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Build Guide by Charlie Dangerous

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Charlie Dangerous

Udyr - This is bear country!

Charlie Dangerous Last updated on August 31, 2010
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This is my first attempt at a build so any criticism is welcome =)
The main purpose of this build it to utilize udyr as an off-tank/ganker initiator/tank-buster. By the time it gets to end-game, you should be able to sprint around the map with your bear legs and tear everyone to shreds, using tri-force to enhance your damage output and your Madreds and whisper to tear up armored and high HP foes. And, thanks to turtle/monkey stance, you should be able to soak up a hefty amount of punishment as well.

For summoner skills you should use whatever you are comfortable with, within reason.
Skills i like to use and recommend:
Cleanse - Good for clearing debuffs and stuns so you can turtle/bear up and gtfo.

Flash - I use this skill with pretty much every champ i play. Useful for getting away, catching up, juking into bushes, poofing through walls, and pretty much just being all around fun to mess with.

Ignite - Awesome for taking out those runners who have a tiny smidge of HP left. Pop this sucker on them and it will either kill them or put the fear in them so you can push a lane.

Exhaust - Not the best pick, but still useful. You can use it to catch up or get away and its pretty effective at deterring ganks in the beginning of the game. I dont usually pick it because i like the previous spells better.

Ghost - pretty good for escaping and catching those fast champs. Combined with bear stance, this makes you ridiculously fast. I like to take flash over this though because of how easy it is for ghost to be nerfed by a slow or a stun.

Most of the other skills are pretty much worthless for what you are trying to accomplish i think.
Heal - Turtle stance should take away your need for that if you are using it right.
Revive - hahahah
Clarity - worthless late game
Clairvoiance - i guess you could get away with this, but you dont really need it. Sight wards are dirt cheap. Let someone else grab it.
Teleport - you run pretty darn fast. and if you spend time in the jungle, as you should at some point, you get places pretty quick without it.
All the others - meh, do what you want. I wouldnt though...

Brief Skill Summary:

Monkeys Agility (Passive) - Make sure you are constantly switching stances to maximize attack speed and dodge chance. This eliminates the need for any big attack speed items for a good part of the game. Aslo works well with ninja tabi and defensive dodge mastery.

Tiger Stance: You wont do much damage with this in the early parts of the game. I just save this untill i have leveled more useful skills. Late game though, you can hammer through all sorts of things with it. Especially when you combine the damage multiplier from the passive with Trinity Force.

Turtle Stance: Your early game bread and butter. Use this to neutralize almost any attack your enemy can throw at you. You can also use it to turret hug and smack minions around to gain back health and mana so you can lane longer. Late game, it will help you soak up loads and loads of damage as well as jungle without ever losing life or mana.

Bear Stance: The butter to turtles bread. Turtle up, then charge and stun. The move speed active on it gets pretty intense, and late game you can just mash it to sprint around the map at top speed while beating targets into submission. Also great for initiating team fights.

Pheonix Stance: Alot of people like to take this as their first skill instead of bear because it is pretty kick-*** for jungling. However, I never start to jungle till level 5 or 6, and bear/turtle can handle pretty much anything in their without needing to waste time with pheonix. I usually use it late game to make pushes on the enemy turrets or defend my own turrets. Awesome lawnmower skill late game.

Item Explanations:

Trinity Force - In my opinion, the best item Udyr can possibly get. Makes the stance dance all sorts of deadly, slows move speed, increases your own speed, and other crazy stuff. Getting this first makes sure you have most of your bases covered as far as item reliance.

Ninja Tabi - optional, depending on the situation. Although, i always like to pick them up because the dodge helps with udyrs passive.

The Brutalizer - Lowers cooldowns and puts up some extra attack damage to go with Trinity. Also builds into Ghostblade later on.

Starks fervor - You can get this before or after Madreds, depending on what you're up against. I like to get it because it is cheaper and lets you initiate ganks and chase down enemys pretty well, even if they have alot of armor. Also, the team buff on it is really nice, and the life steal makes you more sturdy than you already were. However, if you are going up against someone who is stacking alot of armor, it is a viable option to switch this out for a last whisper.

Madreds Bloodrazor - Wrecks anyone with alot of health, ups attack speed, and makes minions cower from your excellent power. This is what makes udyr an excellent tank buster. Put this on, stance dance, and hack down the enemy tank while absorbing punishment.

Youmuu's Ghostblade - helps cooldowns late game, also makes you even better at chasing people down and ripping them up with your BEAR PAWS! Still experimental, and optional if you want somethiing with more damage to it.

Other Items - I prefer to use my last slot to counter whatever my biggest threat is. Get magic resist, more damage, more health, armor, ect. Most of the time the game is over before you even get to this point so just do what you think is best.

Game Directions:

Early Game (lvls 1-8)
I like to pick a lane partner with a good ranged harass. If you lane with another melee champ, you will be dominated. Use turtle and bear stance to intimidate and neutralize enemy damage. You need to play very defensively unless you and your lane partner are totally dominating your opponent. After level 5 or 6, you can tell your lane friend to turret hug while you sprint into the forest and insert your dominance on the wild life. Be conservative when doing this. It isnt worth sacrificing your turret just yet. But, with Turtle and Bear stance leveled a bit, you should be able to take anything short of the dragon with ease. Make sure that you help your lane partner when he asks though. And, if you get the chance, get kills. The sooner you get Trinity Force, the sooner you can start to instill fear into the hearts of your enemies.

Mid-Game (lvls 9-15)
At some point now, you should have the Trinity, tabi (or other boots), and be working on your next big buy. If not, then you are probly losing. at level 11, you can start maxing out tiger stance, which will greatly increase your jungling speed and gank potential. At this point, you can solo any creature (not baron =.=) and take down almost any enemy if you can get them alone. You should also be trying to initiate team ganks, taking out the squishies first, and then busting tanks into pieces. At this point, the enemy will hear your mighty roar and know what country they are in. BEAR COUNTRY!

Late Game (lvls 16-18)
Ok so not that far removed from mid game, but still important. If you dont have last whisper and/or madreds by this point, you need to play some heavy defense and make some cash. If you have played well, you will be able to sprint around the map with your bear legs and tear foes apart to feed to your young cubs. try to keep up the passive monster buffs and make your team kill Baron when you can. Your goal is to either sprint around with the whole team, or make your squishies kite for you while you wait in the bushes to devour someones face right off.

And that is pretty much it =)
If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, i would like to hear them. I welcome the feedback. Just don't be a jerk about it =P