lol.
Tristana - She would be in the Top Priority tier, but because of her amazing escape skill, she shouldn't be bothered with if you can take someone out from the Top Priority tier first.
Annie - Nobody likes an AoE nuke and stun, and she goes down super easy anyways. Just get rid of her before she makes a scene.
Twisted Fate - He has that annoying stun, and can escape fairly well. Depends on if he is their main damage or not, but he's in High Priority.
Veigar - Eats your casters. Can't let that happen. Must die.
Nunu - This may seem like a strange place for him, but you can easily destroy his usefulness. His ultimate "charges" as it channels, so the earlier you stun him the earlier you ruin his ult, and the less damage he does. Good Nunu players go AP, which is why hes higher. Tank Nunu is obviously useless, and shouldn't be targeted.
Ezreal - Hard as hell to catch, but squishy once you do. I found that is actually a lot easier to get to him with Frozen Mallet, so I moved him up. He is still a carry, and must be stopped.
Shaco - Once he realizes you aren't scared of him, he will **** his tights and Deceive the **** outta there.
Katarina - Her ult is devastating, and her pokes hurt. But her damage output is decreased when you break her ultimate. Just poke her and you are done.
Xin Zhao - He has some really annoying CC, and can be dangerous if left unchecked.
Lux - She gives the illusion that she's hard to catch, but once you do, she's an easy kill. Her CC is a major nuisance.
Gangplank - His crits end game can 2 hit your casters, and that is bad. Very bad.

Mid Priority
Warwick - Not a huge priority, but his ult can really screw up your team structure.
Janna - Support that needs to die, but has really good escape methods. Not worth chasing over the high and top priority tiers.
Taric - Taking him out of the fight is necessary. The only reason he isn't higher is because he is bulky... ish. depending on how he's built.
Vladimir - You will want to make him waste his pool so when your team comes in after you he has no real escape.
Master Yi - He's annoying. 'nuff said.
Evelynn - Her stun is surprisingly annoying, and the sooner you get rid of that, the sooner your teammates can stop raging. I moved her up to Mid Priority because i find that good Evelynn players are far more dangerous than i originally gave them credit for.
Soraka - Just because she is support.
Malzahar - Meh. Easy to avoid, until he ults. THEN you want to get rid of him.

Low Priority
Kayle - Not a hard carry, but she can do some damage with her slow. The only reason she's lower is that if you focus her, she will just ult and make your efforts useless.
Heimerdinger - He should die, but hes not your problem. He does damage whether he is disabled or not.
Kassadin - He does some heavy damage, so scare him off. He's a ***** to catch though, so don't chase if he runs off. I moved him down a tier because of his Ult. Attack him just enough to scare him off, but DO NOT CHASE.
Karthus - Hes a huge pain, but he keeps on chuggin even after you kill him, which is almost more dangerous because he has nothing to be afraid of.
Nidalee - Also needs to die, but amazing at kiting; something you cannot deal with.
Swain - Stupid health regen, and lots of annoying CC. His damage output is a little low, so he isnt a higher priority.
Sion - Going for him can waste his stun on you, which is good, but he is tanky as hell.
Gragas - One of those bulky champs that should die but just isn't the best for anti-carry focus.
Mordekaiser - Mordekaiser has impressed me of late. With his recent HUGE buff, he is far more dangerous and actually changes the tide of the battle even without his Ult. Because of this buff, however, people don't build him quite as tanky as before, so between Madred's Bloodrazor and Frozen Mallet, he may be someone you want to go for.
Udyr - He's a serious pain for your team, but mirrors are always really risky, because if he has slightly better runes [assuming you dont have my recommended runes] or he is slightly farther along on his item build, you are screwed. He is also really bulky, so i suggest saving him for later.

No Priority
Just a little side note for this part of the priority section, I actually stared at the remaining champs for about ten minutes trying to figure out how to go about this. I'm not even going to write a reason to go for them, because you shouldn't. I will explain why not to. Most reasons will be "tank blah blah blah" so don't get excited.
Poppy - She is an anti-carry, but her ult makes it useless to target her.
Cho'Gath - Lots of health scales well with your madred's, but most of them go tanky, and so it takes forever to kill him in a team fight. Time that is wasted.
Zilean - If you focus him, he has to blow his ult on himself, which is good for your team. But like i said. He has his ult. Meaning he will just revive.
Olaf - His ridiculous lifesteal is just dumb, and he has burst, which eats you up. Try to avoid.
Dr. Mundo - Another one of those annoying ults that you just can't seem to handle in a teamfight. Ignore him if possible.
Blitzcrank - Lots of annoying CC, and usually pretty bulky. His damage is less than stellar though, so don't bother in teamfight scenarios.
Urgot - His poke hurts like a *****, but there's no point in targetting him. Way to bulky. I moved him a little farther down because I find his shield and natural bulk super annoying.
Nasus - You really shouldn't ever 1v1 him with his ult and natural lifesteal. Just a bad idea.
Rammus - If you can get rid of him, that means no AoE ult and no taunt. But he usually stacks anti-AA stuff, including his Defensive Ball Curl.
Amumu - That % health damage from Despair hurts like a *****. Sadly, he's a tank, and he wants to get hit for Tantrum.
Shen - There's that taunt again. Unfortunately, he's an incredible tank.
Malphite - If you get in melee range, he can use ground pound. It hurts. A lot.
Garen - Sunfire Cape plus judgement is very bad for Udyr's health.
Galio - With Bulwark, he likes taking the hits, and it makes his Ult that much easier to activate.
Singed - The only way he is effective is if you chase him.
Alistar - All he will do is stun you and then push you. Waste of time.
Tryndamere - Okay. Maybe it is important to focus him, but it isn't your job as Udyr to focus him. Anti-Tryndamere champs include ranged carries, AP carries, CC champs, and burst champs. Udyr is none of these, and while he has a stun, that is only once every six seconds.